Electric storage water heater device

Electric storage water heater device The device of an electric storage water heater

In most cities of Russia (and not only) the problem of lack of hot water supply extremely popular. Even in those places where it is, in principle, there are periods (mainly summer) when there is simply no hot water in the tap. The device of a storage electric water heater is an excellent option as a solution to this problem. There are other types of water heating equipment, but in this article we will consider exactly the storage device - the principle of operation of such devices, operational features, repair work and maintenance.

Such devices are ways to work from gas combustion, electrical energy and even from the energy of the sun, the main thing is that they comply with the requirements that apply to this type of household devices.

Requirements for storage water heaters

To make sure that a storage type water heater is exactly the device you need, you should definitely consider its main distinguishing features. These are the following:

  1. The ability to provide a house or apartment with a sufficiently large volume (from 10 to 1000 liters) of hot water, but not immediately, because it takes a certain time to heat up to a certain temperature level , it usually takes 20 minutes or more.
  2. Possibility of uninterrupted supply of hot water to several points at once. For example, a hot water tap can be opened at the same time both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, which will not affect the performance of the device. If the water heater is flow-through, this is not possible.

    At the same time, the price for storage devices is slightly higher than for flow devices.

  3. The principle of operation of a water heater, which accumulates water such that it can heat a huge volume of water to a sufficiently high (from +55 to +80 degrees) temperature. In the working process, first it is required to heat the water to the required temperature, and then it is carried out by holding it through constant heating. For such purposes, a certain amount of energy is spent.

  4. It can be connected to the electrical network without any conditions, due to the fact that it does not have special requirements either to the reliability of electrical wiring or to the voltage power.

    Also, the device can be connected to the water main, and at the same time it will not require high pressure inside it. If natural gas is used as an energy source for heating water, then this heater can be connected to the gas supply sources with a simple flexible gas line.

  5. And with all this, such storage-type water heaters may require constant maintenance, and sometimes even repair work.
  6. A storage type water heater usually takes up a lot of usable space, which is extremely typical for models with a huge tank.
  7. Do not consume water from such a water heater, unlike a running one.

The most common water heater with a tank is shown in the video.


Water heater device

So now we have installed, that the principle of operation of a storage water heater is that, first, heat energy is transferred to water, which leads to its heating, and in the future the heat flux will decrease and remain at a level that is quite enough to maintain the desired temperature level. In flow-through devices, water will heat up as it passes through the heating elements. For this reason, at the outlet, it will have a much lower temperature than that of the storage one, although heating to it will occur extremely quickly.

The diagram of the storage water heater device is as follows:

  • Electric storage water heater device Capacity, which will be filled with water from the water supply system under high pressure.

    Its dimensions are different, from 10 to 100 liters.

  • External type of enclosure, under which there is a thick layer of thermal insulation.
  • Electrical element for heating (i.e. heating element) or magnesium-type anode.

    In this case, for a gas device, this is a gas burner and chimneys. This is the "heart" of the device, which will provide heating in the water tank.

  • A branch pipe for supplying cold water from the system and a branch pipe for hot water leaving the device. It is often equipped with a safety valve that opens when the pressure in the water heater is too high.
  • An electronic control unit that will receive signals from thermal sensors and regulate the operation of the device as a whole.

    It has buttons for manually setting heating parameters, among which there is a water heating rate and a maximum temperature level.

The principle of operation of a storage type water heater is based on the structure of a thermos. A huge tank with water heated to a high temperature is clothed with a cocoon made of heat-insulating material, which is able to ensure minimal loss of degrees. As a result, cooling will be extremely slow. A full tank can cool down to room temperature after the device turns off only after 2-3 days.

This makes it possible to use hot water even when the electricity is cut off.

When the water cools down to a certain temperature level, the heating elements turn on, and it heats up again. So that hot water is not mixed with cold water, and the temperature does not drop quickly, the storage-type device always provides for the following - cool water that enters the tank from the bottom begins to displace hot water. Cool water is drawn from the container on the contrary, from above.Thus, the uniformity of the temperature of the water will be guaranteed, which begins to flow into the tap from the device for heating the water.

Operating rules for a water heater

Since electrical devices for heating water are much more widespread, we will consider them in more detail. Naturally, any type of equipment needs to be economical. The storage water heater will be no exception. The principle of operation of such a device is that it should not be forced to work constantly at full capacity. This can lead to a very early failure of the heating element, or the activation of a protective relay, to connect which you will need to call the masters.

The optimal temperature will be +60 degrees. To obtain it, you need to use all heating elements. This does not increase the consumption of electrical energy so much, but makes their wear more even.

Most of the models turn off in automatic mode when they heat up to 85%, and the connection will occur only after a certain cooling down, if the protection does not work. At night, there is a preferential tariff for the use of electrical energy, which makes it possible to save money with the optimal selection of the heating mode.

During the day, the device can be turned off. All the same, the water in it will not cool down until the evening. Heating water, which will be carried out according to the scheme of a storage water heater, will cost 2 times cheaper. Certain models (from more modern ones) already have an economical heating function. Its essence lies in the fact that the water will be heated at night, and in the daytime only its temperature is maintained at the minimum permissible level, namely +55 degrees.

For the device to work more safely, several common elements are required - this is a common ground. It is also a protective reducer, which is required to compensate for the increased pressure level in the water supply network. It is also a safety valve that protects the water heater from very high pressure inside. He can also drain the water if necessary. In addition, a non-return valve that blocks the exit of water from the tank if its supply suddenly stops - this is required so that the heating elements do not fail.

The last three items listed are called the "safety group" by the manufacturer and do not always come with the main device. They often need to be purchased separately. It happens that certain manufacturers assemble all three kits into one unit, which makes it possible to carry out a more convenient installation. The rate of water heating in the device directly depends on the power of the device, as well as the level of electricity consumption.

Also how to select a device based on the number of family members.

If you use water from a storage type water heater, then the following important points should be taken into account:

  1. Electric storage water heater device If in the tank water stagnates; in no case should it be used for food. This is extremely dangerous when the temperature of the water dropped to the level when various bacteria of a pathogenic type could arise and begin to multiply in it.
  2. If your storage device for heating water is installed outside the city, and you use plain water from a well, then at least once a month, you need to heat the water to the maximum temperature mark for disinfection and prevention.
  3. The condition of the surface of the tank inside is extremely important. If you have sufficient funding, it is better to choose a model that has a special coating, for example, glass porcelain.

    It ensures the cleanliness of the water inside the tank, regardless of the time spent.

  4. If you are leaving for a long time, and the device will not be used for some time, the water must be drained. This is extremely important if you are not leaving for a couple of weeks, but for the whole winter, because freezing the water inside the tank does not lead to anything good. This will only disable the device in full, and it will no longer be subject to repair.

Let's talk just about the repair work.

Repair features of the storage device for heating water

The repair of the storage water heater is not the most time consuming, because there are no moving parts. But it can also be successfully avoided if the heater is provided with high-quality and regular maintenance. Due to this, it is possible to significantly increase the service life of the tank and heating element. The magnesium anode must be replaced every year. Providing maintenance must be handled by an official center from the manufacturer whose device you bought.

Please note that when performing all repair and maintenance work to maintain the proper functioning of the device, a stamp must be put in its passport. Otherwise, you may be suddenly denied to replace the tank when it leaks. When purchasing a device, you need to make sure that you will have full rights to service in a certified service center and its availability in your hometown. Otherwise, you should choose another model and manufacturer of the device.

It turns out that a storage water heater is more preferable than a running water heater if the hot water consumption in the household is very high.

The supply of hot water in it makes it possible not only to wash the dishes, but also to wash the whole family in water with a pleasant temperature.

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