DIY installation and sheathing- Overview + Video

DIY installation and sheathing- Overview + Video Timber imitation is used for external or internal decoration. This interior decoration is more meaningful and practical than it might seem at first glance. If you want to give the house an original design with your own hands, but there are no funds for natural wood, then imitation under a bar is ideal. And from a psychological point of view, the house will acquire the comfort and coziness inherent only in natural wood. And if you look from the other side - this is a simple and versatile material for installation, capable of easily and efficiently leveling walls requiring repair.

The thickness of the interior wood panels is usually no more than 20 mm. And the width is different.

DIY installation and sheathing- Overview + Video
Imitation of timber

And do not forget that the panels are larger 100-150 mm will visually reduce the premises. Therefore, imitation of timber is usually finished with panels less than 100 mm wide. These panels will not lose their quality and reliable characteristics.

The choice of material for interior decoration should be considered carefully and efficiently. Since each room inside the house has its own characteristics and features, then the material must be chosen appropriate.

Let's consider in more detail the types of rooms in a frame house:

1) Rooms that do not have internal heating. This type includes closed verandas and terraces, summer cottage rooms, and rooms where a heating system is not provided. As a crate for such rooms, both pine timber and a galvanized profile for gypsum boards are used.

The panels themselves must be treated with special antiseptic impregnations or linseed oil in several layers.

2) Rooms with heating system. These comfortable conditions make it possible to use wooden beams without careful processing of the panels.

3) Baths, saunas and bathrooms. These rooms are characterized by high humidity and temperature differences.

And only galvanized metal profiles can be used here.

DIY installation and sheathing- Overview + Video According to their purpose and different microclimate, it is customary to decorate the inner rooms of departments with panels of various wood.

It is necessary to start from the mechanical and quality characteristics of different types of wood:

1) Hardwood panels (for example, aspen, maple and linden) are ideal for indoor premises of various types. It is good to mount with these materials rooms for asthmatics and people with problems with the respiratory system. For example, linden is almost odorless and does not change color over time.

2) Oak panels are not afraid of moisture and mechanical stress. Ideal for kids room, gym and kitchen.

3) Larch panels perfectly tolerate a large amount of moisture and are moisture resistant species. These panels are easy to cover walls and ceilings in bathrooms or kitchens.

4) Panels made of softwood (eg spruce, pine and fir) contain a lot of resin, and this does not allow them to be used in rooms with high temperatures, in saunas and kitchens.

They are also not afraid of moisture and dampness. But, using them in the bathroom, do not forget about the smell, which has a beneficial effect on the general nervous system, but sometimes it can be intrusive and not everyone will like it. And in the washrooms, these panels perfectly replace the use of artificial fragrances.

Wood also has decorative properties. The pattern and color scheme of each type of panel is unique.

The choice of panels follows the overall interior of the house.

DIY installation and sheathing- Overview + Video
Staining with different colors

Types of interior finishes houses with imitation of a bar

Interior decoration under a bar is of the following types:

1) Monolithic . This type of finish gets its name from its sweaty finish. The protective characteristics and properties of such a finish are higher, since all surfaces of the walls of the room are hidden under the panels. All panels are tightly closed with tongue-and-groove locks.

This finish is quite complicated, because certain skills and adherence to all technologies are required.

2) Combined. This option does not imply a complete finishing of the premises. Due to their texture and wide range of colors, the panels are combined with wallpaper, tiles and textiles. This type of finish looks great and is always original.

Finishing suggests great imagination and exquisite taste.

In any case, when applying imitation of a bar for interior decoration, decorative details and elements are used. They will give the decoration a special completeness and individuality of style. All parts are purchased in hardware stores.

Installation and installation of imitation timber in the interior

DIY installation and sheathing- Overview + Video
Installation of imitation timber on the lathing

Imitation of timber can be used to sheathe rooms and rooms made of various building materials.

You can carry out the installation and installation yourself or call specialists. If you carry out this decoration of the room yourself, then you must have some free time and strictly observe all technological standards and have a construction tool.

If you do not have a suitable tool, then entrust this work to professionals.

Interior decoration of the walls of rooms with imitation of timber is similar to work with the installation of lining, but has its own specifics.

After purchasing the panels, it is necessary to remove the film from them and arrange them among the rooms.

So they should lie for about 5 days. The microclimate in all rooms has its own humidity, which during these 5 days will be equal to the humidity of all panels. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare all the walls and treat the panels with a special antiseptic composition or impregnation.

Preparatory work

All uneven walls must be leveled as much as possible. Clean from various dirt and dust.

It is necessary to attach a vapor barrier to the walls, then the lathing is performed. It is made of material, focusing on the design of the room. The lathing is fastened vertically with a certain pitch of 70 cm. The lathing is attached to the walls using dowels, on wooden ones you can use self-tapping screws. Panels for lathing dry rooms must be treated with special antiseptics before fastening.

For damp and damp rooms, a galvanized profile is used. If the ceiling is also sheathed, then it is necessary to make a crate. After they mount the cashing.

DIY installation and sheathing- Overview + Video Panels for timber are always mounted and fastened only horizontally . The fastening methods are very similar to the facade decoration.

They are very convenient for interior decoration - clamps. But it is not very convenient to mount panels on the ceiling with these devices. It is better to use screws or small nails. They must be screwed into the thorn at a certain angle of about 45 degrees. It is not very advisable to fix the panels inside the front way.

Due to the insignificant thickness, it is quite difficult to hide the caps and they will be visible, and this can ruin the appearance of all walls.

When joining wooden panels in the corners, external and internal corners are used. You can buy them together with the panels at the hardware store. Special baguettes are passed between the panels and the ceiling, and a plinth between the floor.

After the installation of all panels, the walls must be sanded and tinted varnish applied.

Toning can be omitted. Already painted wood panels can be used on the ceiling. And this is much easier. But when painting, you should pay attention to all the seams and various grooves. Over time, they can dry out and unpainted places will become visible.

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