Do-it-yourself dressing room inside + photo

Do-it-yourself dressing room inside + photo Do-it-yourself interior decoration of the dressing room + instructions

The bathhouse is a place to restore health and rest. For this reason, decorating the dressing room inside with stone or block = house is becoming more and more popular. This is primarily due to the safety and environmental friendliness of the material for human health.

The technology of bath decoration has its own characteristics, and in order to produce high quality installation, you need to familiarize yourself with them in detail.

Finishing features of the dressing room

The main problem in the bath room appears due to condensation that forms due to the difference in temperatures between the rooms adjacent to the steam room.

In order to prevent such negative moments, a whole range of actions are performed:

  1. Bath ventilation - a well-developed wiring diagram helps to create and maintain a healthy microclimate inside the bath.
  2. Heating system - to smooth the temperature difference between adjacent rooms and the steam room, provides a bath heating system. It can be linked to a stove in the form of a heater through ventilation channels or adjacent use, when one of its walls or the furnace part will go into the dressing room.
  3. Warming - extreme temperature changes have become a popular source of condensation. To make the microclimate better in the dressing room helps the high quality of the sheathing, into the frame of which a reflector and insulation are laid.

    In this case, a similar scheme is used here for the ceiling, walls or floor.

  4. Sheathing material - it is best to use wood as a decoration in this regard. It will have excellent thermal capacity properties.
  5. Doors and windows - they will serve as a natural source of clean air, however, during the operation of the bath, this will prevent the room from heating up if it is large. For this reason, both windows and doors are made small in size with insulation.

To create and maintain a healthy microclimate in the bath, it is necessary to take into account all of the above points.


Varieties of material for decoration

If the bath is built of logs, then its decoration will be damaged. Insulation of a brick facade is possible even from the outside, and the inside is left unchanged. The only thing that can be used is to cover with a protective compound against fire and mold. The use of paints and varnishes is contraindicated.

Due to the high temperature, they are ways to release harmful components into the atmosphere of the dressing room and steam room. Sauna finishing should meet the following parameters:

If we consider the most famous finishing materials, then it will be possible to highlight several main ones:

  1. Wood is the most popular option. Can be applied to walls, floors or ceilings. Decorating the dressing room with wood will meet all the properties that are listed. Fire-fighting qualities are added through the use of specialized protective fluids.

    Block house, lining should be mounted on a frame, which makes it possible to insulate even a dressing room. If a similar finish of the dressing room, done earlier with your own hands, has lost its original appearance, then it can be returned by grinding the surface and again covering it with protective compounds.

  2. Stone - helps to give rigor and elegance, and a special color can be achieved by combining stone and wood. Its use for a wall structure adjacent to a steam room is more than justified. When heated, the stone will accumulate heat for a long time in the dressing room, which will create an optimal microclimate for comfortable rest.

  3. Tiles - the underfloor heating system with ceramic finishing is a guarantee of comfort. In addition, the tile finish is an excellent waterproofing solution. With such floor coverings, an additional condensate source will disappear from the underfloor space. often ceramics are used to decorate the wall adjacent to the steam room. The heat transfer effect will be lower than that of a stone, but at the same time all fire safety rules will be observed.

Bath decoration in all the above ways makes it possible to create a healthy microclimate and comfort, which is so important for good rest and recuperation. The best option would be ceiling decoration, fixing wood on the wall surface, laying ceramic tiles or wood with a warm floor system, adjacent to the steam room - with stone or tiles.

Floor finishing

Given the fact that people often run out of the steam room barefoot, the floor in the dressing room should be warm. There are such basic methods for arranging flooring - wood and tiles.

Ceramic coating in the dressing room.

For such a finish, a floor heating system is required. Otherwise, after leaving the steam room, the legs will begin to freeze, because the tile does not have high thermal capacity. The tile can be laid on the concrete surface, and for this a number of preparation works must be performed, depending on how ready the rough base is.

  1. Earth - first, this surface needs to be leveled and tamped, and then pour a pillow of sand (from 0.4 to 0.

    5 meters), which needs to be compacted from above.To do this, it is important to lay waterproofing, and on top of insulation (that is, foam). New layer - installation of reinforcing mesh and pouring of concrete screed. The last layer will be the laying of electric mats for the underfloor heating system. For tiling, the base will be ready; it must be made according to the height of the base.

  2. Lags - waterproofing is required on the rough floor surface. Insulating material, i.e., foam, is placed between the lag. After that, boards are installed, in which the thickness is 2.

    54 cm. A waterproofing layer is laid on top, and then the DSP boards are fixed. Everything needs to be covered with foil, filled with concrete screed and equipped with a warm floor.

The base in the prepared type can be tiled.

Wood floor

This is the most common option for covering the dressing room floor.

But here it is important to take into account the high degree of humidity inside the room. For this reason, this decoration of the rest room and bath will provide for the following layers:

  • Waterproofing - lay on a clay or sand pillow.
  • Treatment of logs with a special agent against rot and mold. Bars are nailed along the total length, on which the subfloors are laid. You can also use a croaker, but it needs to be covered with protective agents against rot.

  • Finishing floors (planks). It is recommended to leave gaps between the insulation and the topcoat for ventilation.

It is important to choose softwood. The fact is that its resins have natural antiseptic properties, and essential oils will have a beneficial effect on human health. It is also recommended to use hard wood varieties for flooring - larch, oak.

But this is a completely different price category. Finishing floors are not varnished. When heated, it is capable of emitting harmful aromas into the microclimate of the room.

Wall decoration

Decorating the dressing room in the bath with your own hands is simple, and for the installation of all types of coatings it is recommended to provide insulation, waterproofing and, if necessary, a gap for ventilation.

Finishing with clapboard and block-house

Material for cladding of this type requires the arrangement of a bath frame, which makes it possible to easily produce waterproofing, as well as insulation of wall surfaces .

.. It should be noted that the lining is usually installed vertically, and the block house is only horizontal. For this reason, the guides for the first finishing material are attached horizontally (perpendicular to the installation), and for the second type only vertically.

The process itself can be decomposed into the following stages:

  • Laying vapor membrane insulation.

  • Installation of guides - most often timber is used.
  • Lining of insulation material - sheets of mineral wool.
  • Sheathing by means of a foil-clad reflector, and the joints are held together by means of metallized tape.
  • Installation of guide bars for final finishing.
  • End cladding.

This technology is aimed at retaining heat to the maximum, and the ventilation gap makes it possible to ventilate the finish. difficulties in clapboarding should not arise. It is installed with hidden nails or clamps. Materials for fastening are selected with an anti-corrosion coating. For forcing, such elements as plinths, corners, as well as connection strips are produced.

Wood can be used, as well as conifers, in contrast to the steam room. When installing a block house, complexity may appear with corner joints. They need to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees, and the interior decoration of this type, using the fixing method, is similar to the decoration of the lining, and in appearance it strongly resembles rounded logs. We do not recommend covering the walls in the room with protective compounds, and even more so those that border the steam room.

Finishing with natural stone or tiles

If the bath is made of timber or logs, then in advance it is required to sheathe the walls with sheets of drywall, which will make it possible to insulate them and waterproof.

The technology is as follows:

  • Do-it-yourself dressing room inside + photo Laying membrane-type vapor insulation.
  • Installation of the guide rail / bar.
  • Installation of insulation in the frame, which is covered with a foil reflector.
  • Plasterboard sheathing.
  • Putty.

  • Tiling - clinker tiles are often used under natural stone.

This finish is more suitable for walls that are adjacent to the steam room. When heated, it will evenly and for a long time give off heat to the rest room. The decoration of the dressing room by means of stone and block house looks interesting. The simplicity and roughness of the lines will make the interior especially cozy.

If the building is brick, it is required to insulate the walls from the outside by means of a ventilated facade system. The interior must be waterproofed as best as possible before sheathing with wood. Such measures greatly reduce heat losses during operation, and also protect against damage caused by moisture.

Ceiling cladding

The most suitable option is clapboard finishing. Technology for arranging false ceilings with a wall finishing process using wood.

Compliance with the technical clearance for ventilation of the finish will increase its operational life. The ceiling is the weakest point when decorating the dressing room inside with your own hands. The fact is that moist warm air from the steam room and temperature drops - the reason for condensation is precisely this. For this reason, waterproofing should be mandatory, and thermal insulation materials, or rather mineral wool, are recommended. A video with instructions for finishing the ceiling is presented below.


When performing interior wood finishing, you can choose interior options that are close in spirit:

  1. Russian - curtains with embroidery, carved wooden pieces of furniture, bagels and a samovar - a tribute to the roots and traditions. On the walls there are oak and birch brooms, wooden spoons, mugs, which are painted, and they create a unique atmosphere, as well as comfort.
  2. The interior is like in a fairy tale - pieces of furniture made of snags, forest gifts in the form of herbal bunches and berries help to create the illusion of the premises of the house of Baba Yaga or Leshy. Even children will be happy to relax in the sauna.
  3. Ship style - wood can be complemented with chrome and metallized elements, red fur and carpet, as well as yacht paraphernalia.

    All this helps to feel the atmosphere of a trip around the world.

Putting a bath with loved ones is a special event. For this reason, the choice of style for the dressing room is an extremely important point, which is based on individual preferences.