do it yourself - Types and step by step instructions + Photo and Video

do it yourself - Types and step by step instructions + Photo and Video Hasp for garage doors: do it yourself. To protect your garage from burglary, usually several types of locks are placed on the gate. But the problem is that the design features of standard locks are already known to thieves and burglary methods have been mastered. But still there is a way out - a bolt for a garage door, which, if desired, can be made by hand.

Self-made locks are good because you can think of original and unknown constructions that burglars simply cannot open.

If you make a lock with increased secrecy, you will make them more secure. On swing gates, you can install almost all types of bolts and locks.

It will be difficult to install locks on other types of gates, for example, overhead or sectional doors, so we advise you to seek help from specialists in this field.

Types of bolts

Before buying bolts for garage doors, you should know that for good fixation of the doors, you should also use latches that will press both or one sash, as well as internal bolts that can only be opened from the outside in a certain way.

do it yourself - Types and step by step instructions + Photo and Video Flask locks have a lever in their design and work on the principle of flask latches and cans, hence the name.

These locks perfectly pull the gate to the frame and press it tightly.

But there are also container locks. This design is based on a cam mechanism that rotates the stem to close and open with a little effort. Functioning locks of this type may have a special secret mechanism.

Lanyards or screw locks perfectly attract the gate to the frame, but opening and closing in this case will take a lot of time.

Pinwheel type constipation

This is a fairly simple but effective DIY garage door bolt, and it is very difficult to find one on sale. But you can easily do it yourself. It will be inside the garage, there will be no parts outside, which means it will be impossible to open it. The spinner acts as a sash lock, it can be closed and opened only from the inside, and it will be possible to leave and enter through the gate, which is locked from the outside.

A spinner is an iron rectangular strip or a rectangular shaped pipe, where a through bolt acts as an axis.

It is easy to make it:

  1. As a locking mechanism for double-leaf gates, you can choose a wooden bar or a metal strip (0.5 cm). The length of the strip / bar is equal to 2/3 of the width of the gate.
  2. A spinner (1.2-1.

    5 cm) rotates on the bolt, it is installed in the securing gate leaf at ground level of 0.6-0.7 m for the convenience of opening and closing the gate.

  3. On both sides of the flaps at a height of 0.6-0.

    7 m, two groove profiles must be welded, the strip of the valve must freely enter into them when closing.

  4. Distance - approximately in the center of each gate leaf - the strip in the "closed" position should slightly protrude beyond the edges of the profile that holds the gate.
  5. For easy and convenient rotation, two washers should be put on the bolt.

Important! The head of the bolt should be ground off and painted over so that it is not visible to strangers.


By design features, everything looks like a bolt of the "pinwheel" type, but the locking strip made of metal should be tightly fixed not in the separately welded narrow grooves, and in a channel, which is welded over the entire width of the second sash.

How do I bolt a garage door? You will need to weld the eyelets at the ends of the channel and the locking strip so that you can secure the deadbolt with a padlock.

Sliding bolt with the possibility of fixing

If it is easy to make a barrier or a spinner with your own hands, if you have a welding machine, then it is better to create a reliable and good gate valve for a garage door contact specialty stores. Depending on what material the sashes are made of, you can choose the design and dimensions of the valve.

The only drawback of such a bolt is that there is no fixing strength, and in a strong wind, the flaps from the corrugated board will twist. For this reason, install 3 bolts that will fix the sashes at a gap of 50 cm from the bottom and one of them in the center on the stiffeners.

Latches of vertical type

The vertical bolt on the garage door is an armature bent on one side in the form of a letter L (12-14), length which will be 0.7 m.

The doors are locked according to the following principle:

  • do it yourself - Types and step by step instructions + Photo and Video Weld the pieces of the pipe to the gate, namely to the shutters, the diameter of the reinforcement rod must match the dimensions of the pipe.
  • We cement a couple of pipe pieces into the garage floor on both sides - this will be your fixation for the shut-off valves.
  • In the closed position, the lock will be due to the rods lowered into the pipe, and the gate will not be able to open from the outside.

For ease of opening, fixing grooves can be welded on both sides, into which the curved handle of the vertical bolt reinforcement can be inserted.

A bolt with a secret mechanism

A secret mechanism for garage doors can be done as follows - weld pieces of a metal rectangular pipe with a section of 0.15 m on the inside of the sash (it will protrude into the role of the guide). Next, we do so that a rectangular rod 4.5 * 4.

5 cm will move along them. One guide is welded from the end so that the bolt does not fall out. The length of the bolt itself is 1.2-1.8 m.

Outside, the bolt has 4 bolts, but only one will be useful - it will keep the bolt locked up. The rest are required only for distraction. For camouflage, you can also use a fake keyhole, behind which a part of the lock will be placed.If you insert a key into it, the illusion of opening will be created, but in fact nothing will happen. In this case, you can use a spark plug wrench or a screwdriver.

There will be cuts in the twig, when hit into which, the key will move the bolt. Above, you can install a safe lock with crossbars.

Open a gate with such an interesting lock like this:

  1. Slightly unscrew a certain bolt that holds the bolt.
  2. Insert a special key or a screwdriver into the lock, open the bolt in several turns.
  3. Open the safe lock.

  4. Unlock the second sash, which is fixed from the inside with the vertical bolts.

Do not forget that you need to regularly lubricate the lock so that you can unscrew 4 bolts one by one, and it was not clear which one is used more often.

Drawings of the gate bolts

do it yourself - Types and step by step instructions + Photo and Video do it yourself - Types and step by step instructions + Photo and Video

Overhead lock-latch

The hasp on the garage door is reliable, but you can use an interesting lock ...

Its main feature is considered to be an unusual key that can be used to open the structure.

  • do it yourself - Types and step by step instructions + Photo and Video A sheet of metal can be used as the base of the lock, the thickness of which will be about 0.3 cm. a circle should be cut out, the diameter of which will be 0.1 m.

  • For an overlay, take the same sheet and cut out rectangles 12 * 2.2 cm in size from it.Use a vice to bend them as shown in the diagram ...

  • You will need a guide tube, which will be 1 cm in diameter, and cut one end of it 60 degrees.
  • We make the valve.
  • We weld overlays along the edges of the bases.
  • For fixing on the gate leaf we make holes in the corners of the plate.
  • Insert the guide tube into the hole in the plate with the bevel towards the plate.

    Weld the tube perpendicular to the base.

  • Place the latch in the linings.
  • Insert 2 screws with a diameter of 0.4 cm into the valve. They will act as a stop for the valve.

  • Make a key.
  • Bend the tip at a right angle and cut 60 degrees on the other side. Next, cut out the beard and collect the key.
  • Drill some additional holes in the valve.

Vertical locks and latches

It is much easier to make different types of latches than to make a bolt for garage doors with your own hands.

For the first, you only need a piece of pipe in which you need to make cuts for the closed and open position of the bolt. For reliability, you can also weld "ears" for the padlock. In general, the disadvantage of latches is that they will not be able to tightly pull the sash to the frame, so you will have to install additional locks.

With a vertical bolt, the reinforcement will enter the hole in the ceiling or floor of the garage. It can be made so that it will be possible to open the gate with a secret cable.

It will be lifted by a gear that will rotate thanks to a screwdriver or a key that can be inserted into a disguised keyhole. We advise you to make a safety net and stretch the emergency cable, which will be in a different place, and it will be possible for him to pull it manually if the main mechanism is damaged.

Locking mechanism "sea container"

This is a very convenient design for garage swing gates, which will be appreciated by any garage operator - you do not need will bend down when opening the garage door, and it will not be difficult to make such a lock with your own hands:

  1. do it yourself - Types and step by step instructions + Photo and Video Weld on the pressing flap the rings with legs for a smooth pipe, they should be 1.5-1.6 cm in diameter.

    From the upper gate frame, the first distance is 20 cm, and the second in the center and the third is also 20 cm, but from the floor.

  2. We attach two hooks on both sides.
  3. We attach two hooks to the frame from below and from above.
  4. When the pipe turns, the hooks will securely fix the sash.

But in the middle of the pipe, which will turn, you need to weld a piece of pipe about 0.

3 m - this will be a kind of handle for turning the bolt. You can see the same principle of operation in wagons, everything is simple, hermetically sealed, and reliable.

As you can see, you can make a bolt to the garage with your own hands, and something is very easy to do, but you will have to sweat over something and learn how to use a welding machine. But the main advantage is that you can make a custom design that will make it possible to protect the garage well.