Do-it-yourself water tank for a summer residence - manufacturing

Do-it-yourself water tank for a summer residence - manufacturing Do-it-yourself water tank for summer cottages - manufacturing

At a suburban summer cottage in a large number of cases no permanent water supply. To always have a water supply in the country, you will need a container of the required volume. You can buy it in specialized stores, or do it yourself. by the way, it is in the second case that you can save a lot.

Such a design is not a whim, but a necessity, because water can only be pumped on schedule or even absent altogether.

Unfortunately, in dry weather, plants may not wait until watering starts. In fact, it is painful to watch how fruits and vegetables, as well as flowers, will perish under the scorching rays of the sun.

The only option for saving them would be a do-it-yourself water tank for giving as an additional source of water.

Varieties of containers

By the way, a container for storing water can be bought in specialized trading establishments. In this case, you will be able to quickly solve the problem without putting some physical effort.

But in this case, you will need to incur financial expenses. If there is no desire to throw away the money earned, but there is a need for additional water supply, then a container for collecting and storing water can be made independently.

Home-made containers, as a rule, are made on the basis of suitable materials, which will be played by:

  • Plastic.
  • Metal.
  • Wood.

Each of these options will involve the use of appropriate tools, as well as performing actions exactly according to the instructions. Also, water containers can vary greatly depending on the purpose. If water is required in order to water the garden, the tank must be large enough. The owners of dacha-type plots often try to make an outdoor shower. Water is also important for its normal functioning.

The reservoir for collecting water mass can be small, as well as medium depending on family members who will plan to take a water treatment every day. In individual cases, the purpose of purchasing or building an additional water reservoir will be to provide a supply of drinking water. Additional requirements can be put forward for such containers, since it is important to maintain cleanliness, as well as the drinking properties of water.

Overview and details

Containers made of metal

Structures made of metal are often used to store a mass of water. To create them, different metals are used, depending on the purpose for which the water collection is planned.

If it is important to keep drinking water in reserve, stainless steel with high quality is selected for the manufacture of a metal tank. Even from this capacity, new requirements are being put forward:

  • Do-it-yourself water tank for a summer residence - manufacturing Cutting the water edge.
  • Mounting a protective mesh on the hole.
  • Mandatory presence of a ventilated hole, which will be tightly closed with a lid.

This design allows you to maintain the quality of drinking water.

Twice a year, such a reservoir must be cleaned, and it can be done using disinfectants. To facilitate the process of washing a metal barrel, a hatch of sufficient diameter is installed on the side. Such a hatch will be equipped with seals in order to ensure a normal degree of tightness. The owners of dacha-type plots are still striving to purchase or even make metal tanks in order to store water, which they plan to use for technical needs in the future:

  • Solutions for household tasks.
  • Collection of water from rain.

  • Watering the garden.

In such cases, I take any metals as a basis. By the way, most summer residents install metal barrels specifically to collect water after rain. Such a solution will significantly save on water consumption. There is also a great opportunity to buy any barrels, even those that were previously in use.

It is important that no toxic chemicals are stored in them until then.

Plastic containers

Plastic containers, as well as barrels, are very popular because:

  • Do-it-yourself water tank for a summer residence - manufacturing Their price is much lower than that of stainless counterparts.
  • Plastic barrels can be purchased in different sizes.
  • The construction will not need additional sealing.
  • They will not rust.

  • Barrels will not need priming and surface painting.
  • Plastic housings offer excellent resistance to temperature extremes.

Do-it-yourself water containers can be made of plastic, and food grade plastic will have additional advantages:

  • High level of frost resistance.
  • High level of durability.
  • High level of reflection of ultraviolet rays.

Due to similar features of water in such containers does not deteriorate for a long time. Most of the food plastic barrels will have holes, and their diameter makes it possible to mount taps in them. Plastic drums can be horizontal and vertical. An even high degree of popularity is enjoyed by euro cubes, which are placed in a metal-type crate for an additional degree of strength and stability.

How to make containers from a tire with your own hands

If you can't buy water containers for a small amount, but you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can make a construction yourself .

.. the storage tank can be made from scrap materials that are on the farm, or they can be borrowed from friends / neighbors free of charge. For example, you can even use old tires. It is desirable that these were tires from tractors, since they have a huge diameter.

Initially, you should determine the place where the structure will be delivered later. This space should be leveled, and then you can start creating the main structure, following the step-by-step instructions:

  • Cut off the top of the inner type from the tire.
  • The cut tire should be laid out in the prepared place.
  • Prepare the mortar by combining cement and sand in a ratio of 1 to 3, adding water until the mixture is sour cream.
  • The solution should be poured onto the bottom of the tire, it is important to level the surface.

  • Cover the tire with the solution with polyethylene and leave it for a week (polyethylene will perform protective functions, and will also prevent the aggressive effects of rain).
  • After a week, remove the film and fill the volume with water.

Making such a reservoir is not difficult, but here you should remember the fact that water from such a container can be used only for technical purposes. A great advantage of such a container will be that the accumulated mass of water in it will quickly heat up.

Wooden structures

For the manufacture of a wooden tank, the following should be prepared:

  • Self-tapping screws.

  • Geotextile type of insulation.
  • Boards.
  • Polyethylene type film.
  • Bricks.
  • Timber beams.

As soon as all materials are prepared and delivered to the site, you can start erecting a wooden structure according to this plan:

  1. First, you should level the site.
  2. Bricks should be laid around the entire perimeter of the site.
  3. Beams should be laid on top of the bricks.
  4. The wood must be attached to the frame with self-tapping screws.
  5. On top of a structure that has been prepared in advance, OSB plates should be laid out and fixed (also by means of self-tapping screws).

  6. Make a frame from the boards, and fix it on the sides of a previously made wooden base.
  7. OSB sheets should be screwed to the side boards that are already installed.
  8. The inner part of the timber structure is tightened with geo-style.
  9. Put the film on top (its size should be such that it goes over the edges of the wooden box).
  10. It is important to nail two planks crosswise on the top of the tank to provide an additional degree of structural stability.

  11. If the tank will be of a large volume, it is necessary to fix wood struts from the outside of the structure.

Water should be poured into the previously prepared tank. The pressure should not be large to allow the plastic wrap to smooth out smoothly under water pressure and pressure.

Film pond

How to make a water container with your own hands? Some summer residents are trying to learn how to make a small private pond at their summer cottage using film. The process of making such a pond is also simple, and still quite affordable for everyone.

Subsequently, this pond can be decorated, and turn it from the most ordinary reservoir for storing water into a non-standard element of the landscape. Before you start creating a pond from film, you can watch a video that shows all the step-by-step actions. You can also study the step-by-step instructions and follow it in the future:

  1. First, you need to dig a suitable hole (depth and shape may be different).
  2. The bottom should be covered with crushed stone, tamped, and also covered with sand and tamped again.
  3. Next, geotextiles should be laid on the bottom.

  4. The purchased film in the retail network is recommended to be kept for 2 hours in direct sunlight.
  5. The film should be laid on the bottom of the excavated pit (if you cannot buy a whole piece, and separate film parts should be glued together using a specialized adhesive).

  6. It is important to cover not just the bottom of the pit with a film, but also the side parts.
  7. It is important to fill the pond with at least 30% water.
  8. After three hours, top up with water so that the total does not exceed 60%.

  9. After another three hours, it is important to top up the water, filling the prepared container to the full.
  10. It is important to cut off the film ends.
  11. Decorate the outer borders of the pond along the entire perimeter.

So, we have already considered all the most accessible methods of how to make a water container with our own hands in the country. They will not be the only way to store water.

For example, a concrete container will be much stronger, more durable, but it is difficult to manufacture and will entail additional costs. You will also need skills in the preparation and application of concrete solution.

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