Detailed organization of the kitchen space

Detailed organization of the kitchen space Do-it-yourself step-by-step organization of the kitchen space + photo

Probably for every woman's kitchen is a special place for every housewife, and it is also her study. It is for this reason that everything here should be not only beautiful, but also as comfortable as possible. In particular, the results of the work of each person will depend on how correctly the organization of the kitchen space will be done with their own hands.

Yes, the kitchen is not only the place where people prepare food, but also the real heart of the house, where the whole family gathers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also arrange pleasant gatherings with relatives and friends, as well as with friends.

Kitchens - large and small

It is interesting that for most people it will be a discovery that it is quite difficult to organize the space in the kitchen, and it does not matter how large or small your room is.

It's all about the features of the room. To make the premises spacious enough and arranged in such a way that everything is needed at hand and in its place - this is a task "with an asterisk", but quite feasible.


As recommended by professional designers, for a start it is best to decide what exactly you will not be able to do without in the kitchen, and this should be done as early as possible. It may even be worth doing this even when roughing the room. In this case, in the process of finishing work, it will be possible to correct some points.

For example, should you decide on which one and understand how often you cook? Or maybe two housewives will have to coexist in this kitchen at once?

The fact is that our recommendations will help you easily equip the kitchen space in such a way that it becomes stylish, ergonomic and comfortable. If you plan to cook for guests, and, in principle, they often come to you, then you should also think over the amount of dishes that you will need for receptions. And, at the very end, think about exactly how you use the oven - maybe you just have a cupboard for storing pans? In this case, it is best to abandon it and opt for such a useful item as a washing machine or dishwasher. Perhaps for your kitchen you will find many more issues that are waiting to be resolved.

Detailed organization of the kitchen space In addition, it will be very important to think over the issue of ergonomics of the working area.

So, first you need to "arrange" the stove, refrigerator and sink. Determine all sizes and locations of work surfaces - places where you will be cutting food. As a rule, it is this zone that is placed between the sink and the stove and is taken away about 0.6 meters. It will be equally important to observe the triangle rule in the kitchen, where the main elements will be a sink, stove and refrigerator.

Use both the lower and upper space to store food, utensils and household chemicals. Usually, it is in such a place as the kitchen that many household chemicals are kept for cleaning sinks and stoves. Such funds should be placed in the lower part, and food and kitchen utensils should be placed in the upper part. For storing household chemicals, it will be most convenient to use the lower cabinets under the sink.

By the way, it is important not to forget about the organizational issues related to the dining area.

Believe me, even in small kitchens it can be made stylish and comfortable, and it is better not to deal with it according to the residual principle "there is a place left - then we will do it." The dining area rightfully deserves a place to be no less than, for example, the organization of space inside the living room, where you invite dear guests in the person of relatives and friends. The best option for placing the dining area would be the space near the window. Organization of kitchen space for small kitchens is not that difficult. By the way, non-standard household appliances are often selected for them, fortunately, at the moment, such a variant of household appliances is more than enough.

For example, narrow ovens and hobs, which have only 2 burners, are incredibly popular. Agree that you rarely or even never use 4 burners at once, so why take up such a precious space idle?

It is best to choose a narrow and high refrigerator, and instead of a large number of household appliances, opt for multifunctional kitchen processes that make it possible to solve all sorts of tasks, and at the same time will take up the minimum amount of space. Small kitchens mean placing all the essentials. Top lockers are best made higher than the standard height of 0.7 meters.

The ideal would be 0. 9-0. 95 meters, and instead of the doors you are used to, it is better to make hinged or folding doors in order to further save space. Compact kitchen sets are best made to order.


Earlier, we already mentioned the generally accepted definition of "working triangle", which was used to plan the kitchen space.

Such a triangle has three vertices - a stove, a sink and a refrigerator. If you connect them with imaginary lines, then ideally you should get an equilateral triangle. If everything is placed in your kitchen exactly like this, then you are the lucky owner of an ergonomic kitchen. A certain safety distance should be left in front of any household appliances, and this is usually indicated in the instructions for use.

Please note that the length of the kitchen triangle can vary from 1.

2 to 2.7 meters, much will depend on the size of your room. But equal sides of the triangle will be the main condition for maximum convenience.

But the refrigerator is best placed away from heating radiators and other heat sources. It is in large kitchen rooms that the hostess has an incredibly high risk of running over a dozen kilometers around the kitchen all day.

Believe me, in this case, great fatigue will be due to the fact that you are constantly moving from one corner to another. Furniture items should be installed in such a way that any doors (oven, refrigerator or regular cabinet) can be easily opened. In general, in order to correctly equip the room, you should focus on your own feelings and make sure that, first of all, in the design and in the arrangement, you like everything. And the surface of the worktop must necessarily be made of a heat-resistant material so that the coating is able to withstand the thermal effects of hot pans and pots.

Items of furniture for the kitchen

Furniture must not only match the style and colors of the interior as a whole, because its main purpose is to be functional and comfortable.

The hood must be attached at a distance of at least 0.7 m from the surface of the burners. Otherwise, the risk of injury will be greatly increased.

As a rule, kitchen sets are made of materials such as:

  • MDF - it will be ideal for rooms in which the level of humidity is increased.
  • Natural wood - is one of the most expensive materials, but you should make sure that there is a special impregnation, as otherwise the pieces of furniture will not last you long.

  • Plastic - the material is affordable, resistant to moisture, and also to wear. The furniture made from it is quite comfortable and light.
  • Particleboard - is not able to withstand high levels of humidity and is not a material that can withstand impacts.
  • Artificial stone - durable, comfortable, and affordable material that will be ideal even for small kitchens.

The order and organization of the kitchen space always plays into the hands of those who, while cooking, are not used to being constantly distracted by the unsettled life.

For small-sized kitchens in an apartment, you should choose transformer furniture, that is, one element is capable of performing several functions at once. For example, it can be a dining table, which also plays the role of a cabinet / cabinet for storing food and other accessories, and a chair (stool) will fold with a slight movement of the hand and turn into a barely noticeable object.

For small-sized kitchens, the use of such furniture would be an excellent solution. Interior items should be placed so that it is possible to mix freely around the kitchen, and the kitchen is also easy to clean.In small kitchens, you can increase the usable space with additional cupboards.

Convenient kitchen - simple rules for organizing the place and putting things in order

Get rid of everything unnecessary in your kitchen

Detailed organization of the kitchen space Before you start organizing the kitchen space in the apartment, you should carry out a general cleaning and, without regret, throw out all the objects and things that you haven't used them for a long time (which means you are unlikely to use them in the future). Creating an ergonomic space is inseparable from saving space in lockers and other storage systems.

This should be done especially carefully if you have a very small kitchen, because every day you will need to wage a "war" for additional centimeters of work space with unnecessary figurines and vases, or cans for food that have been inherited from your beloved granny. Or maybe you have ten items that duplicate each other - scoops, whisks, salad spoons, and more? Don't let your feelings get the best of you - get rid of all that is superfluous, so 100%. A great help will be the use of additional shelves where you can hide dishes and spices.

Assign a separate category for each item

In other words, items from the same category should be located side by side - dishes near dishes, jars and containers together , baking film / foil / breakfast bags are also in a separate place. This will help you in the future to immediately find the desired item, and not reach the stage of "declaring my favorite mug or pack of spices on the wanted list." Organizing kitchen utensils using fairly spacious drawers will make it possible to rid the kitchen space of rubbish.

Plan the future placement of products and appliances for the kitchen

For example, it is worth deciding how you will move around the kitchen when cooking what else do you plan to do in this room. Perhaps this is where you will need to "settle" a laptop stand, basket for toys or organizer with office supplies.

Usually, the items that are used are placed in adjacent compartments and easily accessible areas.

Store things where you use them

For example, knives should be near the cutting board, and then there will be no need take the time to find the item you want. Buying modules for the kitchen allows you to fully rebuild the storage system of items in the kitchen for a variety of needs.

Good advice! If you have a kitchen space of a non-standard shape or a very small size, then it is better to opt for ordering furniture that is ideal for your space, rather than trying to buy ready-made options. Only in this case can you organize your kitchen space to the maximum extent possible.

And this applies not only to furniture, but also to household electrical appliances.

Arrangement of the kitchen space with the correct use of the corners of the room makes it possible to maximally ergonomically place many different items there. If desired, any kitchen space can be made not only as convenient as possible, but also creative and modern. Do not be afraid to design the kitchen space in such a way as everyone else, it is better to experiment and not hesitate, and then the result will pleasantly surprise you. If it is convenient to arrange a room, then you will save yourself from the problem of finding the items required for cooking for many years.