Dimensions of a decorative well made of wood

Dimensions of a decorative well made of wood Drawings of a decorative well made of wood with your own hands

Wells as sources of clean and tasty underground for a long time, water has been dug in courtyards and streets. To get water conveniently, and garbage did not get into the mine, beautiful houses and sheds were built from above, most often from wood. At the moment, many country houses have a central water supply system, but the tradition of installing such structures for water in the yard has been preserved.

This is now part of the landscape design. The desire and ability to work with tools for carpenters, ready-made drawings of a decorative well made of wood help to make such a miracle for a personal plot with their own hands.

Nuances: decorative type well

If there is a real water fence on your personal plot, there is no need to create a decorative well. In this case, it will be enough to make the decoration of the well using wood with your own hands. In other cases, you can think of imitation, which, like nothing else, can decorate the backyard territory.

A decorative type well made of wood may have a smaller size than a house above the head of a real water intake, but this is not essential. Average characteristics:

  • Dimensions of a decorative well made of wood Width and height of the main part - 0.

    8 * 1. 3 meters.

  • The ridge height of the canopy above the ground is 2. 4 meters.
  • The ridge length is 1.

    7 meters.

  • The length of the roof slope, taking into account the overhangs of 10 cm, is 1.5 meters.
  • The distance from the overhang to the logging horizontal surface is 1 meter.

There may be other options, since the constructive ways of the wells are very different.

The following are examples of drawings and diagrams.


What to do

Various lumber can be used to create a summer cottage well:

  • Dies.
  • Beam (can be rounded or profiled).
  • Board (including lining).

The plank width will depend on the dimensions of the well itself, but the thickness must be at least 4 cm.

When using material for sheathing, you will also need bars for the frame with a minimum section of 4 * 4 cm. the wood did not rot and served longer, to create a well it is best to take hard species - larch, beech, ash, and it is great if the wood is still thermally processed.

This will prevent it from absorbing moisture from the rain and drying out. A beautiful well will come from cuttings from old garden tools. They are in every yard.

You can make 2 or even 3 parts from one cutting. How to use such unusual material for work, you can learn from the video tutorial.

How to make block wells

For example, we will tell you how to make a garden well from bars as shown in the photo. You will need timber with a cross section of 6 * 6 cm.All steps of the step-by-step instructions are described below:

  1. The first blank for the future box - you need to calculate the required number of blanks according to the drawing of the well, indicating the size and characteristics of the lumber used.

    You need to start cutting them from the elements of the box.

  2. Use the first blank as a template - so that you do not need to measure each of the elements, the first block is used as a template for the rest, marking the length with a pencil.
  3. Unfolding blanks without fixing - in one felling crown there are 2 pairs of long bars (0.5 meters each) and 2 pairs of short ones (that is, 0. 38 meters each).

    If you add the width of a pair of side bars (6 cm each) to the length of small-length elements, you will get the same 0.5 meters.

  4. Securing the crown parts - when you are sure that all the elements will fit perfectly into the frame, they can be framed together. To do this, it is necessary to pre-drill holes in the bar ends, and then fix them with self-tapping screws.
  5. Attaching the upper part of the crown to the lower one - all frames must be sequentially attached one to the second, and the box is ready.

  6. Creating a crank - then you need to make a crank, which is usually made of a pair of round dies with a diameter of 14 cm, which are cut from a twenty-piece board, and rails with a section of 2.5 stuffed between them. * 1 cm, with a length of 0.3 meters. In the end dies, it is required to pre-drill holes in order to screw in long threaded pins.

  7. The handle for the drum - the pin is then bent and a handle from a bar 2.5-5 cm is put on it.
  8. Gate installation - to install the crank, on the sides of the well box it is required to mount a pair of racks from the same bar that was used for the frame assembly. First, put one stand, and through the hole you need to thread a pin into it, and also install a drum. Then put the second post, wind a decorative chain on the gate.

  9. Installation of a sash on a frame - you can close a frame with an opening or even a blank cover made of boards. But most make a flower bed from a decorative well, filling the frame with soil, and plant flowers there.
  10. Well roof frame - a well can be made even without a roof, but in this case, it is better to assemble a log house more massive, from a bar of 1.5 * 1. 5 meters and with a huge perimeter.

    But for a small garden well, the cover can become an additional decorative element. Its frame is quite simple in design - a pair of triangles along the pediments, which are connected at the top with a ridge, and at the bottom with two girders.

  11. Roof Sheathing - The top will all be covered with beautifully carved plank overhangs. A semicircle is obtained by applying a template with the appropriate shape.
  12. Ridge mounting - at the end, install decorations along the ends of the roof, and the edges of the cuts of the planks, as well as the surface of the house as a whole, need to be sanded with a block wrapped in sandpaper.

Now let's talk about a decorative well made of wood with our own hands (according to the drawing) and how to fix it in the ground.

How to fix in the ground

Please note that wells are sometimes stationary or portable. If we are talking about portable structures, then it is required to attach a bottom to it from below, which is cut from a thick OSB sheet. But in order not to need to remove the structure every time a strong wind rises, it is better to secure it securely. This is required by digging the side struts into the ground.

They will hold the lid, and therefore must be of the appropriate length. For embedment, metal pipe cuttings with a length of 0.3-0 are used. 4 meters, which are matched in diameter to the bar section. By the way, the metal rack part needs to be painted over.

They are mounted in a pre-made hole in the ground and poured with sand concrete. Although, if you coat the rack with liquid bitumen and slightly saturate the soil with it, you can do without a pipe.

Dimensions of a decorative well made of wood Purchased metal lugs can be used for wooden posts. The product will consist of a glass in which a bar is installed, and a pointed four-sided tip, which is immersed in the ground. In this case, the well, if desired, can be rearranged to another place.

When vertical-type bars are buried, the body of the well is already built around them. you can also dig a barrel to a shallow depth, laying the dug earth inside it. Above the earthen surface, it is trimmed with dies, only in this case the well will turn out to be round or even hexagonal, and not square. You can also build a round well using hoops (like a barrel made of wood), as shown in the picture below. If the well is massive, made of thick timber, it may not be attached to the ground.

The posts that support the lid can be attached to the assembled box by means of a groove (an example is shown in the photo below).


Due to the size of the decorative well made of wood, the frame of the well cover is usually assembled on the ground, and then attached to the posts. It can be covered with rounded boards at the edges, as shown in the table, or for solidity, roofing material can be laid like bitumen or even wooden tiles, which will help protect the well from rain masses. Gable roofing parts can have a wide variety of designs.

In our example, they were very simple, of 3 composite boards.

But if you wish, you can cut it out of plywood, and also decorate it with carving, or make it in the form of a decorative lattice in the form of a trellis. The details of the well can also be curly, and even more so the crest and ridge. Wood can be processed by firing for aesthetics, or tinting, brushing. This will give the structure a finished look.

It would be great to make a beautiful wood bucket, which will become an additional element for decoration.

It makes an excellent hanging planter for flowers. You can also put a regular wooden bar and run a plant that weaves over it. All the subtleties of cutting curly type for elements of a decorative well are indicated in the video.