Do-it-yourself indoor pool at the cottage? Polycarbonate step by step instructions + Video

Do-it-yourself indoor pool at the cottage? Polycarbonate step by step instructions + Video Rest and recovery are now only a dream for many people, because not everyone can afford a train to the sea. The reason for this is simple - little money. This is not encouraging, but the situation can be corrected if you are the lucky owner of a country house. If the sea is unattainable, then you can make an indoor pool in the country, which will also delight you and your family.

You just need to make a little effort, and the suburban area will become a wonderful home resort.

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to create an artificial reservoir on the site.

Today, everyone can afford this luxury item. Yes, yes, and all because bathing bowls in their variety of types and prices have expanded so much that choosing a pool at your own expense will not be difficult.

Indoor pool at the dacha with your own hands Is it worth it?

Do-it-yourself indoor pool at the cottage? Polycarbonate step by step instructions + Video Building a pool on site is a great way to relax in the summer heat. If it is of decent size, then you can not only splash around, but do swims in the morning and evening.

And how much joy the children will receive! You are assured of excellent well-being.

And the dachas of the 21st century are no longer so similar to those that were before. Now I'm not going out of town to mortify myself with planting cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as many other households. works. Exhausted by the pace of city life, residents of large cities turn plots into recreation areas designed "for themselves", and the pool in this case will be an excellent addition.

An artificial reservoir at the dacha is not only a new comfort zone, but also a place of a special microclimate and even a reservoir with water for emergencies when there is nothing to water the flower beds. In general, the benefits of the pool are obvious if you correctly install the container and use it strictly according to the instructions.

Which pool to choose?

There are three popular pool categories on the market today:

  1. Collapsible.
  2. Stationary.
  3. Inflatable.

They all differ in shape, design and size. These are the main parameters that will influence the choice. You yourself will choose where to stay based on the size of the site, landscape conditions and preferences. But it should be said that each of the options is good in its own way.


The name speaks for itself.

Such containers are installed on a turnkey basis. These pools are either medium or large. By the type of installation, they are divided into:

  1. Frameless
  2. Frameless

Frameless structures built into the ground

To operate such a model, it will have to be equipped with some systems, at a minimum, this is a water supply, drainage and cleaning system. If you do not take care of this in advance, in a couple of weeks you will be swimming not in pure water, but in a dirty slurry.You can refuse the cleaning system, but think for yourself - where will you drain 14 tons of water, and what time will it cost you to fill the pool every 2 weeks with clean water? These costs will be more expensive than you purchase and install the cleaning once.

Built-in pool

Looks gorgeous, and if you are mentally ready to endure all the difficulties with installation and arrangement, then you should not refuse this option. If not, give preference to a frame container, since there will be much less problems (and costs) for installation.

But many summer residents are seriously concerned that they will have to spend a lot of time cleaning, so they decided to make an indoor pool in the country with their own hands. This is the right decision, as the pool will only need to be cleaned every six months.

When choosing the type of container for the dacha, do not forget about the climatic features of the region.

Most containers, even without water, simply cannot withstand local frosts, so you have to spend money on frost-resistant models.


Do-it-yourself indoor pool at the cottage? Polycarbonate step by step instructions + Video Such pools are classified as small and medium in size. The thing is that it is almost impossible to assemble the frame on your own, and the procedure is quite expensive. But the plus of the model is that it is ideal for unguarded areas. It can be collected, filled with water upon arrival, and dismantled in the fall and sent to the barn.

This type of pool also needs filtration, but complex systems can be avoided. For small volumes, you can limit yourself to disinfection with reagents that are harmless and of high quality.


Naturally, such pools cannot be large, which is great. Due to its size, the pool is suitable for those owners whose plots are not so large, and the advantage is that storing such models is not problematic - you can even fold them into a sofa. You can also take the pool with you for a picnic.

For large models, a metal frame is provided - it is assembled from hollow tubes (made of aluminum).

What are indoor pools for summer cottages made of?

When choosing a pool, remember that they can be made of any materials. This is especially true for stationary models. Manufacturers love materials such as plastic, polypropylene and other composite materials.

Products made of polypropylene have good characteristics and tolerate temperature extremes.

They can be used all year round.

Plastic containers are more fragile and may burst when the temperature drops. It is not used to build large tanks and is not uncommon for medium sizes. It is also used for folding structures and decorative colored pools.

More practical models are made from composite.

The material can transform, but the body does not break through. The walls cannot be scratched or broken. Such a pool will be durable, therefore it is used to create an indoor pool.

But all species have one drawback - they have a standard appearance, so if you want an unusual pool, you will need to build it yourself. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s as your heart desires.

Separation by the type of filling

According to the way of filling, the pools can be:

  • Overflow.
  • Skimmer.

In the first models, a grate is made in the reservoir through which the overflowing water enters the reservoir. Such a system visually increase the size of the container and allows you to always keep a certain water level.

In skimmer models, things are slightly different.

They cannot be filled to the brim at least 15 cm, since there are no storage devices. The water that has entered the tank is cleaned through the skimmer. This is not a costly option, which is why it is very popular in the private sector.

Finishing materials

An indoor pool in the country house can be finished with the following materials:

  • Polypropylene.
  • Mosaic.

  • Tile.
  • PVC film.

The film is sold in rolls and can be of any color. The most popular are blue, white, blue shades. The role of this finish is twofold: waterproofing and aesthetics.

Polypropylene is a polymer that has high strength, is easy to weld and is resistant to aggressive climate conditions. Usually they buy blue polypropylene.

But mosaics and tiles are chosen with a low level of water absorption. Ceramics are used to decorate the communal pool, and the mosaic will perfectly fit into the landscape of the suburban area. A pool with this finish will appear visually deeper.


It is not enough to choose a pool, you should think about how you will take care of it, so we suggest planning everything in advance.

Important: If you have clay soil in your area, then this is ideal for installation.

When planning the placement of the container, consider the following points:

  1. If your soil is clayey, you do not even have to choose a place for installation. If the waterproofing fails, it will stop the leakage of water.
  2. The place where you plan to place the pool must have a natural slope.

    In this case, it will be easier for you to dig a pit and find a place to install the drain system.

  3. Do not place an indoor pool in a summer cottage where there is shade from tall trees. Plants sense moisture and can easily damage waterproofing. The most aggressive trees are willow, chestnut and poplar.
  4. If the pool is located near the water supply, it will make it easier to fill the tank with water.


The ratio of length and width is related to the general purpose. If you want to do swims, go for a rectangular shape. For a simple "splash" it is better to make a round shape. The depth will also be important. If you are a fan of jumping off the side, then the bottom should be at least 1.

5 m deep.To place a tower or a springboard, you will need a deeper depth - at least 2.5 m. But you can make the bowl deeper in the place for jumping, and then bring it to a standard depth.

Most difficulties with creating an indoor pool with your own hands will be the combined type, which is suitable for both children and parents.

The zones will have to be separated by partitions, which will go from the very bottom. So children will be protected from falling into the depth.

Attention! In this type of pool, you should make a shallow bottom that will gently descend. Sharp jumps are unacceptable for safety reasons, because walking along the bottom can inadvertently miss the line and drown. Do not neglect this advice.

Decoration of an indoor pool in the country

Do-it-yourself indoor pool at the cottage? Polycarbonate step by step instructions + Video When you come to decorate, do not forget that you have a pool, not a pond, and it should be decorated accordingly. This is done using paving slabs or wood flooring. The pool bowl can be hidden behind the stepped deck. If you are planning a large stationary pool, entrust this business to professionals.

A distinctive feature of the pond will be the presence of a cleaning system, drainage, for example, heating / counterflow.

To do this, you need a utility room, which can be made in the form of a beautiful house. The design of the room or the roof of the pool does not require any frills.

Plants as decor

If the indoor pool in the country house will be located outside, decide what you want to see around. When writing out the plan and choosing the idea of ​​plants, do not break the main rule:

"you do not need to plant plants near the pool or on its shore. The water, with the chlorine it contains, will kill them, and about comfortable bathing among the beautiful plants can be forgotten "

To do everything in the best possible way, the plants will need to be planted in tubs or containers.

In this case, there will be no interaction with the treated water. With regard to the plants themselves, choose those that can withstand all weather conditions. These include juniper, Chinese rose, oleander, agapanthus, glorious yucca, southern cordilina.


It is not so difficult to make an indoor pool in the country house with your own hands, but decorating it and making it a full-fledged recreation area is not easy. The pool lighting will help you with this.

So, you can enjoy swimming in the evenings. A fireplace or fireplace will also look spectacular. Such elements will relax and add coziness.