Do-it-yourself eternal fountain from bottles

Do-it-yourself eternal fountain from bottles Do-it-yourself eternal fountain of Heron from bottles

Eternal fountain of Heron is real! Such an interesting and unique invention that surprises both children and adults. It can be made at home from waste plastic containers. The main thing is to prepare consumables in the required amount, and also follow the simplest instructions. If a self-made fountain decorates the garden, the area around the house, then it can be effectively decorated.

The principle of operation of a fountain made of plastic bottles

To assemble a fountain at home from waste plastic bottles, you must be sure to familiarize yourself with its principle of operation, as well as its features devices.

The base in such a case will be the hydropneumatic mechanism, where the pushing of water upward by a stream will occur due to the work of air, as well as the liquid itself. Moreover, gravity will play an important role here, which creates the required degree of pressure in the fountain system.

3 containers will act as components of such a design at once:

  1. Do-it-yourself eternal fountain from bottles A bowl, which can be designated as the starting point from where the water will begin its movement through the water system. It is an open-type reservoir that looks like a plate or even a mask. From such a bowl, liquid for thin requirements will be directed to an empty container, which is installed at the bottom of the fountain structure.

  2. An empty bottom tank is required to create pressure from the fluid flowing from the bowl, which will compress the air in it. As a result, the water will be pushed upward. Moreover, in such an empty container, liquid will collect, which creates the very required pressure. The water will remain here until a new system recharge.
  3. Reservoir on top, which is filled with water when charged.

    This is exactly the liquid that will come out in the form of the finest jet. The expulsion process will be carried out by compressed air - the pressure that has formed in the container standing below. Passing through a thin tube into the upper container, the air will push water out of there. But it, in the form of a fountain, will again begin to flow into the bowl, from which it flows into the lower container.

A self-made fountain made from plastic bottles is not endless, it needs to be recharged from time to time.

There is nothing complicated here - the lower full container needs to be mounted in place of the empty bowl, which will be located on top, and the empty one in place of the filled one. To start Heron's fountain, it will be enough to add a little liquid to the upper bowl. Below is a schematic representation of Heron.


What materials and tools are needed

For the assembly process of a hand-made fountain from tubes and bottles, it is required to prepare such consumables, as well as tools:

  • Emery abrasive paper.
  • Marker.

  • Scissors.
  • Sharp knife.
  • Pliers.
  • Electric drill.
  • Fixing elements, eg self-tapping screws.

  • Elements from a thick ballpoint pen or even connectors from a dropper (when using a flexible hose).
  • Nail or drill for making holes.
  • Sealant or thermal adhesive.
  • Cocktail tubes or flexible hose.
  • Plastic containers (for carbonated water, drinks and yoghurts).

When everything is in stock, you can start making.

How to make Heron's fountain with your own hands

There are different options for how to make Heron's fountain with your own hands from bottles. Each of them has certain design features that are extremely important to take into account so that the systems work efficiently and for a long time.

How to make a fountain from one bottle

You can collect a fountain from used bottles if you adhere to this technology:

  1. Do it in a hole from the plastic container by drilling it with an electric drill, or by using nails heated on the stove. The main thing is that the tube or straw is extremely tight.

  2. Fill the container with clean water, but not completely.
  3. Insert the plug into the neck, into the hole made - a tube, and the lower end should be in the water, reaching the full extent of the day.

In order for a self-made fountain made from a tube and a bottle to work, it is required to compress the air inside the container. For such purposes, a pump used to inflate balls is perfect. If there is no pump, you can use this method - blow through the tube with all your might.

In order not to injure the lips, its end should not be jagged or pointed. When using a glass element, you can melt the end with a paraffin candle, as well as a burner. If this is a metal straw, then it is required to file the end of it with a fine-grain file. A single bottle fountain will work as long as there is compressed air in it. When trying to expand, it will begin to displace liquid from the container.

The first option will work provided there is a very large amount of compressed air inside the tank. With this in mind, you can prolong the effect if you manage to pump air from time to time. It is required to equip an additional hole in the cork through which an additional straw or tube is installed. It is not required to immerse it in water - bend the upper end and blow into it, or pump air through a pump with a valve, a compressor for an aquarium will do.The work of a fountain from such a bottle will continue until the liquid runs out.

How to make a fountain from a pair of bottles

This model of a pair of plastic bottles, which can be easily assembled with your own hands, is made according to this scheme.

  • Prepare a pair of containers and drill a pair of tubing holes in the plugs. The second tank must contain a couple of short straws.
  • Connect the two bottles with a rubber tube and set at different heights.

If you blow into the straw of the first bottle, the process of water movement from it into the second plastic container will start.

Even if you stop blowing, the water will still flow. The most important thing here is that one hole was at a certain distance from the other, and it was also possible to maintain the height difference. If you try to plug the outlet tube of the second container with your finger, then you will feel the air pressure. This is called the "geron compressor". If you dock the aquarium sprayer and dock the hose, then this kind of blowdown will function until the liquid from the first container is in the second.

For the compressor to run for a long time, rather than 1 hour, you need a large-volume reservoir and a thin tube.

It is interesting that in reality the fountain is the development of the engineer of ancient times Ktesebei. He, as well as the Alexandrian Heron (mechanic and mathematician) were able to invent many unusual devices, among which there is a single-action two-cylinder type atomizer, as well as an automatic mechanism for opening the door in the temple.

Heron's fountain of three bottles

According to the scheme of the eternal Heron fountain, it is clear that it works from 3 plastic bottles quite quietly, effectively, perfectly helps to refresh the water inside the aquarium, and further increase the degree of humidity in the room. The instructions for performing the work are as follows:

  1. Do-it-yourself eternal fountain from bottles First you need to cut one plastic container in half, and the upper part ( with a neck) will act as a reservoir for the fountain.

  2. The next step is to make holes in the caps. A straw or straws from cocktails will pass through them, you can also use a dropper.
  3. It is required to do the joining of the middle and lower containers, gluing the plugs together, they are fixed on the neck in advance.
  4. The bowl, where the fountain itself will be, needs to be glued to the bottom of the second plastic tank. Make sure to make holes with a suitable diameter in the bottom and plug.

    All areas for joining need to be sealed as best as possible.

  5. Fill the upper container with water, the container must be equal to the volume of the second bottle. It will drain into the lower part, and it will be possible to return water to the center of the fountain by simply turning the system over.

Once all the water is in the main reservoir, the extraordinary device will take effect without requiring additional power supplies.Everyone can make tubes and bottles if you follow certain steps in the correct sequence.

When adding water to the upper container, you will help start the next cycle:

  • Water from the upper container begins to flow into the lower one, thereby provoking air outflow into the next bottle.
  • Due to the existing pressure of the air masses in the second container, the liquid begins to come out in the form of a plastic tube.
  • Water enters the tube, goes up and appears in the form of a fountain.

Due to a self-equipped fountain in the room, you will increase the level of comfort, the microclimate will become much better, the amount of dry air will decrease, and the humidity will be in an acceptable range, from 40 to 60%. This is extremely important for human health, indoor crops and pets.

Such a device makes it possible to maintain air humidity during the heating season, when the indicators are 22%. This type of humidifier, which is assembled from a plastic container, will help cleanse the air from dust particles, and also effectively soften it. A fountain made from plastic bottles will also be useful for fish in the aquarium.


Heron's bottle fountain is a rather interesting design that will definitely come in handy in a house or apartment. This is both decoration and a kind of air humidifier.

Manufacturing does not require tangible labor and financial costs, and if you follow the scheme, you can quickly and easily assemble such an original device. The fountain made of plastic bottles is extremely interesting for children.


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