Drawings and Costs- Overview + Video

Drawings and Costs- Overview + Video How to make a garage pencil case with your own hands. The problem with car placement was 20 years ago, and today, and it is unlikely that it will ever disappear. Because of this, the number of paid parking lots, parking lots and the number of vehicles is growing, and for this reason, buying a garage gives the owner difficulties in the form of its location, price and other things.

For this reason, many motorists opt for a conventional pencil case garage.

Design features

At first it may seem that there is nothing special in the device of a metal garage-pencil case:

When calculating the mass of the garage, taking into account the frame, which weighs from 100 to 130 kg, the total weight with corrugated sheets will be approximately 340 kg. According to the final calculation, it is perfectly clear that the total weight, taking into account the foundation, will not be more than half a tone. If you are going to make a garage box for a minibus, the structure can weigh a ton.

Please note, that the size of the garage can be small, up to 9 m 2 , or it can be huge, where a pickup or minibus can easily enter.

Many motorists in big cities, who park their cars near their houses, have replaced the garage-shell for a garage-pencil case.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each design, including a garage, has its advantages and disadvantages, and such a garage is no exception. You can look for flaws and problems when using such a box made of steel, but the demand for such designs proves that it is they who are reliable protection against burglaries. The effectiveness of this design is best judged from experience.

Conditions for storing a car in a metal garage-case

For a number of reasons, this garage can be called the best way to store a car:

  • Drawings and Costs- Overview + Video If the structure is properly assembled, you will have a kind of steel umbrella that can withstand wind and hurricanes, rain, snow and hail. According to the manufacturers, the roof of the pencil case can withstand up to 105 kg / m 2 .

    Taking into account the fact that the garage perfectly protects the coating from sand, sun and bird droppings, the price of the issue of 70,000 rubles does not seem prohibitive.

  • Due to the fact that there is no insulation in the standard design, condensation and steam will form inside, which guarantees high quality storage. In summer, heating will only improve ventilation.
  • Due to its low weight, the structure can be installed without a foundation, so such garages can be called temporary structures.

Important! For this reason, documentary registration of the garage as a capital construction is not required, only the permission of the owner of the land plot for installation is required.

But there are also a lot of shortcomings - strong heating in summer, a weak level of protection. Problems can be solved if you supply electricity to the garage.

Assembling the structure

The price of the garage for the assembly and installation is usually estimated as 10% of the cost of the object. But many owners prefer to do everything with their own hands. First, you will need to prepare the site for installation, remove the sod and level the horizon using a rammer and a level check.

The first layer is gravel and tamping with a wooden mallet. After sand is poured and then you can start assembling the garage-pencil case.

The first step is to assemble the base and side panels of the structure. Before assembly, you should calculate everything according to the drawing and make blanks in the form of sections of a steel profile or pipe. According to the installation scheme, we mark each element and sign it according to its location on the drawing.

Ideally, markers of different colors will be used for different fragments (ceiling, walls, base).

Next, you need to collect the bottom contour. To do this, drive the mounting pegs into the ground, and then lay out the contour rectangle from pieces of pipe, connect with bolts and grab with a welding machine. If everything fits exactly to the mm and with the corners, you can weld everything completely. After that, it remains to weld the transverse segments along the lower contour.

Construction drawings

Drawings and Costs- Overview + Video

Drawings and Costs- Overview + Video

After that, we weld the vertical posts to the base. The position of each of them will need to be marked and set according to a tape measure, a building level and a plumb line. Next, you need to install on the bolts horizontal pipe sections that connect the midpoints of the vertical outlets and grab them again with a welding machine. If everything was done correctly, the position of the racks will not change.

Drawings and Costs- Overview + Video Now we need to weld the top loop, but let's make it first.

On vertical posts, install the side pieces and fix with bolts or welding. Perform the same operation with the jumpers of the rear and front walls of the metal pencil case garage. The most time will be spent on aligning the upper contour of the pipes, but after this, the docking points can be boiled with a welding inverter or semiautomatic device.

When the frame is ready, all that remains is to attach the corrugated sheets and hang the gate. The professional flooring is fixed only with self-tapping screws.

On the recommendation of experts, the heads of the self-tapping screws need to be welded by welding, or simply cut off with a grinder. This will make life harder for attackers, but keep in mind that in this case the structure will no longer be considered collapsible.

Ideally, only order overhead doors for a pencil case. This will reduce and even out the load on the garage frame wall. Yes, swing gates will cost you less, but after that you will need to constantly align and bend them from time to time, which means that the service life will be shorter.


A metal garage-pencil case can be insulated with mineral wool, which will reduce temperature drops and make ventilation better. You can use Styrofoam if your structure will be located in a secured area, otherwise there is a high risk that someone will try to set fire to the garage. In order to prevent precipitation from accumulating inside, it is better to close the gaps with a blind area of ​​paving slabs and a sand cushion.