Do-it-yourself thermal film insulation of windows: Review + Video

Do-it-yourself thermal film insulation of windows: Review + Video Thermal film for windows - How to make a house warmer without extra spending. Due to the fact that the cost of energy carriers has increased, more and more people began to think about how to make additional thermal insulation of windows. Why is insulation of window blocks necessary? The fact is that the heat loss through the windows is as much as 30%, and in winter this value can increase to 70%.

In addition, if we are talking about the owners of a private house, then the heated area is larger, which means that it will be much more profitable to buy thermal film for plastic windows than to heat the house more or install new windows.

General Keeping warm

Do-it-yourself thermal film insulation of windows: Review + Video You can save warmth in a house or apartment using various methods, and fortunately, there are several of them.

The most common method of keeping warm will be to seal the cracks in the windows using ordinary polyurethane foam. This will help reduce heat loss by up to 90%. There is another option - to insulate the walls from the outside, as well as from the inside of the house.

A more modern and simpler way would be to use energy-saving films to insulate windows. Such material will help to cope with the task much better than other products.

Insulating windows with a heat-saving film is an excellent option for thermal insulation.

Features of the film for saving heat

Monanollic type film is made of several layers at once, and also contains various components. The thickness of each of the layers is several millimeters. The surface of the thermal film is coated with an ultra-thin metal layer. It can be silver, gold, or even nickel.

Due to the fact that the film thickness is only a few millimeters, light is able to pass and enter the room without obstacles. You will be able to save your own money on energy, and heat losses will be much less.

Also, due to the small thickness, the heat-reflecting shrink film for windows has a refractive effect, and the low-emission membrane becomes an excellent insulation. Due to the unique structure of the material, heat losses will be significantly reduced in winter, and the optimal temperature inside the room will also be better maintained. In the summer, such a product will not allow the heated air flow to get inside.

For this reason, the room will always have coziness and comfort.

The process of creating a thermal film

The manufacture of such a material for thermal insulation is carried out based on knowledge of what the properties of the spectrum of sunlight are.

It, in turn, consists of three parts:

  • Infrared radiation.
  • Ultraviolet radiation.
  • Visible radiation.

The second part of the spectrum is visible, is the light that is required for biological processes in the human body. These physical properties are fundamental to the creation of a heat-saving film that has received extremely positive reviews. Let's consider all the advantages and disadvantages of using a product for insulation instead of a third glass.

Advantages of using thermal film

Consider the advantages of thermal film on glass:

  • Energy-saving film for windows has unrepeatable, unique functioning. It filters out light radiation, but at the same time retains two parts of the light spectrum (ultraviolet and infrared). But visibility is still maintained, so the throughput remains top notch.
  • Due to the physical characteristics listed above, the energy-saving thermal insulation film is an excellent barrier for thermal energy to escape from the room. At the same time, a cozy and comfortable temperature for all will be maintained in the room.

  • The use of thermal film is simple, and you can buy it on the construction market or in any specialized store.
  • You can save money by saving on heating during the winter season and on air conditioning during the summer.
  • After using the heat-saving film, the appearance of the interior will not change and will not differ in any way from the original, since this material filters out ultraviolet rays, which are the cause of interior burnout.
  • This product does not have a mirror image, and the window will remain transparent even after using film.
  • But from the outside there will be just a mirror effect.

    The window has only one-sided visibility, and the insulation film itself looks aesthetically pleasing.

These are the main advantages of such an insulating product.

Negative aspects of using thermal film

Now it's worth talking about the main disadvantages:

  • The main negative point is that such a heat-insulating product cannot function normally in the spring, since during this period the central heating will be turned off, and the building will no longer receive enough heat in the cool season.
  • In the instructional material for the installation of thermal film, it is indicated that it cannot be used for the construction of greenhouses, since electromagnetic radiation is vital for plants, which will be able to uniform development and growth. For this reason, if you use such a film in rooms where there are plants, it will adversely affect the latter.

    You will be required not to put flowers on the windowsill.

  • To get the desired result, you need to follow all the nuances and rules exactly. For this reason, only professionals can do such work.They will be able to perform all work at the highest level, with high quality.

Now let's talk about installation.

Installation and Thermal insulation of PVC windows with a film

PVC windows that have an additional thermal insulation layer as a film for saving heat are the most durable. Even if there is a strong blow, the glass will not fly into small pieces, but only deform. Due to this, it turns out to achieve the highest possible security. Insulation of plastic windows in certain cases is carried out not only with the help of a film.

Although the frames of the windows are made of plastic, additional insulation with the help of rubber seals will not hurt, because otherwise the glass will still let the cold air flow into the room.

Even the owners of a double-glazed unit will not be able to have perfect thermal insulation, and therefore it is better to use the film as a "third glass".

Installation instructions

To install and insulate windows with thermal film, you need to do the following:

  • Do-it-yourself thermal film insulation of windows: Review + Video Most thermal films have a self-adhesive backing, but certain media are able to adhere to glass due to some adhesive conditions.
  • Before proceeding with the direct installation, it is imperative to prepare the glass and their surface. This includes washing the windows thoroughly, and after you wash them, be sure to wipe them dry. Additionally, you will need to use a degreasing solution for processing.

  • Then you can start the procedure for mounting the heat-saving film. It should be applied very carefully, and if "wrinkles" appear, it should be well smoothed out with an ordinary soft cloth. You can also use a special tool that closely resembles a car glass brush.
  • After ironing out the wrinkles on the glass surface, remove the rest of the material. This can be done with an assembly knife.

And what is the "third glass"? Installing the "third glass"

To install additional glass, you will need to use the following tools - household hair dryer, scissors, office knife. According to the recommendations of professionals, the installation of such a product should be carried out jointly with someone, and the ideal option would be to stick a thermal film around the entire perimeter of the glass.

Thermal film for windows is a good material and you can even stick it with your own hands.

Heat protection membrane - we provide detailed instructions:

  • The surface should be pre-treated with degreasing compounds.
  • After you complete the processing procedure, a special agent should be glued around the entire window perimeter, namely double-sided tape.

  • The two layers of thermal foil should be peeled apart, and in order to do this correctly, they should be slightly blown into it, or gently severed with a utility knife.
  • It is required to cut the thermal protection film only according to the parameters of the window. You should also take into account the reinforcement with adhesive tape, which is from 2 to 3 cm. Next, you should check how correctly you did the cutting. For this, a part of the product made of film should be applied to the surface of the window.

  • After that, remove a strip of paper from the layer that is double-sided.
  • Next, carefully stick the product onto the tape. This procedure will be easier if someone can help you. If wrinkles appear, then you should not pay attention to them, but rather try to evenly glue the membrane to the tape around the entire perimeter of the window frame.
  • Since the membrane for thermal insulation also has shrinkage, after installation, the surface should be smooth.

    To do this, use a regular hair dryer to dry your hair. Start blowing a little over the surface of the film, but do not overdo it, as after a certain time the material will acquire the desired appearance. This is due to exposure to sunlight, while all the technical initial characteristics of the product remain the same.

Please note, that, according to the recommendations of a professional, insulation should be started from small windows.

Now remember - the thermal insulation membrane must be replaced once a year.

Editing is usually done in mid-autumn (around October). The film should be removed in late spring, in May. If the energy-saving thermal insulation film breaks during use, an impromptu repair can be performed. This work should be done with transparent tape. Perform repairs carefully, or you can simply replace the film on the window.

The "third glass" membrane will help insulate the room.

At the moment, thermal film for energy-saving windows is actively used in kindergarten, school and factories. Heat insulating energy saving film has become so popular not so long ago. It is better to entrust the fastening to the true masters of their craft, who will perform the work without problems and with high quality. If the fastening is done independently and with your own hands, then you should clearly follow the user's instructions, without improvisation.

By using a heat-saving membrane, you will be able to significantly save money on heating your home. Your home will become even cozier and more comfortable. Thermal insulation of a window surface with a film is an excellent way to achieve a pleasant microclimate.

Cost of material

The price category of the material and elements to be used in the kit will depend on many factors:

  • Brand ( manufacturer's brand).
  • Film thickness.

  • Canvas sizes (the more area you buy, the more profitable).
  • Delivery possibility.
  • Calling an employee who will be able to correct the nuances or complete the installation on his own.

Minimum cost by size:

  • 1. 2 * 1.

    2 meters - from 170 to 230 rubles.

  • 1. 2 * 3 meters - from 230 to 310 rubles.
  • 1. 5 * 2.

    5 meters - from 240 to 320 rubles.

  • 2 * 3 meters - 386 rubles.

3 * 6 meters - from 670 to 730 rubles.

Examples of prices depending on the size:

  • For example, for a window size of 0. 9 * 1.

    2 meters - you will need material in size 0.94 * 1. 24 meters and approximately 2.4 meters of colorless tape.

  • The size of the window is 1.

    5 * 2 meters, and then you will need a film of 1.52 * 2. 02 meters, as well as about 7.4 measure of transparent tape.

Please note, that all calculations are preliminary, as sometimes cutting of materials may be required.

It is better to do a little more so that there are no moments with the joining of additional segments, which can aggravate the situation and contribute to unnecessary seams.

User reviews

Eugene, 28 years old, Saranx: "It seems to be ordered normal windows from a popular company and with two cameras, so that for sure, but still in winter I noticed that the lower part of the glass unit began to freeze, and this surprised me (infuriated). I decided to read an article about the film - I bought it, hired craftsmen. They did everything , I'm happy, the problems are gone. Everything suits me, but I don't know how others have it.


Natalie, 34 years old, Izhevsk: "My husband decided to install the film on the windows, in principle I did not notice the effect. But this was only at the beginning, after I I drew attention to the temperature in the apartment. Our heating is autonomous, before with such a boiler it was a little cool, but we got used to it, we save, and now it's very warm, I took out summer pajamas (T-shirt and shorts), I walk freely, I don't even get cold. "

Marat, 21 years old, Bataysk: "I installed the film last year, because it’s horrible in a rented apartment, some crooked people were installing windows. I sealed the cracks with a sealant, and glued the film on the windows for reliability, I still don’t tear it off.

No defects have formed on it in a year, I will remove it when it breaks, the effect is good, I advise. "


Yes, to save heat will require not only the use of high-quality windows, as well as their timely repair, but also the use of auxiliary for example, a polymer film. Despite its unattractive appearance, it has many advantages, and most importantly, it retains heat in the home. The low price of the material only increases its popularity among potential consumers.

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