do it yourself step by step - Step by step instructions + Photo and Video

do it yourself step by step - Step by step instructions + Photo and Video The technology of building a wooden house from a bar with your own hands in stages. Those who have a country house are more than anyone else interested in building a wooden house. If you build a residential building from a bar, you will have comfortable housing, which differs from many buildings in high quality.

The technology of building a house from a bar is simple, and anyone who knows how to use a gasoline or electric saw can take up this business.

Let's take a look at how everything works.

Which timber to choose

Construction begins with the choice of materials. The main thing at this stage is to choose quality material. What do you need to know in order to make the right choice?

Properties such as strength and density are inherent in wood, and this can even be compared with metals, which means that the requirements for the choice of material for a wooden house in times higher. In a wooden house, the walls must be strong, have a long service life, and will also be excellent sound insulators. In addition, wood walls must maintain the temperature in the house.

But wood also has a number of disadvantages, since it does not have resistance to fire, with sedimentary deformation, which can appear shortly after construction.

Species of coniferous wood are an excellent option for home, as they meet all the requirements (including sanitary and hygienic), which means that the walls built from them will be durable and will serve you for a very long time. The key to success in the construction of a wooden house from a bar is a correctly selected material, therefore, purchase all blanks only from trusted manufacturers and only the best types that are distinguished by wear resistance and density.

There are two main types of timber - solid and profiled. Let's take a look at all of their pros and cons.

Comparative characteristics. Table

The profiled bar differs in that it is given a profile, which can have crown grooves or spikes. Such a connection is made along the entire length of the material, and then the surface is well polished. The finished timber is brought to the construction site, where you only need to collect dm from the already prepared elements.

Advantages Disadvantages

Profiled timber

  1. Houses have resistance to deformation, construction costs are low , easy assembly.

  1. This type of timber is still subject to the negative influence of the environment, as it is combustible.
  1. Due to the fact that the exact shape is set at the factory, you can build everything efficiently and quickly, the material is very beautiful outwardly and increases the thermal parameters walls.
  1. To increase the bioprotective and fire-retardant properties, special impregnation with several compounds is required.
  1. The surface of the walls is flat, no additional cladding is needed.
  1. The thickness of the walls, which are made of profiled timber, is not suitable for living in a house in winter.

    In this case, we advise you to insulate the house, but from the outside.

  1. There will be no focus of decay, which usually appears due to snow and rain, since the profile is made so that liquid does not get inside through the seam.
  1. Humidity can cause cracks when dry during warm seasons. For this reason, it is better to choose a timber that has passed the chamber drying, and the humidity in it is less than 20%.
  1. After successful shrinkage, caulking is not required.

  1. Once the house is ready, it will be impossible to make any redevelopment or add-on.
  1. Thermal insulation and protection against blowing is guaranteed, since the characteristic feature of the crowns is the tightness of the connection.

Now let's talk about the technology of building a house from a solid bar. Not only is this material very beautiful, it also has other advantages:

Advantages Disadvantages

Solid bar

  1. Quite low price, since at the time of preparation the wood retains natural moisture, which simplifies the process and makes it quick.
  1. Finishing costs will be higher than in the case of profiled timber.

    In order for the house to have a finished look, you will have to allocate a certain amount for sheathing with siding or clapboard.

  1. The wide distribution of the material, which means that you can buy it not only in construction companies, but also simply in special stores, but this is beneficial since you do not have to spend money on delivery.
  1. The timber will have to be chosen very carefully, as there may be problems during construction if it does not comply with GOST, and this will result in uneven walls.
  1. When buying, you pay for the order and will wait for it for a maximum of 10 days, all this due to the speed and ease of receiving the material.
  1. Sometimes timber comes on sale, which has been susceptible to fungal disease due to the moisture of the tree.

    Of course, you can treat wood with antiseptics, but even this will lead to a separate expense item.

  1. To use the technology of building a house from a solid bar, you will not need to use special equipment.
  1. The breathability of the inter-crown seams is strong, which means that the house will not store heat well.
  1. Cracking of a solid bar occurs after shrinkage and shrinkage of the material, and only double-sided cladding can save from this.

Procurement of materials

do it yourself step by step - Step by step instructions + Photo and Video The next and important stage in the technology of building a house from a bar is the purchase of building material.

You can buy ready-made material, and in this case you will get beams cut to the required size, in which there will be the necessary grooves, you just have to fold your house like a designer.

But you can prepare the material yourself, although you will have to take into account such factors: you need to choose only a healthy tree, on which there will be no through / large cracks, and the wood should not be eaten by bugs like bark beetles. Logs need to be cut evenly, and then treated with an antiseptic.

Building a house


Next, you need to be even more careful, since creating a house project is not so much just. When planning, it is worth carefully calculating everything, since this will play an important role in the purchase of material.

You can draw the project yourself, but there are many companies that will provide you with ready-made plans that meet the wishes of the customer. If you contact a construction company, the plan will be developed according to all geometric rules, and such a factor as seismic resistance and others will also be taken into account.

Foundation set from a bar

When you have dealt with the project, you should proceed to the foundation. The technology of building a house from a bar is also designed for the presence of a foundation, which must fully comply with all standards of strength and reliability.


The foundation and its choice depends on the following factors:

  • Characteristics of the soil on which the foundation will be .


  • Weight of the expected load.
  • Design features.

The foundation can be wood and concrete.

Some development companies prefer a concrete base, on which a brick base must be laid, and only after that the walls from a bar. But there are those who want a completely wooden house.


There is also a foundation:

  • Shallow
  • Ribbon.
  • Deep.
  • Columnar.

The most common of them are shallow and strip foundations. According to technology, it should have a depth of 0.5 to 0.7 m.

Construction of a house

do it yourself step by step - Step by step instructions + Photo and Video After everything is ready with the foundation, he begins to erect the frame.

In this case, it is important to choose the correct assembly. The technology of building walls from a bar is made in rows. By analogy, in such houses, the timber is laid on the timber, like the layers of lettuce, on top of each other. Thus, you will build the walls in stages.

The logs that will be used for construction have special grooves that make it possible to make a tight connection.

For insulation at the joints, a special material is used. You can strengthen the walls and make them stronger thanks to the spikes that connect the bars.

In a simplified version of the construction, an untreated pine beam is used. It is very lightweight and does not require a crane.

After that, when building a house from a bar, you need to take into account some nuances.

The seams must be caulked so that there is no blowing, and the walls should be treated with certain substances to ensure they are fireproof and durable.

Installing the floor and erecting the roof

Quite often, when building a house from beams, they use cheap material like ondulin. But the roof in such a house should not be of poor quality, which means that you cannot save on this element. It can be of any kind, it all depends on the rafter systems and the type of roof. Planks must be installed on each roof section.

Planks 10 * 4 cm are usually taken for braces and racks, and 15 * 4 for rafters.

After erecting the roof, proceed to the floor. It is done in two stages: first, a floorboard is laid, and after intermediate ones, a heat insulator must be laid between them.

Interior finishing

The final stage of the technology of building a house from profiled timber is finishing the house from the inside. This includes the installation of partitions and frames, door frames, a rough flooring is laid, on which insulation will be laid afterwards.

At the end, we finish all this with a topcoat. In addition, all communications are laid - water supply, electrical, sewerage and heating.


Regarding the exterior decoration, everything depends on the wishes of the owners of the house. You don't have to finish the house and thus get a rustic-style home, or you can paint with your favorite color - it all depends on you!

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