Do-it-yourself bath in the bath

Do-it-yourself bath in the bath Layout of the bath in the bath and how to do it yourself

The placement of the washroom can be planned if you know about the placement methods, focusing on additional procedures besides the wash itself, which you can use. You also need to take into account your own wishes and the possibility of transforming your premises or spending on its construction. So, what are the options and methods for planning a bath in the bath.

Advantages and disadvantages of combining

The design of the washroom will be competent, which will take into account the required norms and, moreover, the most convenient for the owners of the bath itself. The washing room can be equipped as a separate room, or be combined with a steam room.

The owners make a choice in favor of the combined option in order to:

  • Solve the issue of simultaneous heating of the premises with different purposes.
  • Save space.
  • Save construction costs.

Experts strongly advise to divide even small rooms with partitions:

  1. Do-it-yourself bath in the bath The bathing room will provide an opportunity to equip the best conditions for any of the premises. The steam room will have a very pleasant temperature, and the washing room will never be very hot.

    Moreover, if the sink is combined with a steam room, it can be dangerous to human health. The process of bathing in a heated steam room can lead to heart disease and pressure surges, and an increased level of humidity when visiting a steam room sometimes negatively affects the condition of the lungs.

  2. The steam room is best protected from the high degree of humidity that always accompanies the washing process. This rule is especially important for a Finnish-type sauna complex, in which the stove is electric. For a non-dry steam room, humidity is a kind of temperature regulator.

  3. Despite the fact that the bath is a place of relaxation and rest, it should be remembered that it is also a room with increased danger. It is the combination of the steam room and the washroom that often causes injuries in everyday life. Unlike static vaping, washing is a dynamic process and requires a large area. The oven located in the washing or shower compartment must be safe. This will even apply to those types of layouts in which the steam room will be located in a separate room, but the stove is heated from the shower room.

    If it is a metal structure, it is important to protect users from accidental burns and touching. To do this, all hot elements must be covered with bricks.

If it is not possible to truly divide the rooms, you can:

  • Place the washroom on the first level and install the steam room on the top.
  • Partially delimit the area of ​​the steam room, creating not a blank partition between them, but a light wall with a large passage.
  • Use a small insulated shower compartment as a washroom.

  • If space permits, you can mount a ready-made shower stall.

The advantages of separate placement of the washing and steam rooms clearly speak of the need for such a section.


Filling the washroom

The location of the washroom will largely depend on what it is. The minimum occupancy of the washing room is made of a gang, a bench and access to water - cold and hot. This set allows you to significantly save space.

In a modern bath room, or rather a small area complex, the usual version is replaced by a shower stall. But the washing room can be more functional if the dimensions allow it. The filling of the washing room will depend on the area of ​​the room, purpose and financial capabilities. If the layout is considered according to all the rules, before the start of the construction process, you can first take into account all the wishes of the owners and correlate them with the possibilities. If you want to plan a washroom in a built room, you need to proceed from its characteristics.


It is possible to make a bath in the bath taking into account the requirements for the immediate room.

How to properly organize the room

The cool air from the street should not have access to the compartment for washing. This means that entering from it from the street side will be the wrong decision. Between the main entrance and the sink door, it is required at least to make a vestibule. You can separate the entrance with a lounge or dressing room.

Heating the room

Most often, the heating of the washing room is carried out by the stove, which is designed to heat the steam room. If the stove is made of bricks, then the mirror of one of the walls will completely replace part of the washing wall. The firebox is usually located in the washroom. This makes it possible to adjust the heating process without having to get dressed and leave the washing area. If it is intended to use just such heating of the room, then the adjacent location of the sink and the steam room is mandatory.

The impossibility or lack of desire to use the main oven for heating the washing compartment makes it possible to place the latter regardless of the location of the steam room. For example, dividing a sink and a steam room through a relaxation room.

In this case, it is required to use independent heating or lead pipes to the washing compartment, the liquid in which will begin to warm up from the main stove. The latter option allows floor or wall placement. Separate solid fuel boilers and stoves, infrared or electric heaters can be used as an independent heating source.

All heating circuits of the building and the heating device must be perfectly insulated so that people cannot get injured and the device cannot be damaged.


Evaporation of excess moisture is of great importance.Correctly equipped ventilation in the bath allows the building to serve as long as possible. Otherwise, rotting of interior wooden parts, ceiling and walls of a wooden bath is possible.

Utilities or access to water

In small rooms that combine a steam room and a washroom, communications are usually not made .

.. Cool water is brought in by hand, and hot water is taken from the tank itself, which is located in the body of the main stove. A separate washing room requires at least hot water supply. If heating is supposed from the main stove, it is required to think in advance about the location of the washing room so that the introduction of water from the steam room into it is convenient.

In the presence of central-type communications that are connected to the washing department, the location of the steam room does not matter for such a parameter.

Dimensions of rooms

The minimum possible dimensions that should be allocated for a washroom are 1 * 1 meter. Such a room does not provide comfort, but it allows one person to rinse after a steam room. Such dimensions are even able to accommodate a dousing bucket. A slightly more spacious option would be a shower room with an area of ​​1.

5 * 1. 5 meters. Calculate the dimensions of the sink is required based on how many people should be able to use the room at a time. The spacious room makes it possible to comfortably relax in a large company, containing benches for seating, storage space for detergents, tables and spa equipment, a swimming pool and more. In this case, space restrictions are imposed only at the request and capabilities of the bath owners.

Video review of the decoration and interior of the bathhouse.

Options for bath rooms

With your own hands, a bath in the bath can be made according to a well-thought-out project, and it is important to decide what kind and type of bath supposed to be built. This will make it possible to competently plan not just the placement of the washing room, but also all the necessary premises.

  1. One-story Russian budgetary bath - the building, as a rule, is made of a combined sink and steam room, as well as a dressing room.
  2. Do-it-yourself bath in the bath One-storey economical building, which includes a dressing room, a washroom and a steam room.

    This construction option is the most common because it contains more than the minimum set of premises, while maintaining a relatively low construction price.

  3. One-story sauna with a classic room set. This option contains a sink, a steam room, a dressing room, a relaxation room and a dressing room. The building is not the most economical, but it makes it possible to use the bathhouse to fully relax, and also receive guests.
  4. Two-storey compact sauna, which is made of a dressing room, a sink and a steam room on the 1st floor, and also a recreation area on the 2nd.

    This design is popular among owners of small areas.If you plan to often relax in your bathhouse with large companies, and the area for the arrangement is small, it helps to transfer the lounges on the 2nd floor. In this case, the second floor can be attic or full.

  5. Bath complex, which includes the room set that wealthy people want. The building can be one-story, two-story, and everything will depend on the preferences of the owners.

    In addition to the usual list of premises, this complex is capable of containing an additional one, for example, a billiard room, a sports hall, a personal cinema and so on.

  6. Placement of a bath room in a residential building. The bathhouse can be located in the role of an extension or even one of the house premises. At the same time, the owners will be able to save the entire area of ​​the site, which is allotted for building. The bathhouse in the house will allow you to easily connect to communications and only heat the steam room.

    With this option, it is not required to allocate a room for relaxation, because it can be one of the living rooms, for example, a kitchen. Most often, the bath room is placed in the house basement or on the first floor.

Now let's look at how to properly place the washing room in the bath.

Variants of placement

The very construction of the bathhouse can be square or rectangular. The layout of the washroom will depend on the shape of the room.

In a building of a rectangular type, a room can be located in a number of rooms in sequence. For example, to start with the changing room, after the relaxation area, after the wash and then the steam room. If one of the rooms is not in the bath, it is simply removed from the list. It would be appropriate to divide the construction of a square shape into four parts, and the first two will be a locker room with a relaxation room, and after a washing and steam room. It is required to select a vestibule in the dressing room so that it cuts off the cool air from the room.

Adjacent to the steam room, the washroom will become a separate room or combined with it.

The location in itself of such four rooms relative to the bathhouse facade is not essential. If the funds do not make it possible to immediately build a bathhouse in which the layout of the washroom will meet all desires, you can use the principle of gradual extension. To do this, you only need to plan the future bath complex and allocate a large area for it. Starting with the construction of a small room, which consists of a combined sink and a steam room, additional premises can be added when funds and opportunities appear.

The construction process stretches over time, but the completed bath complex will include everything you need.

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