Do we assemble the subfloor in a wooden house with our own hands? Review + Video on logs or screed

Do we assemble the subfloor in a wooden house with our own hands? Review + Video on logs or screed A durable, beautiful and reliable floor is undoubtedly a significant part of a successful renovation. There are many different types of flooring available. This is a solid solid wood, respectable parquet, fashionable laminate, traditional linoleum, tiles from different materials. But all the variety has one thing in common - for any type of coverage in the house, a sub-floor is needed. [contents ]

So what is it? This term is a fairly broad concept.

This refers to any solid base required for the installation of the final floor covering. This name is also used to refer to the bottom of a double plank floor. It has a complex design - the lag system is placed on a base base, two layers of lathing are mounted on it, an upper and a lower one. Skull bars are attached to the lower frame, and already on them the subfloor itself is laid from wood-based panels or plywood sheets.

Later on the first base, in the gap between the lags, a vapor barrier and insulation material is placed.

Only after that do the top flooring of the boards. If you figure it out, this process is not particularly difficult.

However, in order to make a rough floor with your own hands, you will need to familiarize yourself in more detail with the methodology for its installation, having read the description of each stage.

How to make a subfloor: instructions

Do we assemble the subfloor in a wooden house with our own hands? Review + Video on logs or screed
Antiseptic treatment

Anyone who intends to tackle the installation of the lower deck must ensure that the subfloor is well ventilated. Some experts advise making a certain number of large holes in the corners of the structure.

Later they can be covered with a special grill. The entire subfloor must be treated with an antiseptic solution.


Lags are called special beams that are used for installation in a wooden house of a finished floor. For their manufacture, it is quite possible to use wood of the second or third grade. Such wood often has a not very smooth surface, so it can be slightly leveled before use.

The side to which the topcoat will be installed later can be hewn with an ax.

It is not necessary to achieve a perfectly smooth surface, but you should try to make the log as even as possible. Indeed, the evenness and horizontality of the planned floor will be directly related to this. All logs should be completely treated with an antiseptic.

They can be installed in two different ways - on the base or on the floor.

Device on the base

How to install such a floor in the indicated way? First, you need to remove the upper part of the loose soil, then this place is good leveled, fine gravel is poured there.

Do we assemble the subfloor in a wooden house with our own hands? Review + Video on logs or screed
Subfloor scheme

It must be well compacted.Then they begin to mark the future placement of the lag. They should not be placed directly on the rubble; strong supports will be required.

Often, a grillage wrapped with roofing material is used in this role, but it can also be the bars that make up the lower strapping.

Support pillars, according to this technology, must be fixed to the foundation. For its construction, the same technology is used as for the arrangement of brick supports. First, a waterproofing film is laid on it, only then the lag itself is installed. It is attached to the post with self-tapping screws, dowels and corners. In a brick house, you can lay logs in exactly the same way.

Subfloor over slab

Long joists must be installed correctly and well fixed. How to hold this event in the overlap method? In the lower trim of the main walls, grooves should be made, equal in depth to the width of the beam. It is in them that well-planed logs should lie exactly. Rubber gaskets put on their ends in advance will help dampen unwanted noise.

Do we assemble the subfloor in a wooden house with our own hands? Review + Video on logs or screed
How the sub-floor is arranged

But grooves alone will not hold such a heavy beam, it must be reinforced additionally.

Brick pillars are used as such a reliable support. How to make them right? Along the line of the planned placement of the logs, at an equal distance from each other, holes of 40/20/20 size are dug. Their bottom is filled with compacted gravel, and sand is just as well compacted from above.

Then a square piece of special reinforcement mesh is placed there. The prepared pit is filled with sand-concrete mortar made of water, cement and sand in a ratio of 0.

5 x1 x3. When the concrete hardens well, a layer of roofing material is spread over it. Only after all the measures have been taken, a brick pillar is installed on this foundation.

The distance between the separately located logs depends on which specific boards are supposed to be used for the finishing coating. The main principle taken into account is that the smaller the thickness of the prepared boards, the larger the lag should be, and the smaller the distance between them.

It is impossible to lay the timber directly on the manufactured supports, they must be separated by a layer of waterproofing material.

It is important to remember that after installing all the necessary lags, they must be fastened together. Otherwise, during subsequent work, they may begin to diverge.

Arrangement and fastening of the timber

Do we assemble the subfloor in a wooden house with our own hands? Review + Video on logs or screed
Rough floor and installation osb

When the joists are installed, then you can proceed to the manufacture of the bottom deck. For this, first of all, a support is assembled, for which a thick beam of 40 * 50 is required.

On both sides of the log, it is attached to its lower part. Experienced builders often advise using not a ready-made timber for this, but a 40 * 150 board.It can be dissolved to create three separate pieces, which will significantly save on sub-flooring. Three shards necessary for work will come out of only one board.

By this point, the homeowner has probably already decided what kind of final flooring he likes and what is his preferred sub-floor.

It is much more convenient for a not too experienced craftsman to manipulate piece sheet materials - pieces of chipboard or OSB, plywood. For this, you can purchase sheets 1.2 centimeters thick, which will fit in two layers.

For reliable fastening of the flooring, it is necessary to assemble and fix the crate. It is formed from transverse additional bars, and is fixed on the support bar: on its lower base.

The joints of the covering sheets should run along the very center of the transverse bridges.

Do we assemble the subfloor in a wooden house with our own hands? Review + Video on logs or screed Professionals recommend purchasing low-quality material for arranging a rough base in a private frame house. For this, a picket fence, waste board or slab is suitable. Why such a preference for this particular type of materials? The base located at the bottom responds very actively to possible changes in humidity and temperature. It is these recommended materials that are able to change their shape, and feel comfortable enough in various harsh conditions.

After the completion of all the indicated work, proceed to the next procedure - installation of the subfloor insulation. But first, a reliable waterproofing layer is required to be laid on the lower base. In this capacity, you can use a simple polyethylene film. She reliably wraps the entire base entirely, not forgetting about the formation of niches for placing thermal insulation.

It is important to remember that during all the insulation measures you need to be extremely careful.

You should move along the beams as carefully as possible so as not to accidentally break the boards of the lower base. It is better to use only lags for movement. You can also put thick boards on top of the supports, on which you can safely walk without fear of consequences.

The correct subfloor: the profitability of the typesetting set

The above describes in detail how to equip floors in the house, how to mount a double base, and produce high-quality insulation. Undoubtedly, the installation of a solid sub-floor will affect the final cost of the work.

But all the expenses made will more than pay off after a while. It has already been proven in practice that such a design can save up to a third of energy during the heating season. This is a significant share of the family budget, as well as a strong argument in favor of just such a device for wooden flooring. Do we assemble the subfloor in a wooden house with our own hands? Review + Video on logs or screed

The following fact can be considered a separate bonus. A well-made rough base can significantly increase the service life of the final decorative floor covering.

For this reason, it is highly desirable to arrange floors in a wooden house using this technology. It is quite possible to carry out habitual and simple procedures with your own hands. Compared to analogues, for example, concrete floor pouring, the recommended construction will have a much lower cost.

Does the subfloor made of wood have any faults?

They are few, but they are:

  • Do not use the device double wooden decking in rooms where high humidity is expected.
  • This construction is not only strong, but also quite rigid.

    For this reason, it is rather poor at damping various shock noises.

A detailed description in the article of various methods of flooring will help a novice master to assemble a rough floor at home on his own. Guided by the above, you can get a clear idea of ​​the sequence and correctness of the necessary construction activities.

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