DIY Chizhevsky chandelier - manufacturing features

DIY Chizhevsky chandelier - manufacturing features How to make a Chizhevsky chandelier with your own hands - description and scheme

About health and healthy lifestyle (healthy way life) does not speak unless lazy. People still promise a lot for the improvement of their own living environment, and they also try to choose only those foodstuffs that are not capable of harming the body.

It will be quite natural that everyone began to remember those methods of healing that were widespread in the days of their parents. For example, today the Chizhevsky chandelier has become relevant again, which is not so easy to make with your own hands, but believe me, the effort spent will be worth it.

Here you should make a small digression and talk about what kind of chandelier it is.

What will be its benefits? We propose to consider everything in more detail.

General information

What is it

Professor Chizhevsky, whose works are practically forgotten at the moment, in his time began to talk about human stupidity in that part of it, in which it dealt with the completely disorderly attitude of man to the air. To the air that each of us will breathe at any second of our existence. He especially emphasized the role of negatively charged ions in the formation of the health of the human respiratory system. The scientist cited as an example the fact that there are up to 15,000 negatively charged ions per cubic centimeter in the air of an average size of a forest meadow or even a glade.

By comparison, a similar volume of air in an ordinary city apartment contains no more than 15 to 50 ions!

What is it for, practical effect

Difference will be visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately, a person tends to underestimate the dry facts, and then give more specific information. The fact is that a low content of ions in the air will contribute to the development of diseases of the respiratory system, and also leads to rapid fatigue and a low level of performance. Have you ever noticed the fact that working outdoors you get tired much less? In particular, when carrying out work in an apartment, it is sometimes enough to do a couple of small housework to feel completely overwhelmed. This and its negative consequences of the low content of negative ions in the air.

Chizhevsky's chandelier will help to fight this. We will try to make it with our own hands, and this article is devoted to this.

Process details

Main units

The most important element in the device will be an electric fluvial "chandelier" , and also a transformer that converts voltage. Actually, "chandelier" in this case is called the generator of negative ions. Negatively charged ions drain from its blades, which are then simply glued to oxygen molecules.

Due to this, the latter will receive not just a negative charge, but also a high speed of movement.

DIY Chizhevsky chandelier - manufacturing features Mechanical basis.For the base, you should take a metal rim, and its diameter should be at least 1 meter. Every 4 centimeters, bare copper wires with a diameter of approximately 0.1 cm should be pulled.

They should form a hemisphere that will sag slightly downward. In the corners of such a sphere, needles should be sealed, the length of which is 5 cm, and the thickness is not more than 0.5 mm. It is very important that the needles should be sharpened as efficiently as possible, because in this case the probability of ozone formation, which is very harmful at home, decreases. By the way, it is for this reason that the chandelier must be made very responsibly, with strict adherence to all assembly schemes.

Otherwise, you may receive equipment that will not improve your health.

Notes on fastening

To make a Chizhevsky chandelier with your own hands, the description and diagram will be extremely important. Three copper wires are attached to the rim, which are 120 degrees apart, and the diameter must be at least 0.1 cm, and they will be soldered together exactly in the center of the chandelier. It is to this point that high voltage should be applied.

Please note that a fixture must be attached to such a point, which will be at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the ceiling beam or ceiling. The voltage should be at least 25 kW, and only with such a value is sufficient vitality of ions ensured, which allows them to perform their functions of healing.

Principle of operation and electrical circuits

But the most important thing in the story will be the diagram of Chizhevsky's chandelier, without which you will hardly be able to collect something useful. It should be noted right away that in an ordinary apartment you are unlikely to be able to find everything you need for assembly, so you need to drop into the radio parts store.

When there is a positive half-cycle, due to the resistor R 1 , the diode VD 1 and the transformer T 1 , the capacitor C 1 will be fully charged ... SCR VS 1 in this case is necessarily blocked, because the current through its control electrode at such a moment will not work. If the half-cycle is negative, then the diodes are blocked.

At the SCR cathode, the voltage will drop strongly in comparison with the control electrode. So, a minus is formed at the cathode, and a plus is obtained at the control electrode. It turns out that a current is formed, as a result of which the SCR opens. At such a moment, the capacitor C 1 is completely discharged, which will pass through the primary winding of the transformer.

Since a step-up transformer is used, a high voltage pulse will appear in the secondary winding.

The above process will occur during each voltage period, and it should be noted that high voltage pulses must be rectified, because damped oscillations will appear when discharging through the primary winding.A rectifier is used for this, which is assembled on diodes from VD 3 to VD 6 . It is from this output that the voltage comes (do not forget to put the resistor R 3 ) on the "chandelier". The chandelier circuit described here can also be found in any Soviet magazine for those who adore radio engineering, but in any case it is useful to describe its principle of operation. Without this, it will be more difficult to understand certain assembly nuances.

Important information!

Resistor R 1 can be made of three MLT02 connected in parallel. The resistance of each is at least 3 kΩ. We also make resistor R 3 of them, but here MLT-2 can already take four things, while their total resistance should be about 10 to 20 megohms. On R 2 one MLT-2 should be taken. You should not take the cheap varieties of all the components listed above - this power supply for the Chizhevsky chandelier is quite capable of causing a fire, simply not withstanding the voltage.

You can take almost any diodes, but the current strength must be at least 300 mA, and the size of the reverse voltage is at least 400 V (on the diode VD 1 ) and 100 V (VD 2 ). If we talk about the rest of the diodes, then for them you can take KC201G-KC201E. capacitor C 1 take MBM, which can withstand a voltage of at least 250 V, C 2 and C 5 take POV, which are designed for a voltage no less than 10 kW. Naturally, it is perfectly acceptable to take any other capacitors that can withstand a current of 15 kW or more. In this case, a homemade chandelier will cost much less.

Usually, many of the required components can be removed from old radio equipment.

Transformer and SCR

SCR can be selected from KU201K or even KU202K-KU202N. transformer T 1 may well be made from a standard ignition coil B 2 B (6 V) from a Soviet motorcycle. True, no one forbids taking a similar part for this, but from a car. If you have old TV line scan transformers TVS-110L6, then this is great.

If the third terminal is required to be connected to the capacitor C1, and the second and fourth terminals are mated to the common wire. The high-voltage wire is required to be connected to the capacitor C3 and the diode. So they do the Chizhevsky chandelier with their own hands. As you can see, you need to have at least a basic knowledge of electronics. You should not believe those charlatans on the Internet who talk about the possibility of assembling this "chandelier" from scrap materials, because it is practically unrealistic.


How to check the structural performance?

DIY Chizhevsky chandelier - manufacturing features How can you be sure that your hard-assembled structure will work properly? We suggest using the most primitive and reliable tool for this - a small piece of cotton wool. Even the simplest Chizhevsky chandelier, the photo of which is presented in the article, will definitely react to it.It is known that even a small bundle of cotton fibers begins to be attracted to the chandelier from a distance of about 0.5 meters. If you just bring your hand to the chandelier needles, then already at a distance of 0.

15 meters you will feel a distinct chill, which can indicate the complete serviceability of the equipment. By the way, if you decide to make a compact version of the ionizer, then it is permissible to replace the needles with one metal plate with teeth. Naturally, the effectiveness of such a device will be much lower, but it is even suitable for improving the air near the workplace.

How to carry out ionotherapy?

It should be remembered that the Chizhevsky chandelier, reviews of which often testifies to its beneficial effect on the human body, must be at a distance of at least 1 .5 meters from the person.

Sessions should be done for a maximum of 45 minutes, and are best done before bed, when fresh and ionized air helps relieve tension and recharge for the rest of the day. Also remember that it is useless to ionize stale and stuffy and stale air. If there is only carbon dioxide in the room, then there will be no benefit from this. By the way, the ionizer can be effectively used in the southern regions, where dusty air will be a huge problem. In this regard, the chandeliers, reviews of which confirm this, can deposit dust even at low humidity levels.

Where can you use it?

Naturally, we told you about only one design of the ionizer, which is quite suitable for use in both home and industrial conditions ... In principle, you can customize the circuit yourself. It should only be taken into account that the output voltage must be at least 25 kW, and once again we recall that there is often a chandelier circuit on the Internet, in which the output voltage on the rectifier is even less than 5 kW.

We assure you that the device will not bring any practical benefit. Such a chandelier will create a certain concentration of negatively charged ions, but in their own mass they will be very heavy, and therefore incapable of circulation in the air flow of the room.

However, these devices can be successfully used as a room cleaner from dust in the air, which will simply settle. After all, this is an air ionizer, not an advanced purifier. A simple conditioner is best for this purpose.

But remember also that any fundamental structural changes that were proposed by Chizhevsky himself are strictly contraindicated. If you do not understand physiology and electrical engineering, then experiments will only lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the device, and also to the production of a small amount of ions. You will only burn electricity in vain, and you will get absolutely nothing. In general, a DIY chandelier will make it possible to save money on expensive medical equipment, and also make your life healthier.

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