DIY connection and installation + Video

DIY connection and installation + Video HDPE pipes are widely used in the repair and laying of engineering communications. It is ideal for both small private houses and spacious cottages. Low cost, simple installation, long service life and variability of use often make you choose pipes from this material.

Material for production.

Sometimes HDPE pipes are called polyethylene pipes.

They are tested to withstand high temperature water, a variety of chemicals and solvents.

For potable water systems, the pipes are blue or with blue stripes.

DIY connection and installation + Video How suitable they are for this function can be seen in the certificate, where this information is written.

HDPE pipes are made of polyethylene. A method is used, the essence of which is the continuous extrusion of the molten mass.

Initially, raw materials can enter a special compartment in the form of powder or granules.

There are two main types of work for the production of polyethylene.

DIY connection and installation + Video High pressure. This process produces a low density material. It is flexible and soft and cannot be used for pipes.

But for packaging it is good.

Low pressure (20 atmospheres and 150 degrees of heat) At the exit, polyethylene already has a high density and strength. Pipes are made from it.

Pnd pipe characteristics

Advantages in use.

  • DIY connection and installation + Video Pnd pipes can be used up to 50 years.

    They are not exposed to chemical elements, do not oxidize or rust.

  • When laying the water pipe, it is not necessary to use additional devices for protection and insulation.
  • The walls of polypropylene pipes have a smooth surface, so that sediment and sludge do not accumulate. Due to the low thermal conductivity, there is practically no condensation on the outside.
  • Rupture due to low temperatures is practically impossible.

    Pipes have the ability to grow without breaks in diameter and return to their original state.

  • Savings on transportation, since a cubic meter of such a product weighs less than a ton. This is 6 times lower than analogs from other materials.
  • Technically simple welding. HDPE pipe joints do not deform over time.

  • Environmentally friendly material. Even with high demands, polyethylene pipes are widely used in Europe.

Disadvantages in application.

  • Installation technology sometimes requires an atypical approach.
  • There are temperature limitations.

    Sometimes hot water cannot be used.

  • Duration of use is influenced by soil mobility on the object and UV exposure. These criteria can reduce the operational period.

Types of pipes cost

Pnd pipes are divided into pressure and non-pressure.

The former are used for water supply and gas communications.

The second is for the storm and faecal system.

The differentiation of types by purpose is as follows:

  1. DIY connection and installation + Video HDPE PE 80 is used to move combustible gases;
  2. with marking 100 are used in water supply and sewerage systems. In addition, they are used in gasification;
  3. with the PROSAFE designation can be laid with or without trenches. They are used to supply houses with hot water and gas. Their declared service life is 100 years.

Their cost depends on the technical characteristics:

  1. inner and outer diameters, respectively, and wall thickness;
  2. type of pipes. The cost of products labeled 80 is lower than with an index of 100, all other things being equal.


Fittings are used in the installation. Pipes can be combined with each other by two types of soldering - in a socket and butt.

When connected without breaking the technology, the soldering points will be durable and will not undergo destructive changes.

DIY connection and installation + Video Fittings are compression and electrofusion. In the first case, a special rubber ring is pressed with a nut. Installation resembles the technology of joining metal-plastic pipes.

When using a spanner or spanner, care must be taken not to damage the integrity of the structure.

Electrofusion fittings are more expensive.

DIY connection and installation + Video

There is a special heating element in their design. By the code on them, you can determine the required voltage and soldering time.

Due to the destructive effect of sunlight, it is recommended to lay plastic pipes in such a way that the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexposure to UV rays is minimal.

DIY connection and installation + Video If the system is mounted underground, then the pipe must be laid in the form of a snake.

This is due to the difference in temperature between winter and summer, as well as a large coefficient of thermal expansion.

Such communications are economically beneficial.

Long life at low prices is a huge advantage. This is why they are so widely used.