Do-it-yourself foundation for a change house: Select and fill Step by step + Photo and Video

Do-it-yourself foundation for a change house: Select and fill Step by step + Photo and Video The foundation for the change house: how to choose and pour the foundation when building a house. Any good builder knows that the foundation is the basis of a good house and how high-quality and stable it will be depends on the future fate of your house. The choice of the foundation is a very important step in the construction, so you need to approach it responsibly, observing all conditions.

In this article we will talk about how to choose the right foundation for pouring.

Types of foundations

Few people, with the exception of professional builders, understand the variety of foundations, different types are designed for different landscapes and climatic features.

So let's talk about the types of foundations :

  • Do-it-yourself foundation for a change house: Select and fill Step by step + Photo and Video Foundation on piles. This type is one of the most common, most convenient and versatile, which is suitable for almost any construction.
  • Foundation on the pillars. This foundation is convenient because it is budgetary and does not require large installation costs. This format does not require the use of special equipment during installation, but it is very time consuming and difficult.

  • Homemade foundation. Often, for many reasons, people decide to abandon the traditional types of foundation and resort to the most unusual ones. These can be homemade foundations,
    for example, solid foundation, which is just a solid concrete slab;
    tire foundation , which is also very strong base for the house;
    foundation of logs.

The best foundation

Despite the huge selection and assortment of foundation types, the leading one is the foundation on concrete blocks, which is guaranteed to serve you for a long time. However, in order for such a foundation to stand as long as possible, it is necessary to choose high-quality concrete for pouring, which will not crack from the scorching heat and will not get wet due to rain.

How to make the foundation yourself

If you decide on such a step as building a house, of course, you need to start with the foundation. You can purchase posts for the change house, which will guarantee you quality for a long time, however, you can do everything yourself, the main thing is to follow all the instructions so that everything goes smoothly and without consequences for the future home.

The process of installing the foundation is usually divided into three stages : preparation of the base, leveling the surface, direct installation of the foundation.

And so in order to establish the foundation, you need:

  • Do-it-yourself foundation for a change house: Select and fill Step by step + Photo and Video Select area. A good area is needed for a successful foundation.

    This should be an area with the most equal landscape, without too deep holes or, conversely, protrusions to the surface.

  • The area should be marked to make it easier to install the supports.
  • Further, in the places where the supports are supposed to be installed, it will be necessary to remove the top layer of soil, about 15-10 cm.
  • After removing the top layer, it is necessary to make the surface as flat as possible using sand with gravel.
  • Then you can start installing the support posts.

    You can build them yourself, you don't have to buy them. You can make posts from red brick.

The foundation on piles is the strongest foundation

I would like to separately talk about this type of foundation as a foundation on piles ...

This type, perhaps, is Sami reliable, since metal piles are screwed deep into the ground, providing complete immobility and safety. This type of foundation is used in the cold regions of our country, where the temperature reaches very low levels.

The pile installation mechanism is as follows:

  • First, piles are selected that satisfy all the preferences of the customer.
  • Then the section is prepared
  • After that, the piles are screwed in or driven into the ground.

Piles are the most solid foundation for the foundation, since they are located deep in the ground, providing complete immobility.

This method is also used because of the frost resistance of this installation, so often people living in the north choose just such an installation mechanism.

Do it yourself or hire a construction team?

Most amateur builders want to do everything themselves when building a house, including pouring the foundation.

However, before pouring concrete for the foundation, think carefully about whether you can start and finish the job yourself, without additional help. If you are not confident in your strengths and capabilities, it will be easier to contact specialists who know a lot about this matter. Let it be a little more expensive, but for your money you will get high-quality work and reliable support for your future home.