DIY kryukogib - description, purpose of the tool: Selection and use + Video

DIY kryukogib - description, purpose of the tool: Selection and use + Video Kryukogib for gutter holders - description, scope. For the flawless performance of the roof installation, you should not use improvised means, but only special roofing tools, and also not neglect the roof installation technology. Usually, most of those who do not have enough experience use grinders with an abrasive for cutting metal tiles , which often only harm the polymer coating, which leads to the formation of corrosion and metal burnout.

These negative consequences in total reduce the life of the roofing material. In order to avoid such situations, a number of special roofing tools should be used, but in particular this applies to the hook.

Description, principle of operation

This tool is massive and is used to bend the hook on which the gutter will be installed. Please note that when using a vice or any other improvised means that are not intended for this, you run the risk, and you can not only get a bend where it is not needed, but completely ruin the product. The principle of operation is simple - using the adjusting bolt installed in the tool, you can adjust the bending depth.

DIY kryukogib - description, purpose of the tool: Selection and use + Video When using the hook hook, you will be able to create perfect, uniform curves on any number of hooks. Due to this, the drain gutter will be placed on hooks at a right angle, which means that water will not pour out in different directions, as is the case with improper installation.

Advantages :

  • The same bending angles of all brackets on the roof.
  • Installation speed.
  • There is no risk of damage to brackets.
  • Bends can be made on roofs or scaffolding.

Do it yourself

It is possible to buy a real industrial hook and loop from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles, and sometimes more expensive.

If you only need this tool for one time, and you do not want to spend the already superfluous money, we suggest making a hook with your own hands.

Manufacturing instruction:

  1. Take a corner or channel. The wall thickness should be at least 0.6 cm.
  2. angle grinder cut a slot in the workpiece, the length of which should be equal to the width of the bracket.

    The width of the slot should be the same as the thickness of the hook.

  3. Take a profile pipe whose inner wall is wider than the bracket.
  4. Mark the desired fold on the gutter brackets.
  5. Insert the holder into the profile tube and pick up a piece of wood so that it fits into the inside of the tube.

The required bend angle should be limited by the height of the angle (stop), which is welded to the channel.

When bending, the bracket will jam the bar that is inserted into the profile pipe, therefore, after that, one bar should be knocked out with another from the back of the pipe.

As you can see, you can not spend money and make a disposable tool from available tools.Such a hook will help you do everything as well as a factory tool, but unlike it, it will not cost you anything.