Elite house construction - the difference between villa projects and simple houses

Elite house construction - the difference between villa projects and simple houses Elite construction of country houses - what materials are used and projects. Recently, suburban real estate has become in great demand.

A small country house usually does not cost much more than the cost of an average-sized city apartment. here you can view various villa projects located on the beachfront in Greece, on the island of Kefalonia.

We suggest you consider the features of the construction of luxury houses.

General information

How can the projects of villas and mansions differ from simple houses

Construction of an ordinary house and construction a mansion or a villa with its own technology is almost the same. The design documentation for a private mansion, in turn, is more complex and therefore expensive.

Features of the construction of a country-type mansion

Elite house construction - the difference between villa projects and simple houses The high-rise parts of mansions and towers are calculated by the designer for the bearing capacity of individual parts and elements of the house. If required, the calculation can be carried out in specialized design-type programs. The exterior façade of the mansion can have a richer and more vibrant finish depending on the main design style.

Thanks to modern technologies, which allow decorating the facade of the building with polyurethane elements, as well as architectural-type finishing in the mansion, it is not particularly difficult. In each case, the price and finishing option will be considered on an individual basis.

The price for the construction of a private villa will depend, first of all, on the architectural features and the area of ​​the house, as well as the prices of the construction company. When designing, after the preliminary design of housing, the future owner can order the production of an estimate for the full cost of the house from selected materials. This is required in order to make adjustments to the project, if any.

In most cases, the process of building a building box will last about 1 season, and interior and exterior decoration will be carried out the next year. This process will depend on the financing of the construction, the number of workers, the need for the deadlines set by the customer for the construction.

Classic style mansion projects

Country style villas layout

If we talk about country style villas, they are strongly differ in the harmonious combination of stone and wood used in the exterior decoration of the building. The roof is usually made in the Old German style. Outside beams and pillars that will support the balcony and upper terrace are not only indispensable elements of the housing structure, but also beautiful decorative elements from the outside.

Structural solutions and external forms have a lot in common with Western European traditional buildings with a small number of floors.

The interior design of a house is usually combined to the full with the exterior - everything is quite simple, and also tasteful. On the ground floor there is a living room, a vestibule, an entrance hall, a sanitary unit, and a kitchen connected to the dining room. On the second floor, it would be reasonable to place two single and double rooms, a terrace and a balcony, a bathroom, and a large hall. In the technical area on the ground floor there will be a garage and a boiler room.

A family of 5 or even 6 people can perfectly accommodate in such a house.

Building plan in the English style

Elite construction of residential buildings with external forms of villas in the classic English style will delight you with their purity of style and consistency in interior design. On the ground floor there will be a utility block and a boiler room, three storerooms, two bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace, a terrace or balcony, a vestibule, a hall and a kitchen combined with a dining room. If you wish, you can also include a pool and a sauna in the project. On the second floor, it would be reasonable to place three single and double rooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room.

Such houses are designed to accommodate 5-6 people.

Projects of luxury villas on the seashore

Projects of sea villas will imply the presence of a garden and a swimming pool, and, of course, a wonderful view of the sea. Such villas are located mainly on the territory of protected private-type complexes with fairly large plots of land.

Typical seafront villas layouts will include:

  • Elite house construction - the difference between villa projects and simple houses 70sqm living room and kitchen overlooking the sea.
  • 7 bedrooms ranging in size from 20 to 60 square meters with en-suite bathrooms.

  • Covered space for dinners and lunches.
  • The last stage is like a penthouse with a private area, spa and jacuzzi.
  • Direct access to the garden space from all levels.
  • Private terrace overlooking the sea in all bedrooms.
  • Elevator to three levels of the villa.

  • Lift type elevator for lifting purchases to be loaded from the garage to the kitchen.
  • Swimming pool with overflow.
  • Recreation areas, cinema, and wine cellar.
  • Exterior type of kitchen with barbecue.
  • Separate housing for a nanny or caretaker (this will be a separate apartment at the garage level).

  • Garage for at least three cars.

Here you can also look at an example of the layout of a three-storey luxury villa, which is built on the seashore in the United Arab Emirates.

Naturally, here you can find options for villas with a more modest and simple layout, and in this case, at the entrance level there will be a dressing room and a toilet, a kitchen, an entrance hall and a dining room, a wine cellar, a laundry room, and also a winter garden with access to the terrace. Moreover, the layout of the luxury villa will include a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a large playroom, one modest bedroom and two larger bedrooms with bathrooms.On the second floor of the villa there will be a fifth bedroom with an adjacent bathroom, an attic, and a couple of small additional rooms.

Layout of the mansion

The main principle of the formation of any types of houses will be its functionality.

When determining the functional needs, it is necessary to take into account a large number of different factors:

  • The location of the future building and the orientation of the land plot.
  • Possible methods of building a land plot (a house that is located in a closed area at the edge that stands freely).
  • The layout of the garden around the future housing (depending on such a moment, the location of window openings in the house will be determined).
  • The location of the main entrance and the need for additional doorways.

  • Functional connections of buildings, including inter-floor connections.
  • Required room sizes.
  • Possible room arrangement options.
  • Required amount of plumbing equipment.
  • Reflection of the facade wall of the mirror-type walls in the plan (in the top view).

When drafting a private elite mansion, it is important to remember that one of the most important points is its functionality. A beautiful home with an excellent layout should exude a beautiful and friendly atmosphere at any time of the year.