Do-it-yourself electrical installation for a private house and summer cottage: device + Photo and Video

Do-it-yourself electrical installation for a private house and summer cottage: device + Photo and Video The provision of electricity to housing is a priority issue before starting construction or capital reconstruction of the premises.

Electricity is necessary not only for life, but also for the construction process itself. All equipment and tools work from it.

The solution to this issue lies with the electrical installation.

The concept of the electrical installation system for housing

System overview

Wires, cables, cable ducts and electrical equipment, electrical appliances all these parts are part of a single electrical installation system of the room.

They are interconnected and located in one place or, more precisely, in the same room.

Do-it-yourself electrical installation for a private house and summer cottage: device + Photo and Video Any object with its electrical installation is automatically included in the unified power supply system of the microdistrict, district and already a larger community.

The power supply system of the house takes its origin from the main cable. It is included in the introductory control panel. A circuit breaker is installed in the first position.

Then comes the energy meter. At the next stage, electricity enters the switchgear, where it is divided into supply groups for small objects. Each such line is controlled by a circuit breaker to localize the processes.

For example! The kitchen, the hallway with the bathroom and the living rooms are powered separately. Such a system is convenient because in the event of an emergency or the need for repair work in one room, there is no need to disconnect the entire room from the power.

Such a system is necessary so that all devices are not on the same power cable.

From the distribution board with the help of cables and wires, electrical energy is supplied directly to the consuming devices through the corresponding connection elements, these are sockets and switches.

Energy consumers

The end point of the electrical installation is the energy consumers. It is a system that consists of electrical receivers located and operating in one system. Such devices are used to convert electricity into other types of energy.

These include:

  • electric stoves and ovens,
  • electric heaters,
  • split systems and air conditioners,
  • washing machines and dishwashers,
  • vacuum cleaners, electric irons and electric kettles,
  • televisions, computers and stereos,
  • other small household appliances.

The main functions of the electrical installation

  • Distribution of electrical power in the room.
  • Converting current into thermal energy, mechanical energy, UHF radiation, radio and television signal, to obtain light radiation.
  • Transformation or modification of the physical properties of electricity to equalize the voltage in the power supply.
  • Electricity production.

    As a vivid example, one can see in the private housing system the presence of an additional source of energy in the form of gasoline or diesel autonomous generators in case of a shutdown or failure of the general energy system to ensure the uninterrupted operation of electrical appliances.

Construction of the electrical system of housing


The beginning of the process of creating a complete power supply system the object is the development of the project

It is necessary before starting the construction of new housing or capital alteration of the old one, with the replacement of all existing engineering systems. There are two types of projects.

Project types

Typical design

Do-it-yourself electrical installation for a private house and summer cottage: device + Photo and Video Makes only necessary, simple solutions. This is the basis for most electrical installations.

The positive aspects of such projects are considered to be the reduction in the time for their creation and approval in the controlling structures. They contain the most effective solutions for distribution, installation and saving of materials and electricity. It is easier for specialists to work with them in the process of assembling the system.

The project details the places of installation of consumption devices with the application of accurate passport data on the consumed power.

The cost of the project is lower than the alternative.

If it is necessary to amend certain items, it is easier and faster to renegotiate the addition in an existing document.

The coordination itself is necessary in order to correctly calculate the power of all devices and the possibility of ensuring the consumption of electrical energy of this object.

Individual design

Produced in case of implementation of innovative ideas like "Smart Home". A unique document is created with fine details on the installation work and the material and equipment used.

Therefore, it takes a lot of time and is quite expensive.

After the implementation of the project ideas, a completely exclusive masterpiece is created.

On the basis of the agreed project for power supply, an agreement is concluded for the provision of this service with the supplying organization.


It must be remembered that electric current is dangerous to health and life. It is better to entrust all the work, from the project to the completion of installation work, to trained specialists.

You can independently replace bulbs in lighting devices in compliance with the necessary safety rules and with the power off of this group.