Egyptian triangle and qualities

Egyptian triangle and qualities Egyptian triangle in construction + properties

It has been known about the Egyptian triangle and properties for a long time. This shape was widely used in the construction industry to draw and mark the correct angles.

The history of the appearance of the Egyptian triangle. This geometric design was created by one of the best and greatest mathematicians of antiquity - Pythagoras.

It is thanks to his research in mathematics that we can fully apply each of the properties of such a geometric alignment in the field of construction.

General information

Please note that it is pleasant to think that the trip where Pythagoras saw the Egyptian pyramids served as the impetus for the discovery of this geometric figure. Perhaps it was they who became the real prototype of this design.

It can be assumed that it was mathematical skills that allowed Pythagoras to note the pattern in the form of the structure. The future development of events can be easily imagined. Basic analysis as well as drawing conclusions helped create one of the most significant figures in history.

Most likely, the pyramid of Cheops was chosen as the prototype because of its almost ideal proportions.

Features of the use of the Egyptian triangle in construction

Egyptian triangle and qualities The properties of such a geometric structure, which is completely unique, are that its alignment without the use of any tools makes it possible to build houses with the correct angles in all plans. It is imperative that you ideally use a square or protractor.

So, the properties of the Egyptian triangle make it possible to make the angles correct in each ratio. The sides of the structure have such a ratio to each other as 5: 4: 3.

To check these or those figures were drawn, it is required to apply the well-known Pythagorean theorem, which everyone knows from school days.

Interestingly, the rule of the Egyptian triangle is such that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the squares of the legs (two).

For a perfect understanding, you need to take the above dependency and make a small example. Multiply 5 and 5, resulting in a hypotenuse equal to 25. Next, calculate the squares of the two legs, which are 9 and 16.

Accordingly, their total sum is 25. This is why the qualities of the Egyptian triangle are so often used in the construction industry. All you need to do is take a piece and draw a straight line. Its length should always be short 5. After that, you need to mark one edge and measure from it a line that is a multiple of 4, and from the second line must be a multiple of 3.

Note that the length of each segment is 4 and 3 cm (at the minimum value). The intersection of the straight lines will create a right angle that is 90 degrees.

Alternative methods of aligning a right angle

As mentioned above, the best option would be just to take a square or protractor. Such tools make it possible to achieve the required proportions with minimal effort and time. The main property of the triangle is its versatility.

You can build a figure without having almost anything in your arsenal.

Simple products of the printed type can tangibly help in building a right angle. Take any book or magazine, and the whole point is that the aspect ratio in them is exactly 90 degrees. Printing tanks are able to work very accurately, and if not, the roll that will be fed into the machine may be cut with disproportionate curved corners.

How to make an Egyptian triangle using rope

Egyptian triangle and qualities Egyptian a triangle in construction is extremely important, and its qualities are difficult to overestimate.

It is not surprising that the ancient engineers invented a large number of methods for its formation with the use of minimal resources. One of the simplest can be considered the way of forming the Egyptian triangle with all the properties that follow with the help of an ordinary rope. You need to take the string and cut it into 12 perfectly equal pieces. Of these, you need to fold a figure that has a proportion of 3: 4: 5.

How to build angles at 30, 45 and 60 degrees

Naturally, triangles of the Egyptian type and its qualities are very useful in building a house.

but you can't do without the rest of the corners. To get an angle that is 45 degrees, you need to take the material of a baguette or frame. After that, it is important to saw it at an angle of 45 degrees and dock the halves together.

Please note that to obtain the required slope, you need to tear a sheet of paper out of the magazine, and then bend it. In this case, the bend line will pass through the corner, and the edges must necessarily coincide.

As you can see, the properties of the figure make it much easier and faster to build geometric structures. To achieve an aspect ratio of 60 degrees, you need to take one triangle at 30 degrees and another similar one. As a rule, such proportions are required in order to create certain decorative elements. A 30 degree aspect ratio is required to make hexagons. Their qualities are in demand for joinery blanks.


The properties of the triangle from Egypt were widely used in the construction industry for almost 2.5 centuries. Even today, with a lack of tools, builders can also apply the technique discovered by Pythagoras in order to achieve perfectly even and right angles.


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