Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos

Water supply country houses is directly dependent not only on the presence of a source on the site water, but also on the type of equipment capable of supplying liquid under a certain pressure to the desired level, filtering and filling the entire system. The purchase of a pumping station for a country cottage or house will help to solve this problem.

Below we will consider what this station is

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos Most people, when faced with the problem of providing clean water to their homes for the first time, ask themselves the following question: what is pumping equipment? How is this station convenient, what are the differences from a conventional stationary pump? And how to choose a pumping station?

Experts give the following definition: a pumping station is a device that creates and maintains constant pressure in the water supply system using automatic control, without involving a person.

The main piece of equipment is the pump, but it requires special devices to function properly. All water pressure sensors will monitor its level in the pipeline, and special hydraulic accumulators automatically control the entire system, regulating the water supply at low or high pressure.

In this case, the design of the pump does not really matter.

Lack of centralized water supply in a frame house is the main reason for purchasing pumping equipment.

As a rule, choosing the right device is a very responsible process, which is why many experts advise taking into account certain indicators and technical features of all pumping stations.

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos The main factor in choosing a device is their performance, since .water will need to be raised in a certain amount to a certain level and provide all residents of the house.

The properties of the water source are also of great importance: Wells are characterized by a certain depth, the state of the water level, the size of pipes and the type of filtration system.

The main part of the pumping equipment is designed to supply water from a depth of 9 meters.

All pumping stations for the house are conditionally subdivided into the following devices:

  1. self-priming type;
  2. centrifugal type of action;
  3. vortex self-priming pumps.

The equipment has a monoblock or cantilever design. In a monoblock station, hydraulics are located on the shaft where the electric motor is.

There is a classification of devices according to the types of lifting.

  1. Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos The first type includes stations that supply water from a source.
  2. The second type of lifting is the creation of water pressure above the ground level.
  3. The third type is filling the water supply system above the 2nd floor of the house, using several pumps connected in a chain.

The source of water is not only a well, but also the main water supply running next to the house or a special reservoir .

Among the equipment consumers, the most famous are self-priming pumps.

Main technical indicators

The ability to operate the equipment is determined by its properties and special parameters. For houses where several people live, it is enough to install a station of medium power, with a 20 liter accumulator volume. The unit for measuring pump performance is considered to be cubic meters.

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos For domestic needs, pumping stations usually have a capacity of 4 cubic meters.

m., and indicators of water pressure up to 55 m.

To increase the service life of the equipment, it is necessary to take into account the quality of assembly and construction materials from which all the parts of the unit and auxiliary elements are made.

Manufacturers use plastic for the production of components, but it will not last long. Metal and cast iron parts significantly extend the service life of the station, and also reduce the noise level during working moments.

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos

Pumping stations with automatic operation are produced on the basis of self-priming centrifugal systems. Due to the built-in ejector, this device supplies water with a certain pressure from 50 m at a depth of the source itself of 10 m. And the equipment is not particularly sensitive to the presence of air in the pipelines.

Mechanism and arrangement of pumps

The arrangement and installation of a pumping station is not a complicated scheme. The main equipment is a pump, an additional device is a membrane tank, which acts as a special limiter for the number of pump starts, and also controls a pressure sensor and a manometer.

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos As a rule, electrical equipment is supplied with the station (power cable, connectors, terminals, storage tank and hydroaccumulator).

The water tank is a bulky structure in which the volume and pressure of water is constantly monitored by a float sensor.

The pump relay turns on automatic pumping of water when the set liquid level decreases.

This device has a number of characteristic features:

  1. low pressure;
  2. inherent difficulties of the installation process;
  3. large dimensions ;
  4. an elevation of the terrain will be required, the level of which would be higher than the level of the floors of the house;
  5. if the float sensor fails, the house may flood.

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos A more ideal option is to connect a pumping station, where there is a hydraulic accumulator and pressure sensors.

In this case, certain guarantees of safe use are expected from the consumer: the upper limit of air pressure will be controlled by a special relay, which will be influenced by water pressure.When the indicators are close to normal, the pump will turn off until a special signal is received from the pressure limit sensor. With a small water flow, the pumping station will not be connected, and water from a special reservoir will start to flow into the system.

Modern automatic pumping stations for water supply react to the switching on of taps, and begin to pump water when this signal is received. If the tap is closed, the system turns off automatically.

This is the correct water supply to the whole house in an economical mode.

Manufacturers and types of pumps

The types of equipment are divided by the type of the main pump. Models may contain an ejector. Mounting and mounting an ejector allows the mechanism to lift water from a specific source as a result of the resulting vacuum.

These pumps are very effective when pumping water from deep mines, they have an increased level of performance and a low degree of noise.

As a rule, pumps with an ejector are used for watering summer cottages and vegetable gardens. Such units are most often placed in basements, storage rooms, or outside of a frame house.

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos
Selecting the pump model

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos Another type of pump is a mechanism with a remote ejector. This equipment lifts water from 34 meters depth. And when the ejector with two pipelines is lowered into a deep well, one of the pipes will supply water downward and create a suction jet.

When using a pump of this type, it is necessary to take into account the sensitivity of the mechanism to sand particles and air, as well as a low level of performance. The pumping station is located in the house, at a distance of 35 meters from the direct water source.

The operation of the pumping station without an ejector follows a different principle: the suction of water in this device is due to the multi-stage design of the hydraulic component. During operation, the station is almost silent, power consumption is low with a high level of efficiency.

Stations with multistage vortex pumps can be seen quite often.

Such equipment does not differ in increased productivity, but it creates a large pressure of water in the home pipeline. Pumps are used in a circuit to increase the pressure in the water supply system.

The dimensions of these stations are not large, they do not reproduce much noise, and are not sensitive to the presence of air in the system. But the presence of sand particles in the mechanism can cause very serious problems. Modern models of centrifugal pumps are equipped with special cooling motors and dry running protection.

Installation rules and important points

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos From the selected type of pumping station, the quality of installation and compliance with the conditions of use depends on the reliability of the water supply for the whole house.Well indicators are also of great importance, as well as a check valve device with a special filtration system that prevents water from draining back into the water reservoir if the pump is turned off. This saves energy, since this equipment will not idle at a new start, gradually pumping up water.

Please note that the case of foreign bodies or debris falling into the intake pipe will not be considered a warranty case.

Prevent the water line from freezing during the winter months.

The operation of the pumping station should be at positive temperatures, and the location of the pipeline itself should go below the freezing level of groundwater.

It is quite important to fill all the working parts of the pump and the water intake hose with water during the initial start-up of the pumping station, since the equipment can easily fail.

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos If thin sheet steel was used as the material for the pumping station body, then during pump operation, due to pressure fluctuations resonance may occur, which will amplify the noise. This will not be considered a problem, but the residents of the house will not be pleased with it. Cast iron pumps are much quieter.

Even the most professional craftsman who can assemble the perfect pump at home will simply not be able to test it properly. This process can be carried out only at the factory stands, where the conditions of use will be simulated, as close as possible to real conditions. By purchasing a water supply pumping station for a home from a manufacturer, the buyer gets an excellent opportunity for warranty repair, and in some cases even replacement.

Protection against various breakdowns during the summer period of operation of the station will be provided by an installed special sensor that monitors the drop in the water level, or in another hydraulic controller.

The results of this testing of mechanisms, as well as the number of failed and various breakdowns, no manufacturer will advertise.

Therefore, when choosing a station, do not blindly rely on advertising brochures.

It will not be difficult for a person to connect the pumping station following the technical instructions. Although in most cases the help of a professional is still needed, because you need not only to know how to fasten all the components and elements, but also to be able to calculate the volume of consuming water.

Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos
Example of installed pump

Wiring diagram and station adjustment not complicated, it is enough to follow the instructions!

Errors can be made in the selection of mechanisms of inappropriate capacity and performance. Calculating water consumption is a difficult task, since you need to know and be able to compare the properties of the water source, the number of intended users, the characteristics of the pumping station, which will ensure high-quality and reliable water supply.

Errors during installation of the station

Experts have established a list of errors that most often make when installing pumping stations for a private house:

  • incorrect selection of equipment, calculation of the immersion depth of the water intake mechanism, and as a result, the water source may be damaged. The filters can also be deformed, while sand can enter the system, which will disable the entire mechanism. The result is a decrease in pressure in the system and the need for unscheduled repairs; Do I need a pumping station for a summer residence and at home: how to choose? Tips + Videos
  • increased water consumption , exceeding the initial capabilities of the pump, and leading to a sharp decrease in pressure in the entire system;
  • increased load on the pumping station in case of incorrect connection: the frequency of switching on and off several times higher than that provided by the manufacturer will result in breakdown;
  • no power supply control : various power failures may damage the motor. In this case, you need to have an independent backup power source, necessarily voltage stabilizers and automatic devices that protect against voltage surges in the network.

If the pumping station is correctly installed and all conditions of use are observed, the equipment will be able to operate without breakdowns and various malfunctions for 5 years.