Dimensions of interior door boxes

Dimensions of interior door boxes Dimensions of door frames for interior doors

The owner of the house sooner or later needs to decide on the replacement of doors ... The old door leaf can be broken, outdated in design, and still not like its appearance.

Occasionally it is necessary to reduce or increase the doorway, and for this it is important to know how to correctly measure the size of door frames for interior doors.

We will talk about issues related to self-assembly or door replacement in the article.

Dimensions of doors

This kind of work is not the most difficult, and even an amateur who knows a little how to work with tools can handle it. It is imperative to do everything consistently and adhere to the technology without deviations.

There are certain standard sizes of door panels on the Russian market. This is due to the fact that the equipment on which the doors are made has standard formats in width - 0.

6, 0.7, 0.8 and 0.9 meters. But the height will be constant - 2 meters, and non-standard door leaves are often required, the height of which is 3 meters and the width is 1 meter.

If the customer requires a different size, then the cost will be higher for the following reason:

Certain customers order doors of double or sliding type. The production of these products costs much more, and often they use expensive, non-standard building materials, for example, mahogany.

Before making any orders, we recommend:

  • Calculate everything as best as possible.
  • Select one size or another.
  • Take all measurements.

The best option would be to call the craftsman, who will make the item, to personally inspect the "front" for future work. A professional person is able to perform all organizational work more clearly and faster.

Another specialist will give qualified recommendations on the door block and further operation. If you have a firm desire to put the door on your own hands, you will need to study a little the measuring and installation process itself so that the end result cannot disappoint you. When you measure the door opening, you can find a completely new location that can be much more convenient. Leave just 0. 2-0.

3 meters of distance from the door to the wall, so that it turns out to put a switch there, and the door also has the ability to open more than 90 degrees. Be sure to check if it is possible to cut a new door opening in one or another wall. If the structure is old, then an extra opening can provoke wall destruction.


How to take measurements

The door frame is O-shaped or U-shaped, but the last O-shaped option will occur if you have provided a threshold.The element is required to be attached in the opening; a door leaf can be hung on it.

The profile of the door frame is not rectangular, but as a rule, a protrusion of 1 cm is exactly the one with which, after complete installation, the door will slam, because of which it will only open in one the side you want. With different types of assembly, rubber noise insulation is attached to this ledge, which will also prevent the canvas from being damaged during use, and the door will slam shut smoothly and softly. But even such a ledge partially hides the space in the opening, and as a result, you will get not 0.6, but 0.58 meters in width.

It is important to consider this moment when you plan to bring in or take out pieces of furniture or interior through the door.

It is also necessary to note that during the repair the door will be installed last. As a rule, at the beginning they make the walls, ceiling, floors, and only after that they invite the masters of installing doors and platbands, if they are important. Naturally, sometimes the ceiling can be left at the very end of the repair work, but the floor and walls are what the future door will be attached to, and therefore it is important to think over the finish in advance. To do this, the height, width, depth of the opening to the size of the door are correctly calculated.

So, in order to remove the size of the interior door box, consider everything using the example of a door leaf with a size of 2 * 0. 6 meters:

  • Dimensions of interior door boxes For a height of 2 meters, add 4 cm (board thickness of chipboard, MDF or wood which you plan to deliver). Add 4 cm (the gap between the wall and the board for perfect fixation of foam and wood pegs), so you get 2.08 meters (experts strongly recommend adding no more than 0.1 meters).

  • With a width of 0. 6 meters, do the same - you get 0. 68 meters. Should not be more than 0. 1 additional meter.

A gap of 0. 1 meter should be left only if you are not sure about the dimensions of the future door and plan to change it to another one after a while. This will make it easier to enlarge the opening for further work after a certain time. Additional time is required to be devoted to chipboard or MDF boards, and their width is usually up to 5 cm, and which one is better to put, we recommend that you consult with the master. Veneered door leafs have a huge frame size due to their coating in the form of a top layer.

Creating the correct opening during the renovation phase does not need to overlook the floor covering. Certain substrates for laminate have a width of more than 1 cm or during the pouring of the floor it can go 2-5 cm, even a simple linoleum will take at least 1 cm.This must be taken into account so that after the classic mistake of novice specialists does not work, when the prepared height from 2.08 goes 2.01 meter It is often necessary to cut off a piece of the top of the opening again for a perfect door installation.

If everything is done correctly, then it will not be difficult to install new doors. The usual thickness of the door frame of an interior door is 3.5 cm.

At the moment, the production of boxes with a non-standard size is usually found (they are called lightweight in everyday life). Their use is due to the need to mount the canvas a little wider in size.

When measuring the thickness of a doorway, it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • In ordinary houses, before plastering the walls, it is usually from 7 to 10 cm, which will make it possible to have noise insulation between rooms at a small level. Plaster will usually take 1 to 5 cm away, and this will make sounds quieter when passing through walls.
  • If you decide to put a profile with glass wool, then you can safely add all 0. 1-0. 15 meters in additional boards when ordering a box.

    They supplement the opening if the usual amount (up to 0.1 meter) is not enough to achieve a perfect overlap.

Now tips.

Recommendations for choosing

There are two types of additional strips (boards) - ordinary and telescopic. As a rule, the additional strip is an ordinary wooden board, cut off on both sides (on one side it rests against the box, and on the other with the platband, if you look at the door in section).

Telescopic is a box with special grooves inside for installing platbands, a durable and convenient option, since the fastening will be less exposed to mechanical stress during installation, which means it will last longer than simple additional strips.

Door fittings are currently quite diverse and popular in style and shape. The best models are now being made in France, Italy and Spain, but domestic production has recently been almost no worse than European counterparts (except in terms of cost). When choosing accessories, we advise you to pay attention to the material from which it is made, as well as various small details that speak of the manufacturer's conscientiousness. Door salons tend to work for a very long time with the same supplier, for the quality of which they will be responsible.

There is always a chance to make a return or change purchased products and again pick up locks, hinges and handles with your own hands. If there is no chance to put the fittings, the craftsmen can do it.

Installation of the block

Installation of the door frame of the interior door is not always performed by specialists specifically on mounting foam, but any of the methods implies the use of it. There are different techniques for the type of additional fasteners that are used during installation. Mostly spacers or wooden pegs are used, they are inserted into the cavity between the box and the opening.

Through such elements, they also align the block inside the opening according to the mounting level - each of them needs to be driven tightly and so that the box does not deform, and the block as a whole is firmly held inside the opening.When the new door opening is sufficiently tightly attached with wooden pegs, it is very important to use horizontally placed pegs in the space away from the wall box so that after expansion the foam does not cause noticeable structural changes to the box. We recommend that you ensure that there is no distortion, and the doors in the section must remain within the specified size. All this will guarantee that the door will serve for many years.

Please note that after applying the assembly type foam, it is advisable not to use the door for some time, but to leave it covered for 24 hours (until the foam hardens perfectly so that there is no deformation of the box).

Variants and examples

You should choose a door leaf, starting from how much the room is filled with light. You can even install fully frosted, glass doors or sandblasted sheets, if the purpose of the room behind the door allows this. Day sunlight will perfectly penetrate through such canvases, which makes it possible to save on electricity, and daylight is much more favorably perceived by the human eye. This, of course, is important to take into account in the event that with its canvas the door blocks the natural light from the windows opposite. It is worth paying attention to door frames with translucent elements in the form of glass.

The most popular door frame size among experienced craftsmen will be 2 * 0. 7 meters. Such doors will be the most convenient for moving furniture and interior items through them.

MDF doors are many times better than their chipboard counterparts in terms of their practicality and environmental friendliness. Although in their manufacture they are very similar, and fine fractions are more resistant to moisture, mechanical influences than chipboard.

The difference in cost is slightly different, but a person who installs doors regularly and at the same time has experience in operation will immediately advise choosing MDF material for many excellent qualities. After watching a lot of video instructions on the Internet, you can put the entire block of doors with your own hands without resorting to the help of masters. Naturally, it will take a lot longer the first time, but it's worth it not just in terms of saving money, but also in terms of gaining experience through mistakes and personal trial. The realization that the owner of the premises personally, with his own hand, meticulously removed the dimensions of the door frame, processed the doorways, mounted the fittings and the door frame, and also correctly decorated the canvas with the help of platbands, is not capable of evoking many positive emotions. Learn more about everything in the video.