Do I need a hood in a kitchen with an electric stove

Do I need a hood in a kitchen with an electric stove Do I need a hood in the kitchen - recommendations, reviews

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and the hospitable hostess, when she meets the guests, invites them first of all to the kitchen to give them tea or treat them with something tasty. Even in spite of the incredible rhythm of modern life, from time to time all household members settle down comfortably in the kitchen for a dinner or a family celebration. When carrying out repair work, be sure to carefully consider the interior of the room. If the kitchen is not too large, and the space is completely limited, then the design of the room must be properly planned.

Do not forget that special attention must be paid to the location of household appliances.

The question of whether a hood is needed in the kitchen or not is quite relevant. Perhaps you are thinking about decorating the kitchen without it, so we suggest talking about this in more detail.

Is it worth installing a hood

Now there is a lot of controversy about whether a hood is needed for kitchens or not. Users and popular bloggers are divided into two camps - some are supporters of traditional cuisine, in which you need to hang a hood over the hob at all costs, and there are also ardent opponents who are also adherents of kitchen design without a hood. Some users in their own reviews insist that the hood is a real relic of the past, and that such a device takes up a lot of space and should not be installed in a small kitchen (especially in a Khrushchev).

The rest of the users, in their reviews, write that it is required to install an exhaust system not only as an aesthetic element for the interior of the room, but also as a functional attribute, which you cannot do without in the kitchen. especially if the hostess spends a lot of time preparing food.

Arguments against installation

We suggest looking at what are the arguments against such a household appliance:

  • Do I need a hood in a kitchen with an electric stove You can easily do without a hood if you just use ventilation systems. Hoods are a relic of the past, and their installation and purchase is beneficial only to manufacturers of this type of household appliances.
  • The hood is an element of risk for human health, because fat particles will settle on the grease trap in this device, in which bacteria and microbes begin to actively multiply.

    If you do not clean and replace the filters in such a device in time, there will be no safety. In addition, grease also begins to accumulate on the surface of the stove and kitchen furniture, provoking the formation of bacteria.

  • During operation, the hood starts to make a lot of noise and cause discomfort.It is also worth remembering that the kitchen is a place where it is constantly noisy, because food will be prepared on the stove (for example, frying meat), water is pouring from the tap (when you wash dishes or food), the refrigerator, as well as the microwave, also emits certain sounds. For this reason, another device will not be such a big source of noise, especially if you choose a hood model that does not create much noise during operation.

Next, we propose to talk about whether a hood is needed in the kitchen and, if so, why.

Why is it needed

The hood is a useful and very necessary device in everyday life. It helps to get rid of not only unpleasant odors, as well as their spread throughout the apartment, but also cleans the air of various types of impurities that appear during cooking. Thanks to the circulation of air, as well as its purification, the kitchen will always smell pleasant and freshness will be felt.

Quite often housewives use it as additional lighting over the hob.

So, you can not turn on the light in the kitchen in the evening, but just go into the room to check the readiness of the food and turn on the light only on the hood. The modern design of the exhaust system allows you to organically fit such a household appliance into the interior of the room. For this reason, such a device will be a highlight in the kitchen setting, and will also begin to create an extraordinary and unique room design.

Advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen without a hood

When you finally decide whether to install such a household appliance in the kitchen, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages that will be characteristic of a room without a hood.

The main advantages of a kitchen without using a hood:

  • It turns out to create a laconic room with a restrained design, which is not burdened with unnecessary appliances.

  • Plenty of free space, which is especially valuable for small kitchens.
  • There are no sources of additional noise.

If your kitchen is equipped so that there is no suction on it, then you may encounter certain problems:

  • Do I need a hood in a kitchen with an electric stove When cooking, aromas will spread throughout the apartment, and this is especially true for those who love fried food.
  • Evaporating soot and grease will be absorbed into clothing, furniture and even household appliances, emitting an unpleasant odor.
  • You constantly need to open windows or a vent for ventilation, and this is not the best option in the cold season.

    If there are drafts, then you risk getting sick or catching a cold. If there are flowers on the windowsill, then they will also not benefit from an unexpected temperature drop.

  • It will often be necessary to carry out general cleaning in the kitchen so that there is no sticky yellow film that will cover not only appliances and pieces of furniture, but also the ceiling / walls in the kitchen.
  • The kitchen quickly loses its ideal appearance, and the wallpaper or other finishing materials take on a yellow tint, so a new renovation will soon be required.
  • When using gas stoves, carbon monoxide is produced, which negatively affects the human body.

Agree that there are a lot of disadvantages, even more than the advantages of not having a hood in the kitchen. The final decision is always yours, but you should seriously think about the issue, so as not to regret and not redo a relatively new renovation in the future.


The compromise option will be built-in household appliances, which will laconically fit into the overall interior and will not focus on the limited space. The hood, like any other piece of household appliances, can be built-in, for example, in a tabletop or in a headset wall cabinet. The only drawback may be that the built-in models are much more expensive than the regular classic ones.

But this is easily justified by its versatility and beautiful appearance. Make an informed decision about whether you need a hood in the kitchen, and then you will be pleased to be in this room, and you will also be happy to pamper your household with healthy and tasty food.

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