DIY installation of a toilet in a wooden house: Tips + Video

DIY installation of a toilet in a wooden house: Tips + Video The construction of a private house or the purchase of a ready-made summer cottage is associated with worries and constantly emerging issues that need an immediate solution. A toilet in a wooden house with your own hands, or in any other type of houses, is one of the most difficult stages of construction.

After all, you need to foresee everything and calculate correctly. Attention must also be paid to the place where the bathroom will be located, what size should it be, how to solve the issue with laying the sewage system, to provide a high-quality hood in the toilet in a wooden house. And also, choose materials for the floor and walls of the toilet, provide lighting.

In this article, you will learn about what a toilet should be in a private house and how to build it yourself.

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What to prepare for the construction of a toilet in a wooden house

At the initial stage of building a house, a place for a toilet is laid in the drawings and diagrams.

The sink, toilet and ventilation are usually installed before the walls and ceiling are laid. After all the floors have been erected, the walls are laid out.

Materials for a toilet in a wooden house

  1. insulation;
  2. roll waterproofer;
  3. pipes with different sections;
  4. fasteners;
  5. metal profile;
  6. drywall;
  7. finishing materials.


  1. roulette ;
  2. level;
  3. technical knife;
  4. corner and ruler;
  5. wrenches;
  6. electric drill and drills for it;
  7. hammer;
  8. screwdriver ;
  9. hacksaw;
  10. screwdrivers;
  11. tank for preparation of mixtures for work;
  12. construction mixer;
  13. nippers ;
  14. clothes for work.

Arrangement of the toilet

Toilet box

It can be made in a wooden house from plasterboard in a strong frame.

If desired, the bathroom can be insulated with various materials.

At the stage of arranging a toilet in a wooden house, you need to designate its location. Of course, it is best to place the toilet away from the kitchen and sitting area.

In addition, you must take care of the availability of sewage.

If it is not possible to connect to the central one, then you will have to dig a cesspool. A cesspool will be required, which is located away from the living area. The best place for a bathroom is between bedrooms, and the drain should go outside through a blank wall.

Cesspool in the toilet of a wooden house


For this work, it is necessary to buy reinforced concrete materials - covers and rings.

Such materials are not susceptible to moisture, odor-proof, very durable and can withstand heavy loads.

DIY installation of a toilet in a wooden house: Tips + Video

Rain and melted snow do not fall into the cesspool. They guarantee the absolute safety of aquifers. This is an important nuance for those who have a well on the site.

For the desired depth, select a certain number of rings.


Crushed stone and sand are poured into the prepared pit for amortization, as well as for filtering external waters. A layer height of 30-40 cm will be sufficient. Sand and crushed stone are poured into the dug hole. At the bottom of the well, a concrete end is first installed. They place it strictly according to the level, slopes are unacceptable.

A concrete solution is applied along the edge.

It is best to use dry mixtures of sand and concrete based on Portland cement. Reinforcement loops are held together. The outer ring made of reinforced concrete must have a technological hole or hole for laying a toilet drain in a wooden house.

The finished structure is closed with a lid.

In order to prevent the formation of gases inside the pit, it is necessary to provide good ventilation. In the bathroom of a wooden house, it is equipped with a passage under the ceiling like a hole in the lid. Then a plastic tube is inserted there.


The cesspool can be checked for impermeability by filling it with water, and then pumping it out with a pump. At the end, the pit is filled with dug earth and sealed with clay.

Only the end of the pipe and the opening of the sewer pipe remain on the surface.


The sump should be cleaned as often as possible. To do this, you can purchase special bacteria for cleaning the toilet. They are sold in any gardening store.

When installing a toilet in a wooden house, remember that such houses shrink.

Therefore, the laying of communications must be done with a margin of space. Use plastic or metal-plastic pipes to drain water.

They are resistant to corrosion and deformation. The design of a toilet in a wooden house must be based on a sliding frame system - independent from the walls of the house, and therefore not influenced by the shrinkage of the building.


After the walls of the toilet in a wooden house are built, communications are connected, you can start decorating the walls, floor and ceiling.

From the inside, the bathroom can be sheathed with plasterboard, which is attached to self-tapping screws.

The walls of a toilet in a wooden house can be tiled or textured plaster can be applied. It is very important to make a warm toilet in the house for the comfort of your family.

The arrangement of the toilet floor in a wooden house depends on the foundation. If the basis is concrete, then the floor is made the same as in stone houses.

In the case of wooden logs, first of all, moisture-resistant plywood is laid, then hydroglass, a screed is made, and at the end a tile.

You can also install a resin floor or apply a waterproof coating. It is important to walk with an antiseptic and plaster any cracks in the floor before applying a layer of waterproofing and flooring.

Ventilation of the toilet in a wooden house

Wooden houses are susceptible to moisture, and therefore damp and mold. Therefore, good ventilation is the guarantee of a good climate in the bathroom.

It is best to trust the specialists in this matter. Errors in installation can lead to fire. That is why materials must be taken with a high level of fire resistance .

They should not touch the tree and are fixed on special brackets. The technician must also install fire dampers and moisture protection.

Lighting in the bathroom

It is necessary to be careful when lighting the bathroom of a wooden house. In order to avoid the occurrence of a short circuit, it is necessary to carry out high-quality waterproofing.

  • You can build a special box that looks aesthetically pleasing and protects the wiring.
  • When designing a toilet, it is important to take into account the location of the external elements. Switches are best placed near the door outside, sockets in the area where the washing machine is installed.

  • Spot lighting is most often used to illuminate a bathroom. A sconce will look good above the sink.

The choice of lamps in any case depends on the preferences of the owners and the chosen design for the bathroom. The main thing is to choose closed-type plafonds.

Supply of water to a toilet in a wooden house

The final part of the construction of a bathroom is water supply.

Before this, the entire sewer system must be checked and troublesome. Pipes need to be insulated so that they do not freeze in winter.

Results: the construction and preparation of a toilet for putting into use in a private house requires a huge expenditure of labor and funds. It is necessary to think over and calculate everything.

The appearance of the toilet should go to the last place, because this is not the most important thing in working on it.

On the Internet, you can find many photos of a toilet in a wooden house, and on their basis, choose what you like. A competent approach is the key to the successful operation of a bathroom in the future.