Dream kitchen - design, photo

Dream kitchen - design, photo Create your dream kitchen Without a designer: all the secrets of furnishing

For a modern person, the kitchen is not only a stove, sink, refrigeration equipment and cupboards for storing dishes, and today the kitchen space means much more.

This is where you prepare meals for the whole family, gather at a common table with your family, and meet dear guests. Each person tries to equip these places according to the latest fashion and the word of technology, so that the kitchen space turns out to be functional and as comfortable as possible.

In pursuit of dreams, a lot of people make typical mistakes, and then very quickly become disappointed in their choice. For this reason, create the kitchen of your dreams, even without calling a designer, and find out which furniture is best to choose for the kitchen and at the same time make the right decision with the purchase.

What should be guided by when choosing kitchen furniture and decoration in general

Where can you buy good kitchens? We recommend that you choose pieces of furniture from IKEA or KihniCity. These companies provide only high quality materials, as well as a variety of style solutions and full-cycle production - this is what distinguishes the company from everyone else.

Kitchen space size

Before buying kitchen furniture, you should take accurate measurements throughout the room. You are required to measure all the basic parameters and record the data obtained, as this will help in the future to avoid a large number of difficulties and problems.

The purpose of the kitchen room

At the family council it is worth deciding how functional the room should be, and so you can determine without which exactly objects or household appliances you definitely cannot do.

In addition, think about what you will do in this kitchen, how often you will have to cook, in what composition you will eat (for example, the head of the family only dines in the kitchen, and the hostess and the children have breakfast and dinner here).

Type of devices used

Dream kitchen - design, photo It is worth considering carefully what kind of household kitchen you will be using. It is worth considering that certain models are both built-in and independent.

Features of the layout

Next, we suggest that you draw up at least an approximate layout of each of the elements, and then evaluate how successful the idea is. In small rooms, as a rule, an angular layout is used, and it is with this that the entire furniture set is located along the walls in the form of the letter "L".

In a narrow room, all equipment is placed in one row, and if the kitchen area is more than sufficient, then the furniture is lined up along the walls, and a U-shaped layout is obtained. Other layout options are also possible, here who likes what and how it suits the kitchen.The main thing is that you definitely think over the sequence of placing household appliances and pieces of furniture.

Design of the kitchen area

Here you should decide on the color and style of the kitchen area. As a rule, such rooms are decorated in modern, country, classic or high-tech style.

The main thing is that everything should be correctly coordinated in terms of colors. To make everything work beautifully, use this simple rule - the color must match the mood. It is also advisable to avoid oversaturated, very bright or too dark colors. We offer you to look at the photo of the dream kitchen design - perhaps you will choose for yourself what you like.

By the way, dark blue color suppresses apatite, and red, on the contrary, will stimulate it, but an overabundance of red can cause aggression and even irritation.

For kitchens, neutral and calm colors are perfect. It is best to use solid shades, and a large number of patterns and pictures should be discarded. Small kitchens must be well lit and decorated in light colors. For rooms that are subject to strong heat, cool colors (blue, green or gray) are best suited. If the room is cool, then we strongly recommend using pastel colors (for example, lemon, peach or pink).

Type of material used

For the manufacture of pieces of furniture for the kitchen, a variety of materials are used today, and the most common are plastic, natural wood , MDF and chipboard, as well as natural and artificial stone, aluminum and organic / tempered glass. Consider the characteristics of each of the materials.

Features of the internal layout in the kitchen

It is imperative that you provide every little thing, detail. It is worth making sure in advance that your favorite kitchen has everything you need: drawers for storing large pots and dishes, cabinets, open niches and shelves, sections for food supplies, and more. If you are not going to store cereals and spices in the kitchen, then the number of cabinets can be reduced.

If desired, you can equip the kitchen with a mini-bar or simply make a separate place for a horizontal bottle holder. At the moment, boards-tables and "carousel shelves", which are complemented by special pull-out trays for dishes, are very popular. The possibility of installing certain accessories should be clarified in advance.


For kitchen furniture, fittings are usually made from materials such as aluminum, plastic, wood or stainless steel. It is important that you make sure in advance that such designs are reliable.

For example, plastic handles will become unusable after a couple of years of active use.

Market research

We invite you to visit the websites of large furniture companies and familiarize yourself with the selection of the range presented, as well as the cost of products. Right there you can get an objective assessment of the quality of a furniture set or other items. Perhaps you will like some kind of kitchen model and you can stop your search.

Financial possibilities

It is worth considering and calculating in advance how much you are willing to spend on a new kitchen, and also take into account the fact that the cost installation and delivery of furniture in each case will be calculated individually.

In addition, household appliances and accessories will be purchased separately, and this will also entail additional costs.

Preliminary inspection

We suggest you walk through several furniture stores and evaluate how the headsets you like will look like "live". Most large furniture showrooms have the ability to model your headset directly on the computer, which will give you the opportunity to immediately calculate its cost on the spot.

Duration of service life

Characteristics of the use of kitchen furniture in most cases will depend on the material from which it is made. The most durable are Italian kitchens, which can last from 20 to 25 years, but Russian-made headsets will last no more than 10 years.



The material is quite affordable, but definitely not practical, and also has a limited service life. When choosing products made of chipboard, you should make sure that they are environmentally friendly and have a special aluminum frame.


According to average data, products made of MDF will cost you more in the amount of 10 to 15% of analogues made of chipboard, but will outperform them in all respects. They are designed for a longer service life, are not afraid of moisture, and are more resistant to even minor mechanical damage. If you provide proper care of the materials, then the pieces of furniture will fold for you for a long time.

Natural wood

Furniture items made of natural wood will be more expensive than their MDF counterpart by 15 to 20%. It has a beautiful appearance, a high degree of strength and functionality. The disadvantages of products include an increased level that is sensitive to moisture and temperature extremes. The influence of such negative factors can lead to deformation of pieces of furniture.


Such furniture is made of glued multilayer wood.

Products are highly resistant to moisture and temperature, are not subject to deformation, which makes them even more practical and versatile.


It is possible to buy a dream kitchen for a small amount if you make a choice in favor of such material as plastic. It has excellent strength indicators, but do not forget that it is not a natural material, and it is worth buying it in a special aluminum frame.

Combination "metal + glass"

The doors and shelves of the product are made of very durable glass, and steel or aluminum is placed along the front of the facade. Such furniture costs decent money, but it will be highly resistant to wear and tear and can withstand heavy loads.

What material can the table top be made of:

  • Dream kitchen - design, photo Not expensive plastic with a base of Chipboard.
  • MDF.
  • Natural wood.
  • Heavy-duty toughened glass.
  • Synthetic stone (usually Corian).

  • Stone of artificial origin.
  • Stone of natural origin (granite, marble, etc.).

Next, talk about what needs to be done to make the dream kitchen work.

4 secrets to get the perfect kitchen

Consider useful recommendations that will help you save money on a designer:

Have a good idea of ​​the future result of all work

H In order for you to have an ideal kitchen by your standards, you should clearly understand the end result.

Try to answer all questions honestly:

  1. How would you like to feel when you enter a new kitchen?
  2. How would you imagine your ideal time in the kitchen?
  3. What dishes do you plan to cook?
  4. At what time, who and where will they (dishes) be eaten?
  5. Who, besides you, will enter the kitchen? What will this person do on it (also cook or just have a snack)?
  6. Will you invite guests into the kitchen? If so, how do you want to impress them?

All points It will not be superfluous to write out all the points that are important to you.

Do not do as everyone does

It is worth first deciding how much time you will live with this kitchen. If after a couple of years you are planning to move, then it is worth considering the fact that it is often the kitchen that helps sell the entire apartment. People who have been able to successfully design a kitchen interior often sell an apartment even without bargaining, and buyers constantly call them to make sure that the previous owners will definitely not take the kitchen with them. For this reason, it is worth doing something that people who are wealthier than those around you and you do, and something that potential buyers will admire, do.

Perhaps it will be a built-in type of equipment instead of all the usual cheap slabs that are boring, or maybe it will be an excellent granite sink instead of the usual stainless one, or a veneer facade, and not a cheap PVC film.

If you have the opportunity, it will not be superfluous to see how the apartments in the neighborhood are arranged and think about how to make your kitchen better (and preferably cheaper). Although it is difficult, it is quite possible, and you will have to constantly monitor sales, promotions and other things, but believe me, it will be worth it! If you do not plan to change your home, and do the kitchen for a long time, then equip everything the way you like, and do not listen to anyone.

Make a list of things

You can start filling in lists of things in advance, and one must be in your kitchen, and the second in the column, write down what you definitely do not want to see in yourself. Thus, step by step, you will be able to put together a clear picture of the ideal kitchen in your head, and when the time comes to buy it, you will not have to choose for a long time - you will have everything thought out.