Dressing room in a private house + photo

Dressing room in a private house + photo Dressing room in a private house + photo

Decision about a convenient and the correct arrangement of things is the main part of putting things in order in a house or apartment. It is pleasant to be in a clean and unpolluted room, it is easy to breathe, nothing lies anywhere. The table will not be littered with books and newspapers, and they will not fall out of the cupboards. The shelves are not cluttered, and for perfect order in housing and convenience in cleaning, you should adhere to various storage rules, and also make a dressing room in a private house.

Is a dressing room required? Built-in dressing rooms have become quite popular.

And if you think about it, it’s a very reasonable idea. Things will be distributed in places, everything will be at hand, and also conveniently folded.

With such an organization, clothes will be stored and serve longer, they will not wrinkle, and all objects are in sight in their compartments and boxes.

General information

Large pieces of furniture will not take up valuable space, and the room will be spacious and free. True, for the rational planning of the dressing room, you need to competently fill it with the required functional equipment, as well as modules for comfort.

In addition to placing things, there will also be space for sports equipment, as well as household items:

  1. Go through the entire wardrobe of each family member, throw things away, which have not been used for a long time, because the extra trash will create a mess, even if you have a very large house. If you get a thing that you have not worn for a year or even more, then you should immediately get rid of it, because you definitely will not wear it!
  2. After you sort out unnecessary and unnecessary things, you should determine their purpose and distribute to things.
  3. Next, determine how often to use things, and this will determine their location in the wardrobe or closet.

Now let's talk about whether this room is really needed.


Choosing a location for arrangement

It is also worth determining a place for a new locker room - in a new building, and also in apartments, such a place has been thought out in advance, and all that remains is to choose the configuration and content.

But what to do if such a room is not provided, then what to do and even equip a dressing room? In this case, you should use the services of a specialist, a designer of pieces of furniture, who will help you choose the "right" filling for small rooms and manage every piece of space wisely. It is also worth taking care of the presence of sockets inside the dressing room.

You can partition the spaces and install a sliding door, think about the interior filling and lighting, and this option will definitely work, and you can also allocate at least 1 meter of depth for the dressing room.Placing a dressing room in the corner of the room will be an excellent layout option, and the door will be located diagonally, and the room will not be visually reduced. The options for placing a dressing room under the stairs and in the attic can be interesting as well as successful.

Project selection

Based on the area and shape of the room, you can create a future spacious wardrobe. The layout is L-shaped, U-shaped, trapezoidal, linear and pentagonal. The area of ​​space is from 2 square meters and more. And if a room is allocated for a dressing room, then the size can be from 20 to 30 m 2 .

  • Dressing room along the walls

This is a simple linear system in construction, and its location will be along the walls.

With the help of a partition, you can mount a utility room. The main requirement is that the back room should not be too long in order to avoid a long search for the required items. Although, if you design such a utility room taking into account the subtleties, you can get comfortable shelves for sports. equipment of household items (buckets, vacuum cleaner, travel suitcases, banks, etc.).

The upper racks can be used to place those items that are not needed every day. It does not hurt to think over the presence of a ladder in order to remove things from the highest shelves without problems.

  • Corner dressing room

Design of a dressing room in a house with a small area, a corner wardrobe will be an excellent layout. At about 3-4 square meters in size, it will be an excellent option for rational storage of things. The corner walk-in closet in the room can become a triangle, and both walls will be used, and on the diagonal there will be a partition and a door.

But the trapezoidal shape will be placed along the wall, the missing elements can be completed from plasterboard, and a door will be mounted in one of the walls.

Please note that when arranging a dressing room, you should consider the lighting scenario, and it is convenient that the lamps rotate. In addition, it will be possible to direct lighting onto the shelves.

The L-shaped filling of the cabinet will be located along both walls, and will also close in the corner. This is the most popular design, and the mirror should be located on the back of the door, it turns out that it is facing the dressing room.

There is one more layout - five-walled, because it is the most spacious. Thanks to the extended walls towards the room, such a dressing room will significantly expand the area inward. Models, shelves, and also boxes will be placed along all walls, and a mirror is usually attached to the door, because a full-fledged mirror for a fitting room will not fit there. This layout should be used in large to medium sized bedrooms.

  • In the back room

Dressing room in a private house + photo Storage rooms will be provided in certain old-built apartments, as well as in new buildings.

If you have a pantry, then consider yourself lucky.Be sure to read the recommendations for arranging a dressing room from a closet. A do-it-yourself wardrobe room from the pantry is simple, and you can make a comfortable dressing room for things. Pantries, as a rule, are littered with old things, and are also used irrationally. Existing racks should be filled with items according to their frequency of use.

Place shoe racks at the bottom, and on top you can provide hangers or a row of hooks for hats, bags and belts. If there are not enough shelves, take measurements and you can order their production in a special store. There you can also buy missing modules, rods, boxes and accessories.

  • Under the stairs

The phenomenon in the form of a staircase cannot always be observed in the house, but if you are the owner of an attic or a second floor, then everything is easier. It is not difficult to use such a space for a wardrobe, and it is still enough to think about which type of design will suit you.

There is also an open storage system. Block-sliding system with swing doors or sliding doors. In the place of the greatest height under the stairs, you should put bars for winter clothes, which hangs and so in descending height you should think about filling the cabinet, and to the lowest for shoe racks and trifles.

  • Behind the partition

A dressing room in the house can be made behind the partition even without the involvement of specialists. By the way, the partition can be stationary and improvised.

The latter is the use of thick curtains to divide the room. Next, you should attach the curtain to the ceiling cornice or even to the bar. The screen is perfect for a bedroom, and behind it you can not only make a dressing room, but also store accessories for the bedroom, and even make a boudoir with a mirror in good lighting. But models with curtains are unlikely to be appropriate in the living room. The second option is zoning with a plasterboard wall, and such a model will be a little more expensive and more complicated, but there will be no problems with placement, you can put it in every room.

No permits are required for such a building, and such a structure can be demolished at any time.

  • In the room

The advantage of a separate room will be that you can make a free layout, equip zones for each family member, equip the room with the required accessories, comfortable pieces of furniture, folding chairs, as well as a large mirror in the fitting area. Here you can use any content, and everything will depend only on your wishes.

Systems for the distribution of things

The compactness of the placement of shoes, clothes, bedding will largely depend on the layout and design of the room, which is intended for dressing room.For the convenience of organization, as well as functionality, you will need to fill the system for the convenience of storing things, and they also have many variations of models, each will have its negative and positive sides.

The main devices in it will be a mesh, model, panel and frame system. What does the modular system look like, as well as the assembly principle? The system will be developed by order and measurements. Next, we mount it along a wall or even along several walls. Everything will consist of segments that have walls at the top, bottom and sides. The advantages of this concept are that it is inexpensive, easy to install from chipboard, and also looks aesthetically pleasing.

The mesh system is one of the most stable, and it is also able to withstand heavy loads. A metal rail should be attached to one of the walls, supporting elements should be attached to it, in which they will put brackets for placing filling in the form of shoe racks, racks, trousers and so on. The frame system will be elementary in installation, and it is also easy to move the segments, and when using such a configuration, natural air circulation will be created. The frame will be made of metal pillars fixed between the ceiling and the floor, or near two walls, and the filling should be attached to the main frame at the required height.

The racks, which are made of the main panel, will be rigidly attached to one of the walls, and accessories for organizing the storage of clothes and shoes are placed on it.

This system does not have partitions or side restraints. Installation will make it possible to hide the unevenness of the walls, as well as other flaws, but this is not a cheap pleasure and you need to use native components for wardrobe modules, which are sold together with decorative walls.

Storage systems

Dressing room in a private house + photo Dressing room in a private house should be well organized. The number of things that can be placed in it will depend on the correct layout in the closet, as well as the convenience of placement and a quick search for the required things. Winter long clothes - it is required to provide for a sufficient number of rods under the hangers, and the height for such a compartment should be at least 1.

5 meters. For short clothes, blouses, shirts, jackets and other things, an area of ​​0.9 meters is suitable, with bars for hangers. For trousers and skirts, several tiers or a trouser system will work well.

Underwear should be stored in drawers on shelves or organizers.

To maximize the use of the space near the wall in the dressing room in height, you can use the pantograph-lift for various things in the upper tier of the cabinet. This device will make it possible to zone the room for the seasons.

Shoe system. Convenience of storing shoes can be provided using inclined racks or shoe racks, and choose what is right for you in a particular case.

Open types of shelves with cells will be similar to postal ones, and racks without partitions are suitable for a narrow dressing room, where a shelf width from 0.

35 to 0.45 meters is enough, as well as inclined racks, pull-out types of drawers, special baskets, open shelves on special holders to adjust the height of the shelves. If the shelves are open, they should be placed under the compartments for winter clothing. The width should be adjusted to the number of pairs of shoes, and the height for summer shoes is set aside shelves with a width of 0.35 meters, for winter shoes 0.

45 meters.

Popular mistakes

Let's analyze the main mistakes that are usually made when creating a separate storage room:

  • Do everything by stages and pieces of furniture, as well as its location should be thought out at the stage of the design project.
  • Dark colors will be unacceptable because it will make the room appear smaller.
  • Poorly thought out ventilation - a ventilation grill at the bottom of the door helps to avoid musty odors from things.

In addition, a different floor should not be made in the dressing room, the same floor will look better when the door is open - this will make the room look more holistic.


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