Do-it-yourself storage system for dressing room, pantry? + Video

Do-it-yourself storage system for dressing room, pantry? + Video Human life in everyday life is closely connected with various things. For the convenience of using them, it is necessary to correctly distribute them in accessible places and so that there is no interference and chaos from things and clothes. These tasks are solved by storage systems. They are called dressing rooms.

The article tells about storage systems in the house.

Various systems of order organization are presented. The basic rules for the assembly and creation of convenience in access to things are presented.

Storage systems. General information

A certain place is required for the installation of dressing rooms in residential premises.


Sizes dressing rooms depend on factors:

  • the number of people living and the number of things used,
  • housing dimensions,
  • system design use.

Type modifications of storage systems

  • furniture modules,
  • wall panels,
  • full-size frame systems ,
  • steel mesh modules.

How does the living area begin

First of all, before filling the dwelling with furniture, appliances and things, it is necessary to determine a place for a wardrobe. Even in a small apartment, storage space is allocated. It can be a small niche in the hallway or a separate room with its own microclimate in a cottage.

Then the system model is selected.

It should suit in size, spaciousness and accessibility to things, be in the same style with the decor of the room and at the same time remain in an invisible area.

The wardrobe compartment is most often hidden behind sliding doors for closed storage systems. They are made of frosted glass with drawings, mirrors, chipboards.

Modular wardrobe

The classic system, assembled from modular furniture. It can be a closed system, but as an option, leave it in an open area.

The modules are installed in niches or as an independent element in the general space of the room near the wall.

Do-it-yourself storage system for dressing room, pantry? + Video Components are made of laminated chipboard sheets. The complex can include various layouts of departments with shelves of linen, outerwear, bed linen, shoe cabinets.

It is possible to arrange the modules with pencil cases from floor to ceiling, hang individual cabinets on the wall. All elements are bolted together.

The shelves have only standard factory spacing.

Panel wardrobe system for home

Refers to an open storage system. Parts are made to order according to individual sizes.

Assembled from furniture panels fixed to the wall. Drawers, rods for clothes hangers, linen shelves are mounted to them with special fasteners.

The entire system is positioned on the wall from floor to ceiling, taking up all the free space.

System elements are decorated to match the style of the room interior. Available for review. Combination with a modular system and a frame complex is possible.

Frame metal wardrobes

Closed storage systems

Assembled from the main metal perforated rods that are mounted in space between the floor and the ceiling.

Between them the mesh panel is hung vertically. Shelves and mesh boxes are installed on hooks to it. A net is horizontally attached to the top for hanging the rods of outerwear under the ceiling.

The positions of the wardrobe elements can be constantly changed to meet the needs. Shelves and drawers are made of mesh and allow things to be ventilated.

Advantages of the system

  • reliable stability,
  • little time is spent on installation,
  • universal qualities, the position of the shelves is easily changed,
  • lightweight construction,
  • takes up little space,
  • is inaccessible for review,
  • are simply assembled on their own without involving outside specialists.

Wardrobe systems from mesh modules

Do-it-yourself storage system for dressing room, pantry? + Video They refer to closed systems. They are assembled from metal tubular racks with lintels, on which shelves and racks made of honeycomb mesh are then supported.

With the help of brackets, these modules are hung on horizontally perforated strips previously fixed to the wall.

Such wardrobes can be assembled with modular elements.

It is convenient to use them in the absence of a large space for storage systems.

Do-it-yourself storage system for dressing room, pantry? + Video

Mini hangers for trousers, lifts for outerwear pantographs are applicable in such systems. Everything serves to minimize the used space without losing functionality.

The mesh wardrobe can be easily assembled by hand. The design is easy to use and does not require special skills.

With use, in addition to the existing elements, new necessary shelves and drawers are purchased.

Do-it-yourself storage system for dressing room, pantry? + Video

General zoning rules for all types of wardrobes

It is imperative to divide the wardrobe volume into functional zones.

They will help to properly store and conveniently use household items:

  • top area, storage of hats,
  • the central area is allocated under pantographs, rods of different levels for hangers on which long things are placed; coats, dresses, suits, trousers.
  • side zones are set aside for shelves, which store bed linen, worn linen.
  • the bottom area is used for placing shoes.

Closed systems must be backlit.

Boxes must be used divided into compartments. Trouser hangers are used for large volumes of several pairs at once. Store scarves, shawls and shawls on one hanger.


The right storage system will allow you to start the day in a good mood.

Things are always in their place, there will be no time wasted in searching and choosing the right outfit for going out to work or spending leisure time.