DIY construction of a budget house. Choosing a house project + Video

DIY construction of a budget house. Choosing a house project + Video This article is for those who want to significantly save an expense item on the construction of a budget house . We will tell you how to choose the right project for an inexpensive house for permanent residence, how you can save your family budget, and what you absolutely cannot save on.

Find out what determines the price of a cheap house and what materials are best for the idea of ​​building your dream home.

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Budget house

The desire to build a budget house

This desire drives land owners plots to save on a lot. On the one hand, it is understandable, because the idea is not a joke and requires a significant investment of money.

Pouring the foundation and erecting the box is half the battle. After all, we still need to think over the communications system: water disposal, electricity, gas, ventilation. In addition, external and internal wall decoration will draw a considerable amount.

Here, as they say, measure seven times - cut once. To begin with, you need to draw up a master plan for the budget version of the house, think over and calculate everything. It will not be superfluous to consult with specialists, even if you are determined to build a house with your own hands.

What to look for

Consider the main points that you need to pay attention to when creating drawings of future housing with your own hands.


DIY construction of a budget house.</p><p> Choosing a house project + Video At this stage, you need to carefully consider the location living rooms in the house, as well as a bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Do not take into account the premises that, in principle, will not be useful to you (pantry, dressing room).

To reduce the cost of a budget house project as a whole, it is preferable to make a bathroom shared. This, of course, is not entirely convenient.

But if your main goal is cheap and cheerful, then simplification is indispensable.

The hallway can be connected to the corridor, making a common roomy space. The same should be done with the kitchen and living room, removing the partition and the door. It is stylish, comfortable and economical.

Simplified construction of the house

At the stage of designing a house of artsy and bizarre architectural elements: columns, attic, roofs of complex types.

Also, keep your home simple in shape.

Buildings in the shape of the letter "P", "G", "T", only add value. The size of the box of a budget house for permanent residence can vary within 6 mx 9 m. Adjust these sizes for yourself, based on the number of family members.

Building materials for a budget house

DIY construction of a budget house.</p><p> Choosing a house project + Video When choosing materials for building a cheap house , remember that the term of its operation depends on what the housing will be built from. Building materials are not something to save on.

The main thing is to create the most simplified, but at the same time comfortable project of a budget house for permanent residence.

Having engaged in building a house with your own hands, you can save a lot without hiring a team of builders.

In case you are not confident in your abilities, take one or two builders as assistants.

Most of the projects of budget houses are created with the use of light materials. The main advantages of this approach are more than clear.

It is much easier to work with materials of this type, you can cope on your own without a team of professionals, and the construction process will take less time. The light weight of the materials makes it possible to reduce the money spent on the foundation.

Gas block

DIY construction of a budget house. Choosing a house project + Video The most popular and demanded building material is gas block . The use of SIP panels is quite profitable, although it has not gained much popularity in our open spaces.

Advantages of aerated concrete as a building material for a budget house:

  • The pores of aerated concrete increase heat retention in the house, and also reduce the total weight of the building.

  • Despite the fact that the gas blocks are quite impressive in size, their lightness allows you to easily move them and lay the walls. In addition, the construction process itself is proceeding at a rapid pace.
  • Given the fact that the structure of the gas block is not too hard, this makes it possible to process it without problems and make the desired shape and size.
  • Moisture resistance is another advantage of aerated concrete blocks over other materials, for example, foam block. Despite this, adherence to finishing technology is an important nuance.

    Otherwise, the walls will be damp.


Advantages of SIP-panels for the construction of a budget house:

  • Easy construction and installation.
  • Good sound insulation and heat retention rate.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Ease of carrying out all kinds of communications in the house.

  • Lightweight to dispense with a solid foundation.
  • Environmentally friendly composition.

A competent approach in drawing up a plan for future housing, choosing a building material (price-quality ratio), allows you to reduce the expense item for building a house, and also guarantees the possibility of obtaining a residential building with excellent performance characteristics.

What shouldn't be a cheap house?

  • Small in size . Consider your family's needs.

  • Uncomfortable . The house should meet all your needs.
  • Poor quality . Building materials can be found inexpensive, but solid. Moreover, in our time, the choice is more than great.

How to cheaply build a house with your own hands?

You can significantly reduce the cost of building a house at the stage of project creation. It should be drafted in such a way that the layout and construction of the housing meets all the requirements for economy.

  • DIY construction of a budget house. Choosing a house project + Video House with a gable roof in the form of a rectangle.

  • House on one floor without intermediate floors, stairs and a large number of windows.
  • The absence of a basement gives savings of about 30%.
  • Dwelling on a shallow base, low base and floors at ground level.
  • Lack of pretentious structural elements: arches, bay windows, tympanums, columns, balconies, pilasters, stairs, etc.
  • Maximum simplified roof shape.

  • Simple exterior walls.
  • Standard window sizes.
  • Simplicity of external and internal decoration.
  • Finishing the facade with ordinary plaster.


The ultra-modern style of architecture Barn house is very popular now. Its main features are laconicism and sophistication, which can be achieved with the help of the correct selection of proportions, color and texture of the exterior finish, its harmonization with the environment.

Finishing options

  • To decorate the walls of a budget house, select inexpensive options: plaster or plasterboard cladding .
  • For floors, laminate or porcelain stoneware will do.
  • Linoleum is too budgetary.

  • To equip a combined bathroom, buy simple but high-quality plumbing.

Purchase of materials

DIY construction of a budget house. Choosing a house project + Video Purchase and delivery of construction materials to the plot can be produced by the developer.

But, in order to save money, you can take on this task yourself.

Materials can be purchased, as well as well-known manufacturers, and not so.

In the first case, you will overpay for the brand, in the second, you can save money, but at the same time check the quality certificates . You can buy materials cheaper, you can also during the off-season discount period (November - February).

During this period, you can purchase quality material at low prices. Standard windows, which are sold in building markets, will cost you less than custom-made ones.

Hire or work independently

If you are considering hiring a construction team to build a budget house, then in order to save money, hire people from the province. Before that, it is worth asking about the quality of their work at previous facilities.

Do not forget that in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the order, it is necessary to draw up an agreement in which the main stages of work, terms, cost, nuances of execution, penalties for non-compliance with the conditions must be spelled out.

We take into account the climate

Note. The cost of building an inexpensive home will also depend on the climate in which you live.

In areas with long winters and short summers, the construction of a house made of concrete, silicate blocks, bricks, should be with a masonry density of at least 1200 kg / m³ and a thickness of 180 - 250 mm, cellular concrete masonry structures or ceramics with pores with a density of at least 600 kg / m³, a thickness of 250 - 380 mm.

The thickness of the insulation should be 100 - 300 mm, plaster on top of it Outer 3 - 7 mm.In cold climatic zones or with electric heating, it is most advantageous to erect two-layer walls with a thin, but reliable and relatively inexpensive layer of load-bearing coating (brick, concrete blocks) with a stacking thickness of 180 - 250 mm.

DIY construction of a budget house. Choosing a house project + Video

Insulation is carried out using a thick layer of high-quality insulation 100 - 300 mm. In cold regions with very frosty winters, it makes sense to lay bearing walls from gas blocks, gas silicate, foam concrete with a density of 600 - 1200 kg / m³, since these materials retain heat quite well.

This will make it possible to insulate the walls with a smaller layer of insulation, but the thickness of the walls must be increased.

In climatic zones with mild and short winters, cheap houses can be built from foam concrete or aerated concrete with single-layer walls. Log houses or log houses cannot provide good heat retention in the room.

Therefore, such houses need insulation, and this, in turn, "kills" the whole idea of ​​environmental friendliness of wooden housing at the root, and there can be no question of any "breathing walls".

Such houses are most profitable to build as a summer residence, for seasonal use. But, those who are ready to pay for heating in double or even triple volume can afford a wooden house as a permanent residence.

What cannot be saved on when building a budget house?

  • DIY construction of a budget house. Choosing a house project + Video Technical supervision . A person who does not have experience in checking the construction process will not be able to fully control its quality. Building a house is not an easy task that requires special knowledge and understanding of all stages of work. Therefore, there is a need to invite a technical supervision specialist or at least a person who has a builder's education and experience in this area. His task will include the selection of a house project, building materials, selection of a bona fide contractor and the conclusion of a contract.

    Also, the technical supervision engineer is obliged to check the estimate of the scope of work, the cost of materials. Control of work performance for compliance with SNiP, procurement and consumption of building materials by the contractor.

  • House project and linking it to the construction site . It's easier to choose and buy a ready-made house project. But first you need to find out for which climatic zone it was compiled.

    Give the task to the designers to compare the project and the building region. Track the compliance of the foundation with the condition of the soil on the site. Be sure to tie the foundations to the soil conditions of the construction site.

  • Communication systems . Electricity, heating, drainage, sewerage, ventilation system, communications - all these are components of a comfortable stay, even if in a budget house.

    They should be well laid down and work for five plus points.

Important! The capital of the house depends on the thickness of the bearing walls. The higher it is, the more reliable the design.

Surely the future owners of private houses were wondering, for how long to build a house? So that it will last for their lifetime or will it be for their grandchildren?

There is a general service life of the building, but there is - until major repairs. Based on this, the house with a longer service life will cost more.

For capital buildings, materials with a long service life are selected, and they are accordingly more expensive. Also, building materials with a high level of frost resistance are considered expensive.

The use of wood also increases the cost of construction.

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