Distinctive features of the Provencal style - Review + Video

Distinctive features of the Provencal style - Review + Video Many will agree that nothing is so relaxing as a cup of good coffee on a cozy open summer veranda, somewhere in a Parisian street. But this may not always be possible. However, you can easily equip your balcony or veranda in this style. We bring to your attention nine ideas for veranda and balcony, peeped in Parisian cafes.

Provincial style.

This style has developed over the centuries in the villages of the southeast of France. This style is sophisticated, sophisticated, elegant, and at the same time simple. He is appreciated not only in France, he conquered the hearts of the whole world.

French Terrace

Natural materials are valued here. Therefore, if you have a closed veranda, then the best material for its decoration would be wood or natural stone cladding.

For the floor, use rough plank or shabby tiles. There are massive dark beams on the ceiling, creating a contrast. The floor-to-ceiling panoramic French window in light colors is the basis of the French style.

Distinctive features of the Provencal style - Review + Video As for color, in Provence they don't like bright flashy shades. Here the price is soft color.

Pastel shades of floor and ceiling, which are enlivened by yellow or orange accents.

Furniture only from natural materials. Forged, rattan, but the most common of wood.

Note: The hallmarks of Provence are the legs of chairs with traces of peeling paint, a kitchen cupboard with shabby shelves, rough surfaces with traces of chips and cracks. A certain carelessness in everything.

Most often, massive light matte tables or dressers are arranged on the veranda in the Provencal style.

It's important to pay attention to detail. The veranda can be decorated with clay pots filled with lavender, which will bring bright purple colors and a unique unforgettable scent.

Rustic style assumes an abundance of plants - flowers in vases, bouquets, dry herbs. Place old photos of your family on the walls, inserted into faded frames.

When choosing textiles, give preference to linen, cotton and chintz. A knitted tablecloth and linen curtains will also perfectly fit into this interior.

Wooden elements in combination with openwork forging and natural light fabric with a floral print look unforgettable. Floral print will also be appropriate on small pillows on sofas and armchairs.

French balcony

If the balcony is open, you don't need to worry about how to remove the furniture in case of rain.

And here the folding option or metal furniture is simply salvation.

A small, cozy rug can be placed on the floor. And also there can be arranged an artificial lawn or flooring from wooden boards.

Any space can be made more comfortable with the right light. Place candles or lamps in the corners of the balcony.

A battery-powered garland will add a touch of magic to the setting.

Tip: If there is a tablecloth on the table, then immediately use the reception of street cafes - the use of hooks (clothespins) so that the tablecloth is not blown away by the wind.

Distinctive features of the Provencal style - Review + Video Plants standing on the floor or suspended from the ceiling will always be a win-win option. They help to revitalize the interior.

Please note that in cafes, the emphasis is often on pots and flower pots.

This emphasizes the French style.

As a rule, an apartment balcony, if it is not a loggia, is restricted in square meters. And the maximum that can fit there is one chair with a small table. In this case, you can use a small wooden stool as a table.

Hanging wrought iron armchair will undoubtedly be in perfect harmony with the Provencal style, and it will also become a favorite place for all household members.

The main distinctive features of the interior in the Provencal style

The first feature is the color scheme. The main color for finishing the ceiling is white. The floor and walls are usually in pastel colors. For furniture and textiles, sand shades are a priority.

Turquoise, lavender, yellow and orange tones are used to bring life to the interior.

Note: The expiration of time is an element of the authenticity of the Provencal style. The vintage look is created by artificially aging the wood surface.

False fireplace with artificial aging is another expressive detail of Provence.

Lighting in the style of French country - these are old, discreet chandeliers and pendant lamps, wall sconces in the form of street lamps, ceiling lamps with stucco decoration.

The Provence style interior is a display cabinet for dishes next to a round wooden dining table.

Simple upholstered chairs. Living room with a comfortable sofa, a couple of armchairs and a wooden coffee table. Wicker baskets, chest, antique flower stands, vine garden furniture.

You can make your own balcony or veranda in the style of a French village with your own hands. And there is nothing complicated here, the main thing is to adhere to the main features of the Provencal style.

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