DIY bathroom interior in a country house: Ideas + Photos and Videos

DIY bathroom interior in a country house: Ideas + Photos and Videos Bathroom interior in a country house. Touching upon the theme of the bathroom interior in a country house, you should know that it requires careful study. In such a building, unlike an apartment, there is a lot of free space in order to bring even the most unusual ideas to life.

To create an interior in such a bathroom, you need a competent approach, namely, to take into account all the features of the room and other nuances, which will be discussed in the article.

Creating a bathroom project

Like any other room before starting renovation, a bathroom located in a private house requires creating a project.

The main ridge is often that the owner can determine the dimensions of the room himself and, based on this data, create a sketch of the interior.

As a rule, a country house is not limited to just one bathroom.

Several premises of this type are often made, but it depends on many factors:

If you have a small family, then one bathroom will be enough, in which you can put everything you need. If you often host guests, then you will have to consider creating an additional bathroom for guests.

Usually the bathroom is made near the bedrooms, and for convenience they are equipped with two exits, one leading to the corridor, and the second to the bedroom. If you have a multi-storey private house, you will need to think over the interior of the bathroom for each floor so that it is convenient to use it, and you do not have to look for this room throughout the house.

The area of ​​the bathroom is determined by each owner himself, but it cannot be less than the minimum requirements prescribed in the SNiP.

The minimum allowable dimensions are 80 cm long and 120 cm deep. Also consider when planning that you will be installing additional equipment and equipment (this can be a storage tank, a boiler, a washing machine).

If you want to make a large bathroom, zoning is required. It can be created using screens, partitions, a podium, as well as using different materials for decoration, so that the purpose of a particular zone is even visually clear.

Communications and their location

Before thinking about the interior for a bathroom in a country house, you should decide on the most important thing - communications in this room.

They play an important role, such as wiring, sewer pipes, water supply. The source of water for a private house is most often a well or a well, from which water enters the house using a pump. A boiler or a double-circuit boiler is responsible for heating the water (a type of boilers for heating, which not only heat the room, but also heat the water along the second circuit).

Attention! in order not to spoil the overall design, you should hide all communications during installation or when using decorative overlays.

Pipes can also be hidden behind drywall, drowned in a wall or behind a screed, while it is important not to brick up the meters and connections, since you should always have access to them (for taking readings or for minor repairs ).

In advance, you should start laying electrical wires in the grooves in the wall, and then they are covered with a solution. They can also be placed in the seam between the tiles and covered with tile glue, or they can be placed in a box. This will not only make it possible to make the installation beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but also protect the wire from moisture, which is sure to be in every bathroom.

Varieties of surface design

In order for the interior in the bathroom of a country house to be uniform in design, select the right material for decoration. You can use any kind of your choice, so we will tell you more about each of them.


When using natural wood, you can treat a bathroom in a Scandinavian style, as well as in provence, chalet or country. It should be understood that you can use only those materials that went through the process of impregnation with special compounds before the start of construction work, so that the material would not be further damaged by temperature and moisture. Usually, lining, timber, solid wood, laminate, decorative panels or parquet boards are used to decorate the surface in the bathroom.

Due to the fact that there are moisture-resistant modern wood materials, you can make an imitation of natural wood with a beautiful texture. For example, the ceiling and walls in the bathroom can be covered with veneer, parquet boards or laminate can be placed on the floor.

This will give you a unique and sustainable room design. The decoration can be left in its original form if the house was built from rounded logs.

Only in this case the tree remains in the same form as it was, the only thing is to process the material with a moisture resistant and antiseptic agent. No less popular is the finishing method of combination, when areas where water and moisture are the most (near the bathroom, shower, washbasin) are made out using ceramic tiles.


This is a traditional solution for the interior of bathrooms in a country house and apartment.

In this case, the use of porcelain stoneware will be appropriate for the floor, and it is especially convenient if the material has grooves for water drainage.

Please note that only unglazed tiles should be chosen for flooring - this is the only way to ensure a non-slip surface.

But the walls can be covered with a glazed material that has a water-repellent layer. Due to the wide variety of tiles on sale, you can create a unique room design without effort and hassle.If the bathroom is small, it is recommended to use only light shades that can be diluted with small bright additions.

With this design, you can visually expand the room. Mirror tiles, which are made of ceramics, also have this effect.


When decorating a bathroom, an original ordinary mosaic will add. It can be not only ceramic, as many are accustomed to, but also metal, glass and even stone! Conveniently, today manufacturers take care of us and offer a choice of ready-made elements that are stacked on large slabs, and therefore you do not need to deal with laborious laying of small particles.

With the help of such a mosaic tile, you can not only create ordinary geometric shapes and images, but also pictures.

It goes well with ceramics, and therefore, when combined, you can often find this tandem.


If you bought / built a private house, you probably have funds for expensive finishes. In this case, you can afford a marble finish. Although such cladding is quite expensive, it will be spectacular, but only available to a limited number of people. For economy and original design, you can combine this material with other types of finishes.


Although at first it may seem that the wallpaper for the bathroom is a nonsense, but it is an interesting solution. Yes, we are not talking about ordinary paper wallpaper, but about washable and water-repellent materials. The ideal combination is a combination with tiles or marble, which can be used opposite the bathtub and washbasin.

An interesting and versatile option is restrained colors, pastel shades. If your bathroom has light colored furniture, you can use bright colors to decorate the room.

If you wish, you can create a stunning interior and buy 3D wallpaper.

Important! Decorating a bathroom with wallpaper is a non-trivial approach, and it will definitely surprise your guests.


It would seem that this type of material for creating an interior in the bathroom of a country house is outdated, but it is not. Now there are many types of paints and other paints and varnishes, using which you can easily decorate a bathroom, and at the same time the room will look modern. The only difficulty in this design is the preparatory work, since you will have to make perfectly flat walls before starting painting.

Paint finishing makes it possible to embody any ideas. When choosing paint, be sure to give preference only to trusted manufacturers that give a guarantee for their products.

How to furnish?

But the choice of finishes is not all. For a room, it is also important to choose not just beautiful furniture, but also one that will match the style so that the interior is unified. Bathroom furniture items should not be afraid of moisture, be functional and practical.

They should also be made of such a material that they can always be washed.

For a large bathroom you will need the following:

  • DIY bathroom interior in a country house: Ideas + Photos and Videos Vanity unit under the sink.
  • A case for storing everything you need (towels, bathrobes).
  • Hinged shelf.
  • Mirror.

  • Chest of drawers.

If in a private house they make such a bathroom, which will also mean a recreation area, you can put a comfortable chair, armchair and a coffee table in it. For small rooms, you can not use some of the listed items according to your arrangement, and leave only everything you need.

Wooden furniture will help to emphasize the closeness to nature, and it can be painted in any color, but designers still strongly recommend choosing items with a natural shade and pattern.

Oddly enough, even metal furniture would be appropriate.

Now there are many types of metal furniture, which are used not only for modern styles and trends, but also for the rest, it all depends on how to beat it.

The glass surface is beautiful and mesmerizing, and it is ideal for a bathroom, no matter what kind of glass is - frosted or transparent - both will look perfect in the bathroom. But keep in mind that caring for glass elements and furniture is more difficult, especially in the bathroom.

And finally, plastic furniture, which is considered the most practical. Such products are not afraid of temperature drops, exposure to moisture, and in care they have established themselves as unpretentious interior items.

In addition, the price will be a pleasant bonus. The main thing is that you choose high-quality products that will not spoil the appearance of the finish with the appearance of cheapness.

Interior style

And of course, as for any room, you should decide on the style of the bathroom interior in a country house. It is very important that all elements are in harmony with each other and can support each other. Almost every style can be embodied in the interior, as there are no restrictions.

Let's take a look at the best options.

Classic style

This direction will perfectly cope with the task of emphasizing presentability and sophistication of the interior. A distinctive feature of this design can be called versatility and the fact that it always remains fashionable all the time. Even after many years, this bathroom will be more relevant than ever. When decorating in a classic style, materials of natural origin are most often preferred, which will emphasize the status of the homeowner and the originality of the room.


This is a new style in which you can combine incongruous. It is perfect for courageous personalities, and also give a great mood. The basis for it is bright colors and unusual solutions. Fusion is a combination of different textures, materials, which makes amazing combinations.


This is a simple and homely style, which is relevant specifically for private wooden houses.

Decorating a bathroom in this style will not be difficult. Despite the fact that the style is distinguished by its rustic romance, the style is popular with residents of megacities who value the atmosphere of tranquility.

The main materials for country decoration are natural stone and metal. Bathroom fixtures are chosen from brass elements that will highlight the design well.


This is a modern style, a distinctive feature of which is high functionality.

In such a bathroom there is room for glossy surfaces, a lot of glass and metal. Plumbing is used only modern and with a wide range of functions. Lighting can be anything, often there is lighting around the ceiling and floor lighting.


This style is unique, and will suit those homes where a large room with a high ceiling is allocated for the bathroom. Finishing in this case is minimal.

If the house is concrete or brick, then you don't even need to do the decoration, since these are the materials that are the basis for emphasizing the industrial design. With the proper design of such an interior for a bathroom in a country house, you will get a stylish room at a low cost.


This style is notable for carelessness, which will not create a feeling of sloppiness or old age of objects and things. It is thanks to slightly cracked plaster, slightly worn furniture and ordinary textiles that you get the atmosphere of romance that is characteristic only of the French province.


The bathroom in a private house is the very room in which you can embody the most unusual, original and unique ideas.

Thanks to the large selection, you can create unique combinations.