Do-it-yourself installation of eyelets on curtains at home and calculate the fabric for sewing? Step by step - Review + Video

Do-it-yourself installation of eyelets on curtains at home and calculate the fabric for sewing? Step by step - Review + Video Decorating windows and exits to the balcony with tulles, curtains and curtains allows you to transform the appearance of the room for the better.

Textiles are attached to the cornices in different ways: on hooks, eyelets, tape. One of the most practical and beautiful ways to hang curtains on a window is to install eyelets. These are special fasteners that border the edges of the slots in the fabric, and then a cornice rod is threaded through them.

Do-it-yourself eyelets for curtains can be inserted into the fabric without much difficulty, but for this it is necessary to make preliminary calculations.

These curtain fasteners are made of metal, wood and plastic. Each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most practical are plastic eyelets.

Practical eyelets


  • They do not rust for obvious reasons;
  • No need to remove before washing;
  • Does not make annoying sounds when moving on the bar;
  • Have a long service life;
  • Easy to install in textiles.


The sizes of the eyelets can be very diverse.

Products with a diameter of 10 - 50 mm are more popular. In addition, fasteners are made in a variety of colors, with or without a pattern.

  • Sheer eyelets (patterned and simple).
  • Plain eyelets.
  • Imitation of natural materials: wood, marble, metal, etc.

  • Metal eyelets made of bronze, chrome, steel.
  • Decorated with rhinestones.

Eyelet shape

  • Do-it-yourself installation of eyelets on curtains at home and calculate the fabric for sewing? Step by step - Review + Video Round;
  • Oval;
  • Square;
  • Triangular;
  • Curly (flowers, fish, seals, funny faces, etc.).

Advantages and disadvantages of installing eyelets on curtains with your own hands

Installing eyelets in itself is not a difficult task, it is important to choose the shape, material of the products, and calculate the step installation.


  • Opportunity to bring your creativity to life.
  • As a result, you will receive a unique product that only you will have, and what is especially pleasant, made with your own hands.
  • The opportunity to save money, which is important in these difficult times. Installation of eyelets will cost significantly less than buying a finished product or tailoring to order.


  • The choice of fabric and eyelets.

    There can be difficulties here, because not every store can find exactly what you want.

  • Time spent cutting fabric, sewing curtains.
  • Installing the eyelets is not quick, you have to pant.
  • Perhaps the result will not be as you envisioned it, and we are talking about the negative side.

How to choose the right eyelets for curtains?

When deciding on the choice, take note of the fact that the diameter of the eyelets for curtains inside the element should be about 2 cm exceed the diameter of the eaves strip.

Otherwise, the curtains will not slide well when moving in the right direction.

The color of the eyelets is often selected depending on the shade of the textile or cornice. Also, no one forbids playing in contrast, in order to accentuate details. The stylistic design of the room also influences the choice of both the colors and the material of the eyelets. Plastic in this case is a more advantageous option, since you can choose an imitation for any material.

How to start installing eyelets?

Before you start making curtains on eyelets with your own hands, you need:

  • Make calculations;
  • Choose a fabric for curtains;
  • Purchase eyelets, dublerin or eyelet tape with a width 2 cm larger than the diameter of the fastener from the outside.
  • Prepare work surface.

Note. If you choose a light fabric (tulle, organza), you need to purchase a special transparent tape.

We calculate the fabric

First of all, measure the length of the curtain rod, and determine the height of the curtains.

To get beautiful and even folds, the length of the curtain rod is multiplied by a factor:

  • 1.5 - for weightless transparent fabrics.
  • 2-2.5 - for dense textiles.

We take into account allowances for creating seams:

  • On the sides 10-15 cm;
  • Above and below not less than 25 cm .


The length of the cornice is 1.7 m, which means that the fabric for sewing curtains will take:

1.7 x 2 + 0.15 = 3.55 m = 355 cm.

Calculation of the number of eyelets on the curtain

To calculate , take measurements of the inner and outer diameters of the element. In addition, you need to arm yourself with such knowledge:

  • Do-it-yourself installation of eyelets on curtains at home and calculate the fabric for sewing? Step by step - Review + Video To create beautiful folds, the edges of which would look on the wall, you must insert an even number of eyelets.
  • The distance between the centers of the fasteners should be approximately 18 cm (in the range of 15 - 20 cm).
  • If you plan to install double eaves, then make sure that the gap between the rods, and also so that there is no contact between the tulle and the curtain.
  • The gap from the sides to the center of the starting eyelet is 5 - 7 cm.

    It depends on the width of the fold and the diameter of the fastener from the inside.

Important. Be careful not to catch the eyelet on the seam, otherwise you will not be able to snap it tightly.

Calculation of eyelets for curtains, distance

Calculate the distance from one edge to the middle of the first fastener (p). Let's take as an example elements with a diameter of 25 mm on the inside and 38 mm on the outside.

p ​​= 1/2 outer diameter + hem width from one edge + indent from the hem

p ​​= 3.8 / 2 + 2.5 + 0.5 = 4.9 cm

Round up to 5 cm.

Calculation of the number of eyelets on the curtain

Number of elements = 2p / distance between fasteners + 1

(355 - 2 x 5): 18 + 1 = 20.16 pieces.

Round the value to 20.

Calculation of the gaps between the middle of the eyelets

(355 - 2 x 5) / (18 - 1) = 20, 29 cm.

Can also be rounded and get 20 cm.

Preparing textiles for sewing curtains with eyelets

  • Wet the fabric and dry until light moisture, then iron with an iron. This must be done in order for the fabric to shrink. This way, you can be sure that your curtains will not "pop" after washing.
  • Sew on lining if necessary.
  • Finish the seams.

Installing eyelets on the curtains with your own hands

After the fabric is prepared, iron it again with an iron and lay it on the floor. Now you can proceed to the stage of installing the fasteners. The first to install the eyelets around the edges. To do this:

  • Do-it-yourself installation of eyelets on curtains at home and calculate the fabric for sewing? Step by step - Review + Video Make notes with chalk, dry soap, pencil or special fabric marker in the center element, according to preliminary calculations.
  • Attach the grommet and mark the inside diameter.

  • Use scissors or a special punch to make a hole that should be slightly larger than the outlined circle.
  • Place a part of the eyelet under the textiles, attach the second on top.
  • In order to insert the eyelets into the curtains with your own hands, gently pressing on the elements, snap them. You will hear a clicking sound. In the same way, install the grommet from the opposite edge.

After that you need to follow the drawing and calculations that you will make the day before. Make sure that the installation of the eyelets is carried out at the same height. After installing all the fasteners, you can hang the finished product on the cornice.

Advantages of curtains on eyelets

  • Reliability and practicality. Curtains from the cornice on such elements are rather difficult to tear off.

    If you have a cat at home, then she can safely hang on them. This is a joke, of course, but there is some truth in this.

  • Aesthetic appearance . The curtains at the eyelets hang in nice, neat folds. The fasteners themselves can also decorate the room, the main thing is to choose something exclusive, and most importantly, suitable for the style of the interior.

  • Durability . Unlike clips for curtains, which have sharp teeth, eyelets do not deform the fabric, and if necessary, they can be simply removed.
  • Ease of care for textiles with eyelets. For those who do not like to bother with hanging curtains, this option will be a salvation. Textiles are easy to hang up and take off, as well as move along the eaves.

As for the styles of interior decoration and beautiful curtains on the eyelets, we can confidently say that they are suitable for any manifestation of minimalism: loft, Scandinavia, high-tech, marina.In addition, wood eyelets can be selected for rustic interiors: ethno. Country, provence. Modern style of art nouveau, modern, prefers the shine of metal.

For country style window decoration, pay attention to fabrics with a checkered pattern in a light range.

Lines can be red, blue, green, brown, turquoise. High-tech style prefers no-frills gray tones. Modern is created on the basis of pastel and beige colors.

Eyelet Curtain Care

Washing is a basic care that can be applied to most textiles. Before immersing the curtains in the washing machine drum, make sure you select eyelets that are water resistant.

Otherwise, you will have to remove them, we are talking about metal products without a note about the possibility of exposure to water.

Purchase a special bag to wash delicate items. It can be replaced with a pillowcase if you don't have it. Washing program - for delicate items without spinning. After washing, wet curtains are hung on the eaves.

Remember that this method of cleaning fabric should not be used more than once every 6 months. At other times, just periodically shake the curtains or vacuum.

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