Do-it-yourself country inventions: Review + Video

Do-it-yourself country inventions: Review + Video DIY inventions for giving. It's hard to imagine how you used to do without such interesting things. But the ideas are simple, like everything genius in this world. Moreover, after reading, you will also understand that these ideas were created according to our dreams. The great news is that most inventions can be easily put into practice.

So, let's consider inventions for giving with our own hands.

Original forms for fruits and vegetables

Do-it-yourself country inventions: Review + Video Alas, but not always and not everyone succeeds in experimenting with garden exotic fruits or vegetables. But with special shapes, you can create something unusual from the most familiar fruits and vegetables. The thing is that the ovaries that will develop inside the nozzles will gradually begin to take their shape. Cutting vegetables like this will look amazing!

Please note that the boxes are reusable as they have a "lock" that can be easily opened.

You can try creating something similar from small plastic bottles. To do this, cut off the top and bottom of the bottle, and cut the rest so that there is an even canvas. Next, fold the plastic into an accordion and give it the desired shape. So, the attachment is ready!

Temporary garden path

A great idea is to create a temporary path that will appear when and when you will need it most. Most often, it is used precisely after the rain has passed on the lawn, in the flower garden or in the garden.

Ultimately, the wheels of the summer cottage will not make a rut on wet ground, the grass will not be damaged, and the mulch will not start clinging to dirty shoes. The design of the path from boards and rope makes it possible to create smooth bends, therefore, both utilitarian and decorative possibilities of such a useful find are quite wide. After use, it can be put away for storage. It is not difficult to make such a path, especially if you have ready-made wooden planks that will only have to be processed with a special moisture repellent.

Pillow-collar for a car (useful on a trip to the country)

This is probably one of the most amazing inventions for a long trip to the village.

A collar pillow like this can easily be worn around your neck to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting to sleep. You will be like in a "house", which is quite convenient. By the way, if we talk about the initial idea of ​​the designer, then such a pillow will replace a scarf in cold weather. For needlewomen, such a model will not be a big problem - you will need to sew a wide ring, which will be sealed with a padding polyester or other soft material.

Bucket with many functions

There are miracles when a bucket is not a bucket at all, but a multifunctional and mega useful thing.

This design can act as a watering can, a bag, a basket, a container for children's toys, after all.Whether you need to wash your puppy's paws, collect leaves or freshly cut grass from trees, water flowers on a flower bed, or tidy up a nursery, the device will help you!

Colors that are bright, juicy, attractive deserve special attention! A homemade alternative would be a bucket bag made of waterproof material where the bottom and top can be reinforced with two rings to hold the shape.

Protection of knees

Another country invention from the category of budgetary and simple will be in the form of the first and simple knee pads made of dense fabric. Further after that, carpets, chairs and many other tricks began to appear. Such an invention, to all its advantages, has also acquired handles-stops that can be adjusted in height.

So it will be possible to sit down and stand up without assistance, even if it took a whole day to work.

If you just want to rest, you just need to remove the handles and accept a soft landing! Let us now consider such an invention from a practical point of view. You can make a similar knee support with a comfortable pillow and handles. Of course, it will clearly not look like a purchased model, but if you try, you can make a very convenient thing.

A wood splitter who "clicks" logs like nuts

Which of you likes to chop wood, especially if there are still so many important and more interesting things to do in the country? Chopping wood will become much easier and more fun, since the power of the wood splitter is not discussed.

Such a device can also be made stationary, that is, it will be firmly nailed to a post, or a traveling option, and then it can be attached to any tree using special belts. When working, do not forget about safety precautions. Such an invention is only valid for professionals.

Stop device for small and curious dogs

Even beloved pets should be allowed to enjoy a free life in the country. But so that the next walk in the yard does not end with sticking up ads with a big bold line "THE DOG LOST" and a photo of your favorite fluffy, it is better to buy or make yourself a limiter from improvised means.

For pets who are eager to learn about the world, such a summer cottage "gadget" is a must. The main thing is that the dog gets used to it, does not get angry, since the character of each animal is different.

Armbands for gardening

Do-it-yourself country inventions: Review + Video Hand protection is not necessary only with gloves, but also with long sleeves. When carrying out garden work, they will become an excellent protection against stinging nettles, rose thorns, sharp branches, annoying insects and even poisonous plants. "Penetration" fabric, comfort and elasticity are the three pillars on which the success of the invention will rest.

For those who have decided to sew such beautiful sleeves for themselves, we want to remind you that the fabric must be dense.

A non-trivial rainwater catcher

Happy rain beats melodies on the roof, and the head of the owner of the dacha is busy thinking about how to stock up on invaluable life-giving moisture. To prevent water from starting to go under the house, eroding the soil and flooding the base, it is worth putting on a special vinyl sleeve on the drain pipe, which has dozens of holes. The latter will drain water slowly and at its destination (in an old bath, large barrel or any other large-volume container). To make a device at home, you should use a thick film that will stick well.

Shrubs for camouflage, which "in winter and summer in the same color"

A block from an air conditioner, a basement hood and other not the most aesthetic items can spoil the appearance plot, even if it is very well equipped. You can hide such elements with the help of shrubs that are woven from artificial branches. The disguise is excellent - and the technique is covered, and the eye is happy. All materials that may be required to create a camouflage bush can be selected at a decorative store for the garden and vegetable garden.

Convenient stand for flowers

Containers on a stand with wheels will be a useful invention for giving.

It will be easiest to place large flowers in them. This will make it possible to change the location of plants around the site without much effort. Moreover, you can easily create garden compositions that you never imagined before. Do-it-yourself options for creating coasters are presented in the accompanying photo.

Grid-cap of protective type for food

Napkins and towels that shyly cover cakes and sandwiches on the table are not the best protection from annoying flies.

It will be much more effective to use cute nets in the form of caps. Moreover, in addition to the protective functions, the grids can become an excellent decoration of the table due to the original design, so take note.

Mobile hose rack

Watering plants in the country is one of the most important jobs of every summer resident. In order not to curl the hose and not get confused, such a stand is very useful. In addition to the listed advantages, it also allows you to increase the service life of the hose.

The design of the stand can be done in any way, to a greater extent, the selection of the shape and color will dictate the conditions for the design of the site and your preferences.

Miracle-saw of pocket format

The thing is very convenient in the household, and it will come in handy for walking in the forest. This saw is very sharp, with its help you can cut even dry branches that are high in the tree. To do this, tie a rope to the saw handle, and throw one edge onto the tree, and then pull the saw up and cut it out. The saw will be replaced in the same way.

You can try to make such a saw yourself, but the quality of the cutting "blade" will play an important role.

Picking fruits high from trees without stairs

Some summer residents are simply afraid of heights or, due to health conditions, cannot climb high stairs up a tree to remove the fruits. Previously, they had to ask for help from other family members, younger ones, or to make fruit pickers from plastic bottles with their own hands. But now there are devices that are much more convenient and made of metal; they allow you to reliably grip and pluck naughty fruits from the tree without much effort.

Many of the items on this list are quite original and at the same time easy to make.

Do not be afraid to experiment, dare, come up with something new.

Mobile campfire

An original and bright bonfire - you can move it even from place to place, and this will make it possible to organize a recreation area in anywhere in your garden.

Hanging table

A great idea for decorating a terrace in the form of a small hanging table will make it even better. It will be nice to have a cup of coffee in the morning, work on your laptop or make a romantic breakfast. It is also a great option for noisy parties, when many people want to go out on the terrace, talk, smoke, and somewhere convenient to put glasses with alcohol.

The table will help you out!

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