"Diold" Reviews about the brand tool, its advantages and disadvantages- Instruction + Photo and Video

When building houses or other structures, you always need a different power tool. More often than not, when it comes to buying, many are lost in the existing variety of different firms. There are firms that are more famous, there are only new ones. In this article we will consider the Smolensk Diold tool, reviews on it, description. Tool trade mark "Diold".

The plant, which is located in Smolensk, has been producing power tools of the Diold trademark for over 15 years. All manufactured models are certified, tested and comply with all international standards. The development of models of power tools is approved by the plant engineers.

When developing a tool, great attention is paid to convenience, so that the tool does not cause fatigue during long-term work and lies comfortably in the hand.

General information

In all models, their design is thought out to the smallest details, so no jamming of the buttons occurs in such a tool.

The company for the manufacture of tools under the trade mark "Diold" occupies a good position in the market. People who use this power tool have appreciated its quality, so there are many good reviews on the internet. Anyone can buy this equipment in any city throughout Russia.

The tool that is produced by this company is carefully checked two times:


This company has an official website where you can get acquainted with all the assortments presented, read the characteristics of the goods.

What material is used for winding the tool

At the Smolensk plant, copper is used in the manufacture of the Diold power tool. This material works well on the instrument.

Based on consumer reviews on different sites, there are several advantages of copper winding:

  • - a metal such as copper has more electrical conductivity than aluminum;
  • - the "Diold" power tool heats up slowly thanks to the copper wire, since such a wire has a low resistivity;
  • - the operation of the tool motors is of high quality and reliable.

The Smolensk instrument "Diold", which is used professionally, according to reviews has durability, it is not afraid of long use and heavy loads.

The same cannot be said about the use of aluminum.

IMPORTANT! The disadvantage of the tool is its high price. It is connected with the fact that copper itself is a more expensive material than aluminum.

Puncher of the trade mark "Diold"

Based on the reviews, the puncher "Diold" has the following advantages:

  • - this tool can work in different modes.This allows you to work with various types of materials;
  • - there is an electronic regulation of speed and impact-rotational action;
  • - the equipment, if necessary, changes very quickly;
  • - the spindle can turn in different directions;
  • - the puncher is convenient to use, due to the elastic attachment on the tool handle.

Perforator PRE-5

Power tool of the trade mark "Diold" for welding and a screwdriver is best for home repair work. The most popular welding machine is ASI-160. This Smolensk instrument has a lot of positive reviews, which say that it is great for those who learn to cook. There is one drawback - it is a short cable length (only 1.5 meters).

The "Diold" screwdriver model ESh 0.56-2 is also used professionally.

This tool has several advantages:

  • - the product has a long cable;
  • - this hammer drill has the necessary power to work with different materials (be it wood, plastic or metal);
  • - the sound when working with this tool is quite quiet ...

    Virtually silent;

  • - the instrument has spot illumination.

But there are weak points in this tool:

  • - the screwdriver is subject to heating after 15 minutes when working with steel materials;
  • - sometimes the gear speed breaks down

Reviews of the Diold company renovator

The MEV-0.34 model renovator is well suited for cutting, grinding, sharpening and polishing works.

Main advantages:

  • - this power tool has a side handle, which makes the process of work convenient and pleasant. This handle can be installed on both the left and right side, which is very convenient;
  • - all accessories are located in a special case.

    Therefore, nothing will be lost;

  • - after prolonged work with this renovator, hands do not get tired at all, since the weight of this power tool is only 1.5 kilograms;
  • - nozzles can be installed on the renovator at any angle, this gives access to even the most difficult places when working. It became possible to work even in a cramped room with this Smolensk electric tool;
  • - there are different types of attachments, thanks to which you can perform a lot of work: cleaning a part or surface, polishing, grinding.

Prices for all types of Diold power tools vary, so the price in Minsk will differ slightly from the price in Smolensk.

From the above, we can conclude that this power tool is of high quality and effectively copes with the task of any complexity.

Buyers have a positive attitude towards this company, since the tool meets all the requirements and standards of an international scale.

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