DIY drawings on the garage and garage doors: Ideas + Photos and Videos

DIY drawings on the garage and garage doors: Ideas + Photos and Videos The desire to stand out from the gray mass, to show individuality and creativity prompts people to look for new methods of self-expression. Most car owners treat their "iron horses" like children. They take care of, cherish, blow away dust particles in the literal sense of the word, decorate in all sorts of ways.

Not so long ago, pictures on the car body caused a real boom, now drawings on the garage and garage doors are popular. There are a myriad of variations of images, it all depends on the preferences of the owner, creativity and financial situation.

Several years ago, the garage door was not decorated with anything, the coating was renewed at the most or advertising posters were glued, someone dabbled in graffiti. Now the situation has changed dramatically, very often interesting drawings in the form of 3D drawings on the garage, airbrushing are full of interesting drawings on garage doors.

Types of drawings on garage doors

3D stickers

The themes of the drawings are different, it all depends on the method of application ...

The easiest and most affordable way is 3D stickers with images of planes, large animals, retro cars, Formula 1 cars. In addition, the drawings are modified taking into account the season, holidays, for example, for the New Year and Defender of the Fatherland Day. Airbrushing the garage allows you to embody the idea of ​​the author of the drawing in reality, provided that he has artistic talent or invites an artist to do the work.

There are a lot of options for designing garage doors. The most affordable: stickers with 3D effect, holographic images, wallpaper, photo curtains, bigboards.

The theme is presented at the choice of buyers in catalogs, you can also choose a drawing yourself and show it to the master.


Stickers and posters for garage doors must be moisture and fire resistant.

DIY drawings on the garage and garage doors: Ideas + Photos and Videos Not at first glance it may seem that sticking a poster on a gate with a corrugated surface is difficult, but the material has an elastic structure and is easy fixed on metal, glass, wood products. In addition, the speed of the gluing process is also attractive, everything about everything will take you no more than 1 - 1, 5 hours.

Graffiti is afforded by young people who have skills in handling paint cans or from their friends or acquaintances.

Over time, annoying drawings can be repainted and changed to more relevant

If you have chosen airbrushing, then be prepared for the fact that this method is the most expensive, but also the most effective. This is due to the fact that in this case you will need to use the services of a professional artist to paint the garage door. When choosing an image, remember that this is a long-term investment of money, and the result will delight you and those around you for a long time.

Airbrushing on garage doors

This art form is quite popular, and is used to decorate walls and any other surfaces and objects.To apply the image, an airbrush is used, which works like a spray gun, but is endowed with great functionality.

The main advantage of the airbrush is the ability to convey the saturation and depth of the picture. This is due to the rendering of small details and elements. If desired, any idea can be realized into reality.

DIY drawings on the garage and garage doors: Ideas + Photos and Videos Airbrushes of different difficulty levels are on sale. A simple model is suitable for novice artists, and special sets for professionals.

A simple type airbrush resembles an airbrush with which paint is applied to walls in living quarters. This unit allows you to spray material of the required thickness. Professional devices are equipped with an additional set of functions that allow you to create realistic images.

The quality and safety of drawings on the garage door with your own hands depends on the rules for observing the paint application technology:

  • First, the surface is scrupulously cleaned of dirt, saws, old coatings, rust;
  • apply degreasing compounds (solvent) and dry.


For uniform paint distribution, the gate is treated with a primer.

To give the surface a matte finish, sand the surface or abrasive paste before starting to paint. Upon completion of the preparatory work, he proceeds to create a drawing on the garage door with his own hands with paints.

The process of creating airbrushing on garage doors

In order to make an airbrushing drawing on the garage door, the following tools and materials are used:

  • thumbnail image;
  • airbrush;
  • paints of different shades.

Craftsmen who have perfected their technique to perfection create such realistic drawings that at first glance it is difficult to believe that this is a picture.

When working with a simple airbrush, the paint is supplied under the pressure of compressed air, which at the outlet reduces the pressure, and the paint comes from the nozzle in an amount that is sufficient to apply a dense layer.

Professional tools are equipped with a paint supply adjustment function. Simple aggregates are suitable for creating simple drawings. Expensive equipment is purchased for monumental paintings.


DIY drawings on the garage and garage doors: Ideas + Photos and Videos A masterpiece starts with a sketch, so it is not advisable to lose sight of this stage. You can find an image on the Internet or develop it yourself.

Independent work from scratch is easier for the wizards. An excellent basis for a simple drawing on the garage door will be photographs of animals, cars, landscapes, futuristic motives. This will allow you to convey the picture with maximum accuracy.

In the process of creating a picture, paints play an important role. They must be of high quality, in addition, they must be properly prepared for work.

To do this, you need to mix the paints, strain through a mesh, in order to weed out large particles and apply the material without smudges, in an even layer.

The gate surface is prepared as follows:

  • clean the old paint layer, remove rust and dirt;
  • rub the surface with sandpaper and degrease;
  • leave to dry;
  • coat with a primer to prolong image life.

Instead of sandpaper, use an abrasive paste, which, after application, is rubbed over the gate surface.

Contour drawing and drawing details

Instructions for creating an airbrush image:

  • DIY drawings on the garage and garage doors: Ideas + Photos and Videos the outlines of figures are applied to the surface and details are drawn;
  • to simplify the task, you can use stencils and templates that are cut from ordinary thick paper;
  • to transfer 3D images, the professional uses a combined technique of applying paints of dark and light shades;
  • in order to highlight and highlight the foreground, light shades are selected.

The refinement of small details in order to convey a realistic drawing depends on the quality of the tool, materials and abilities of the craftsman.

After the completion of the work, the image is covered with varnish, which will help to give additional volume and shine, to protect it from the negative effects of rain, snow, and sunlight.

Stickers on a moisture-resistant canvas

Another type of garage door decoration is stickers that are printed on a moisture-resistant canvas. The size of the decor is selected depending on the size of the garage. The subject of stickers is very diverse, for every taste and budget.