DIY ATV or Motorcycle Garage: Review + Video

DIY ATV or Motorcycle Garage: Review + Video Garage for an ATV / scooter in the country

Garages for a scooter, motorcycle or ATV allows you to save operational and technical parameters are in good condition for a long time. The room can be easily built with your own hands if you follow the recommendations. It is important to decide in advance on the type and type of building, as well as on the material of manufacture.

A garage for an ATV at the dacha will be very different from a simple car garage in many features.

What is a motorcycle garage for?

Most owners leave their personal vehicles near the house and believe that a separate room is not required.

But in reality this is not at all the case, because from precipitation and cool air, parts begin to be covered with corrosion, which shortens the operational life of the mechanisms.

Reasons why you should consider building a garage for motor vehicles:

  • Ability to mount buildings in any place.
  • Protection against the influence of intruders.
  • Shelter from negative weather conditions, it is extremely important to remove personal vehicles for winter storage (snow and rain contribute to the development of corrosion on various parts).
  • It is convenient to carry out repair work in the garage.

  • All tools and spare parts can be stored in the garage.

If you make a garage in the country house warm, spacious and finish each of the zones, then the place will become ideal not only for storing a motorcycle, scooter or ATV, but also for spending your free time.

Advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of a garage for a scooter or motorcycle include the following:

  • Ease of constructional assembly.
  • The purchase of material does not require large financial expenses.

  • Any shape can be made.
  • Transport will be perfectly protected from sun rays, snow and rain.
  • Possibility to store spare parts and tools in a separate place.

Cons will depend on the type of construction:

  • Shells, tents and pencil cases are not very suitable for storing a motorcycle. The buildings are perfect for temporary shelter from precipitation.

    They are definitely not suitable for regular storage, since there is little space in them, and therefore it is not possible to carry out repair work and store tools, as well as spare parts. Burglary resistance of the structure is low.

  • Chipboard or timber structures are not considered safe. The material is capable of absorbing vapors from gasoline, and therefore a high level of flammability is obtained.
  • It makes no sense to build large garages out of foam blocks for a motorcycle.

    Maintenance and parking of the bike requires much less space.

When studying the detailed parameters of suitable materials and types of design, it turns out to choose available and acceptable options.


Determining the dimensions and types of the future garage

For a jet ski, it is not necessary to build very large premises. It is important in advance to make a drawing in which all dimensions and design features will be spelled out. After that, it is important to decide on the materials and calculate its quantity.

For motor vehicles, you can build the following types of structures:

  • Garage-shell.
  • Sandwich panel construction.
  • Pencil case made of steel frame.
  • Standard and spacious garage made of foam block.

It is best to build spacious rooms so that you have the opportunity to approach your personal transport from all sides.

It is important to plan the workshop area for repair work. Set aside space, this is extremely important for storing the required tools and things. Even if you are planning to build a miniature garage, it is important to take dimensions with a certain margin. This is done with the aim of making sure that the dimensions are correct when the bike is likely to be replaced with a new model.

For motorcycle

DIY ATV or Motorcycle Garage: Review + Video Approximate dimensions of the garage for a motorcycle, the height of the building is not less than 1.

5 meters (ideally, you should be guided by the height of the owner), the length should be 3 meters, and the width is 2 meters.

For scooter

Scooter garage has standard dimensions. For a cover structure, the length should be from 1.3 to 5 meters, the width from 1.2 to 2.

5 meters, and the height at least 2 meters.


The height and width of the ATV is 1.2 meters and the length is approximately 2.3 meters. Based on such parameters, it will be possible to calculate the dimensions of the building itself.

For the convenience of the approach, 0.6 meters are left on each side of the ATV. On the side opposite to the door, ideally, you should leave more distance, about 2.5 meters, for repair work. So, the garage space for the ATV should be 4.

5 meters in length, and 2.5 meters in width and height.

How and what to choose materials for construction

For the construction of the base, it is necessary to prepare sand, gravel, cement. Bars or metal panels for the frame and foundation are also useful. Building construction can be made of the following materials:

  1. Structures made of metal are distinguished by their reliability and strength.

  2. Brick building is highly reliable, strong and durable, but building brick walls requires special skills.
  3. Foam blocks differ in a much lower price than bricks. A construction of foam blocks will perfectly retain heat and is resistant to moisture. It is not difficult to assemble the structure.
  4. An economical option would be a wooden garage.

    Such structures (made of wood) will look beautiful, and also retain heat well, are durable and strong.It is important in advance to treat the material with an antiseptic, as well as impregnate it with fire retardants. Such formulations will disinfect surfaces and increase the level of fire resistance.

  5. Garages can be erected quickly and easily from sandwich panels or profiled decking.

To make it easy, you need tools such as an electric drill, a shovel, anchors, screws, a welding machine, a screwdriver and a grinder.

Building a garage with your own hands

Building a structure for storing a motorcycle requires starting with building a foundation and raising a ramp so that personal vehicles can be easily brought inside the premises. Next, you can start building the frame, roof and walls.

Base (foundation). The place where you plan to build a garage must first be cleared of debris and dust. In the future, certain actions are required:

  • Along the general perimeter of the proposed building, it is required to dig a trench with a depth of 0.

    18 meters.

  • A layer of sand and gravel should be laid on the bottom of the trench.
  • Along the common perimeter, it is required to install two bars with a section of 10 * 16 cm so that after pouring the solution, half of the bars remain inside the concrete.
  • At the structural corners, it is required to drive in vertical bars with a cross section of 5 * 5 cm, which will serve as a frame.
  • Mix the cement mortar, and the resulting compound is required to fill the floor surface.

Now let's see how to make a wireframe.

DIY ATV or Motorcycle Garage: Review + Video How to build a frame. A garage for an ATV with your own hands is easy to make. As soon as the concrete screed dries up, you can start erecting the frame. It is required to be made of metal or wood.

Structures made of wood must be pre-treated with antiseptic compounds. Along the general perimeter of the future structure, at a low slope, it is required to install additional bars with a size of 5 * 5 cm.

They will play the role of a support for the roof. For fastening, metal corners and self-tapping screws are used. It is recommended to make a ventilation hole in the lower part of the frame so that fresh air can enter the room.

The window must be closed with a metal mesh with fine mesh.

Roof and walls. It is required to attach profiled sheets or chipboard to the mounted frame by means of self-tapping screws. The result is 3 solid walls and one wall with a door recess. For strength, to the main two bars of the vertical type, which will hold the door, and attach additional crossbars, as well as posts.

Loops are attached to them.

The roof must necessarily protrude above the walls by about 1/4 meter so that precipitation does not fall into the garage. It is advisable to make the roofs pitched so that snow and water do not linger on its surface. For this, one beam needs to be made short.For the roof, you first need to lay out beams of the transverse type, and then a layer of boards, and only after that start covering everything with roofing material.

The cover layer can be made of profiled flooring, slate or roof tiles.

Structural assembly. After creating the base, you need to start assembling the structure:

  • Support beams made of wooden bars or metal are attached to the frozen base. Ideally, waterproofing should be laid under the materials, and anchors are used to fix the support.
  • For mounting the frame in the corners, vertical supports are attached, which will be connected with horizontal jumpers.

  • After building the frame, they begin to overlap the roof. A bar is attached between two opposite sides. One of the sides should be made smaller so that the roof is sloped.
  • Next, it is important to start sheathing the garage, for example, with profiled sheets or plywood. At this stage, if necessary, a layer of insulation is installed, for example, from mineral wool.

At the end, the roof is formed, the door is installed and the driveway to the building is made.