Do-it-yourself installation on an interior door + Photo and Video

Do-it-yourself installation on an interior door + Photo and Video If you have purchased a new apartment or house, this will inevitably entail a desire to make repairs in your new home. When carrying out repair work, everyone, as a rule, is faced with the need to replace or restore interior doors and their components.

Today we will talk with you about door handles for interior doors. How to assemble a door handle after choosing the ideal option? Read on.

As a rule, the factory set of interior doors includes only cladding, not handles.

There is no door or holes for installing a handle. This can be explained by the fact that the handles are not standard and have different parameters. It's like an accessory for a door - you have the opportunity to choose exactly the one that suits your taste!

In addition to the pleasant choice of the handle model, you must make a choice, do the installation yourself or invite a specialist. If you decide to undertake the installation of door handles yourself, stock up on the necessary knowledge, tools and confidence that you will succeed.

What are the handles for interior doors?

There are several classifications of door handles:

  • -material of manufacture
  • -the presence of a built-in lock
  • -method of installation
  • -principle of operation

Material for making handles can be different: here can be used hardwood, plastic, various metals.

The most popular material for making interior handles is brass. Brass has established itself as a durable, wear-resistant material with an excellent appearance and practicality of products made from it.

Now let's talk about the difference between the door handles caused by the installation methods. On this basis, door handles are divided into mortise and stationary models.

The installation method follows directly from the name:

  • Do-it-yourself installation on an interior door + Photo and Video - stationary (overhead) handle is attached to the door using various methods
  • -the mortise handle is attached by drilling holes in the door and placing grooves

Interior door handles can have a built-in lock, if the functionality requires it the room in which it will be installed.

Most often, such handles are installed on the doors to the toilet and bathroom in order to prevent curious situations

Now let's talk about the differences of the handles according to the principle of operation:

  • - push mechanism. These models represent an elongated "lever". When you press the lever, the lock tongue comes out of the hole in the lining of the doorway, thus opening the door. This handle is suitable for any interior door, as it does not require much effort to open, while the lever handle will keep the door securely closed.
  • - rotary mechanism.

    Such pens are also called knob or nob. They are spherical in shape and can have a tongue to snap the built-in lock.

Stationary handles . This is the simplest door handle.This handle has no latch or lock.

With it, you can only open or close the door by grasping it comfortably.

Installing a handle for an interior door

If you set out to install the handle yourself on an interior door in your home, you will need a set of necessary tools:

  • -hammer
  • -Screwdriver
  • -Chimmer
  • -Electric drill (with a set of drills)
  • -Choose
  • -Measuring tape
  • -Rule
  • -Pencil

Make sure you have everything you need and can proceed with the installation. First of all, you need to drill holes in the door for attaching the handles.

Important! It is recommended to carry out work on installing door handles on the door removed from the grooves. If this is not possible, secure the door securely against movement.

  1. Before starting to drill holes, select the required height. There is a state standard GOST 6629-88, which regulates the height of the handles on the door at a height of 1 meter from the floor. But in your private households, you have the right to choose the height of the door handles that is convenient for you - if there are children among the household, we recommend that you place the handles slightly lower so that the child can independently open and close the door behind him.
  2. Also, if a group of doors is located nearby, it is advisable to place all the handles at the same level in order to keep the composition.
  3. When the level of the handles is determined, you can start marking.

    To do this, you need a ruler and pencil.

  4. After preparing the marking, start drilling with an electric drill - you need to drill holes of the required diameter in order to connect the handles on both sides of the door. It is also necessary to make a hole at the end of the door - it is necessary for the location of the latch mechanism. After that, with the help of a chisel, it is necessary to remove all unnecessary so that the bar can be left flush with the door.
  5. It remains to insert the latch and fix it with the bolts from the kit.

    Then you need to insert the square into the through hole of the door and assemble the handle according to the instructions.

The next stage of preparation for installation is to make a recess in the door lining for the handle of the closing device of the handle using an electric drill, chisel and chisel. Then you can set the receiving bar. Voila!

You installed the door handle yourself!