Diamond cutting - process features

Diamond cutting - process features Diamond cutting of concrete - advantages and disadvantages

Apartment owners when carrying out repair work on -New approach to redevelopment, making the interior fit in line with modern requirements.

The fact is that when eliminating interior partitions and changing the configuration of openings, you can visually increase the amount of free space. Implementation of the plan is made possible by diamond cutting of concrete, which is a progressive technique.

Through it, they form openings with an unusual shape, of different sizes in reinforced concrete, brick, concrete and stone walls, and also produce channels for communications.

Acquaintance with progressive technology

Mechanical processing of concrete with a diamond-coated tool is relatively new, but with this effective technology.

In terms of production rates, the time spent on cutting concrete walls will surpass traditional methods of processing reinforced concrete without negatively affecting the strength of structures. In terms of the accuracy of the work, the cleanliness of the processing, the degree of dustiness, the level of noise and vibration, rough bumpers, heavy perforators, and also noisy angle grinders cannot compete with it.

Key benefits:

  1. Diamond cutting - process features Perfectly flat cutting surface - no need to cut additional finishing, which reduces the amount of spending on repair work.
  2. Acceptable noise level - in comparison with traditionally used instruments, the noise will be much less, and still does not cause inconvenience to neighbors.
  3. Vibration-free cutting - no cracks will appear during wall processing using gentle technology, which makes it possible to work in an old building.

  4. Wall treatment without variable load types - construction structures will maintain integrity without being exposed to the destructive effects of the tool.
  5. Cleanliness in the treated area - a vacuum cleaner built into the installation or performing work using wet technology will drastically reduce the dust concentration.
  6. Accelerated Cutting - Increased cutting speed is achieved through the design of the cutting tools.
  7. High readiness of equipment for construction work - no need to lay down tools, and even special preparation operations.
  8. Universal tool - due to the wear-resistant coating of the cutting part, all building materials, regardless of hardness, can be easily processed.

  9. Safety of repair operations - the possibility of injury to people caused by flying concrete particles is excluded.
  10. Chance of machining in cramped conditions - Using a small manual machine makes it possible to work in small spaces.
  11. Special operations can be performed - diamond concrete cutting, dismantling and recessing, which are performed with specific tools.

Along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages, which are due to such factors:

  • The increased price of professional equipment - it will be expensive for home craftsmen to buy industrial installations and from time to time restore worn-out tools ..


  • Operations can only be performed by professional forces - without special training, and it is also problematic to use the device with your own hands with a certain qualification.

The technology is currently in great demand due to its many advantages.



Despite the high costs associated with diamond cutting, it is actively used in solving many problems at industrial facilities, as well as in the improvement of premises. It solves the following tasks:

  • Dismantling of building elements, as well as various structures.

  • Demolition of brick walls, reinforced concrete and partitions.
  • Changing the dimensions and shape of openings that were previously decorated.
  • Diamond cutting - process features Execution of various openings with a complex configuration in load-bearing wall surfaces.
  • Cutting passages in slabs and partitions between floors.
  • Removing concrete sagging, as well as leveling the surface shape.

  • Mechanical processing of foundations, support columns and load-bearing beams.
  • Adjusting the dimensions of building structures.
  • Complete and partial dismantling of partitions, walls of buildings and floor panels.
  • High-rise type works with increased complexity of machining and demolition.
  • Formation of communication channels with increased moisture concentration.

  • Implementation of measures to increase the area of ​​plumbing premises.
  • Slotting expansion joints in concrete surfaces.

Due to its use in various fields and positive feedback from customers, this technology is incredibly popular.

What equipment is required

Measures for the machining of capital walls are carried out with tools with abrasive spraying on the working part. different types of devices are used for work:

  1. Small hand cutters - provide the possibility of accelerated processing of structures of a building type in conditions with limited free space, where it is problematic to use large machines for wall cutting.

    Used in shops, apartments and offices. The design of the equipment makes it possible to cut concrete walls with a thickness of up to 13 cm. The tool will be powered by a gasoline or electric motor, and is also equipped with a working body in the form of a disk, the radius of which is up to 0.2 meters.

  2. Wall cutting machines are a popular device among professionals, allowing them to quickly process reinforced concrete, stone and brick mass with a thickness of up to 0.

    73 meters. The equipment includes a drive motor, metal guides, abrasive discs, a control unit and a hydraulic unit. The guide rails are attached vertically or horizontally, ensuring extremely precise movement of the drive station with the cutting disc in the desired direction.

  3. Rope machines - they are industrial equipment that is designed for the installation of massive building structures (bridges, objects of hydraulic engineering, as well as road junctions). The machine will operate at a minimum noise level and still not generate vibrations.

    The equipment has a flexible working body in the form of an abrasive high-strength rope, which cuts at a low angle. In the process of machining of a mechanical type, a smooth cut is formed.

  4. Seam cutters - used in the road industry to restore road surfaces, as well as in the aviation sector for cutting expansion joints at the airport. The design of the devices provides the ability to cut deformation seams in horizontal planes. The device will easily cut reinforced concrete, sidewalk tiles and asphalt.

    They have an increased degree of performance that can go deep into the horizontal array 0.27 meters.

Equipment needs to be selected taking into account the tasks

Diamond cutting with angle grinders

Home craftsmen know such a tool called a grinder (aka angle grinder). This is a small hand-held device that is designed for cutting into workpieces and grinding metal. By means of cutters and diamond discs used as special attachments, the scope of application is supplemented with the possibility of:

  • Cutting expansion joints.

  • Surface grinding.
  • Niche formation.
  • Alignment of openings.

When performing small amounts of work related to the renovation of apartments, the grinder can be used for mechanical concrete processing. When using a grinder in home repairs, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Always make a test cut with a depth of 1 cm when concrete processing, and if there are no problems and the disc does an excellent job with the task, you need to go deep to required size.

  2. From time to time during the cutting process, tools are removed from the cutting and cooling area. As the hardness of the treated concrete increases, the working intervals are shorter.
  3. Use without fail personal protective equipment - it is required to protect the respiratory organs from dust by means of a respirator, and the mucous membranes of the eyes by means of protective glasses.

The grinder is a hand tool with low power, used to perform small working volumes.

Cutting openings in load-bearing walls by drilling

Diamond cutting and drilling is a technological operation that is designed to form tools with a cylindrical shape and complex channels in a simple or reinforced concrete using special tools.

Using a punch or drill to accomplish the task at hand requires some effort. Modern technology and special equipment make it possible to quickly cope with the task at construction activities. The method makes it possible to form channels in concrete structures for all sorts of purposes:

  • Installation of sockets.
  • Garbage chute installations.
  • Laying ventilation ducts.

  • Installation of heating equipment.
  • Installation of water supply systems.
  • Gas supply pipe connections.
  • Laying electrical cables.

It is required to pay attention that the technology provides the ability to perform work by means of industrial and small-sized equipment with obtaining a hole that does not need additional processing.

Basic work stages for cutting wall openings

Processing of a concrete structure is carried out in stages and includes:

  • Performing operations in terms of cutting window and doorways.
  • Additional reinforcement for the created opening.

If the planned opening is provided for by design requirements, then work can be performed without early approval. In other situations, it is required to make calculations, justify the preservation of strength and safety of structures for construction.

Working technology

It will be much faster with diamond cutting equipment than with jackhammers.

The technology will provide for:

  1. Implementation of marking operations by means of a building level, marker and tape measure.
  2. Selection of equipment in order to cut the opening, taking into account wall thickness and dimensions.
  3. Equipment connection and functional check.
  4. Wetting the surface with water and making cut-through cuts around the common perimeter.

Large concrete fragments can be cut into small pieces to facilitate dry diamond cutting.

When performing work, it is important to clear everything from the elements of the cut material.

Measures to strengthen the structure

When carrying out work, in no case should weakening that can cause emergency situations be allowed. It is required to maintain the bearing capacity of the building's capital structures. For this, the formed opening is reinforced by means of a metal profile. A frame with a U-shaped configuration is formed from a metal blank in this way:

  1. Cut the blanks to the required size.

  2. The vertical posts are installed and tied with transverse elements.
  3. Both structural parts are grasped from opposite sides by means of horizontal bridges.
  4. The entire metal structure is welded and tightened with threaded rods.

For structures of a loaded type, powerful channels are used, and for other corners.


When using diamond cutting for openings, it is possible to solve many difficult construction problems both on an industrial scale and in the process of redevelopment when renovating a residential building.

It is important to correctly choose the working equipment and the diamond-type tool required for cutting. Professionals perform the required work efficiently and promptly.