DIY bathroom siding decoration

DIY bathroom siding decoration Siding for the bathroom: finishing works, technology + Photo. A bathroom is a room that has a high level of humidity, therefore, during repair work, you should choose moisture-resistant and durable materials. There is a huge amount of building materials on the modern construction market. Bathroom siding has become one of the most popular, best and budget materials that can be used for ceiling and wall finishes.

Siding refers to plastic panels that are used for surface finishing.

They can be used in all rooms, but most often they are chosen for decorating the ceiling and walls in rooms with high humidity, namely in the kitchen or bathroom.

Short description

These panels have many advantages, which is why they have become so common:

  • DIY bathroom siding decoration Light weight, convenient transportation.
  • High strength, steam resistant, moisture resistant, can withstand even hot steam.
  • Many designs, there are siding with imitation of stone, tile and wood.
  • Convenience of installation.

  • You can hide pipes (electricity, drain) under it, which do not decorate the room in any way.
  • It is not difficult to take care of them, to clean the surfaces it is enough to walk over them with a damp cloth.
  • A relatively inexpensive material compared to other finishing elements.

Siding comes in a variety of textures, but smooth sheets are recommended for use in the bathroom because they are easy to maintain. In addition, mold or mildew is almost never formed on the smooth surfaces of the bathroom siding.

When choosing a material, keep in mind that it can be used for both exterior and interior decoration. The external finishing material contains additional components that help to provide protection from UV rays and negative environmental influences. Because of this, the cost of the material will be higher.


… on glue

In order to finish the bathroom with siding with your own hands, there are several ways, one of which is the installation on an adhesive composition. This method is used less often than installation on a crate and this is due to the fact that several conditions will have to be met for gluing.

The first and most important thing is to create perfectly smooth walls, and the second - the room should not have a high level of humidity.

If you carry out major repairs with leveling the wall, replacing all communications and plumbing fixtures, you will need to take into account three nuances:

  1. DIY bathroom siding decoration Before installing the material, remove all wiring for switches and electrical outlets.
  2. If the material is installed on an adhesive, you still have to create a sheathing around the drain and pipes to mask them.
  3. When laying the panels on the ceiling, you will need to immediately determine the location of the fixtures, it is advisable to make a choice in the crawl of low-power spotlights, so that in the future the siding does not melt when using lighting.

And a little more about lighting.

If additional lighting is required, you can install a sconce or light on the mirror and shelves. Siding is a durable material, but at high temperatures it deteriorates as it is plastic.

Tools and fixtures

Before starting work, you should prepare the material and tools that you will use when installing siding on the walls:

  • Siding panels.
  • Adhesive composition for mounting PVC panels on the wall.
  • A utility knife so that panels can be trimmed as needed.

  • Trowel (it will be convenient for them to apply glue to the material).
  • Old rags to wipe down material and remove excess glue.

If the use of hardware is required, then you will have to stock up on another screwdriver or drill.

Please note that trimming of the panels is required before starting work. Drilling or cutting must be done from the outside, otherwise the plastic will be burr.

Glue selection

There are several types of glue for siding panels that can be used to install the material:

  • DIY bathroom siding decoration Vegetable.
  • Mineral.
  • Animal.
  • Liquid nails.
  • Universal polymer adhesive.

When choosing an adhesive, pay attention to the function. For example, some formulations can protect from ultraviolet radiation, moisture resistant, and so on.

The choice of glue is according to your needs. If you are looking to buy formulations with a natural base, be prepared to pay more, but you will be completely sure that they are hypoallergenic and harmless. For the ceiling, it is better to use a universal polymer composition.

Important! If the walls have small inaccuracies, then the best option would be to use liquid nails that have high elasticity. Due to this, you will be able to visually align the wall and prevent the material from deforming.

Preparing the surface

The main conditions are to make the surface even. Installation of siding on curved walls is impossible, as it can deteriorate, deform and then the appearance of the room will not be what you expected.

Before you start finishing your bathroom with siding, you need:

  • DIY bathroom siding decoration Clean walls from dust, debris, grease stains and other dirt.

  • After that, the walls must be putty and unevenness removed. After the material dries, it is required to prime the base. This is required to increase the adhesion of the mounting adhesive to the wall.
  • Before installing the panels, an additional walk is required and the walls should be treated with an antiseptic solution in order to protect it from mold and mildew.

These three simple steps will help you keep the finished result for a long time.


When you have calculated the amount of material that will be required, the base surface is ready and the siding is trimmed, you can start. Start applying the adhesive to the wall or to the back of the panel. Experienced builders recommend applying the adhesive only to the panel to avoid overspending and running off the wall.

When everything is done, the panel should be gently attached to the wall and pressed evenly for a few seconds. When the panels are completely dry, the work is considered complete.

Drying time depends on which manufacturer made the glue, as well as on the room temperature and humidity level. It is not recommended to use the premises for your needs until the panels are completely dry. Changes in temperature and steam can negatively affect the wet surface.

… on the frame

The second and more common option for installing siding panels is to mount on the crate. This means the preliminary installation of the frame on the main surface, and after that the panels are mounted on the frame.

This method is often used in the bathroom, especially if the walls are uneven. Making a screed is costly, and at the same time, the worse the surface, the more material and money will be spent on leveling.

When installing the lathing, you do not need to level the walls, and you can save money.

Unlike drywall installation, siding can be installed on any walls, since it does not require additional reinforcement due to its low weight. The frame is of two types - made of a metal profile or wooden.

Also on sale you can find special plastic profiles for installing lining.

If you decide to make a crate of wood, it should be pre-treated with antiseptic agents so that it does not mold in the future and does not rot in high humidity. Wood is a natural material, so it is susceptible to mold and mildew.

Making the frame

The frame is used only when the surface is uneven. Before installing the sheathing, the walls should be treated with various compounds and antiseptics.

The frame should be installed perpendicular to the siding installation. It turns out that if you lay the siding vertically, then the profiles - horizontally, and vice versa. For all openings, corners should be installed, into which the crate will be installed afterwards.


How to fix the siding in the bathroom? Each panel of material has a groove, i.e.

a fixing part. When installed on the crate, the panels are fastened between the failure and to the profile using self-tapping screws. There is nothing difficult in this, so even a beginner can cope with such a task.Decorating a bathroom with panels does not take much time, and thanks to this, renovation work can be completed within a few days.

The advantage of the crate is that the adhesive is not needed, which means that drying is not required either.

In the end, we note that siding panels are one of the most popular materials for finishing non-residential and residential premises. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, has a long life and looks great. It is used to decorate a toilet, bathroom, work wall in the kitchen and other rooms.


Due to the wide range of colors and textures, you can choose panels with imitation of wood, stone and other material. Previously, it was believed that the cheapest material is lining, but there were several types.

Today the construction market has many types of panels, using which you can make inexpensive, but durable, beautiful and durable repairs.