EP putty - 100. Characteristics. Features of application. Security measures

EP putty - 100. Characteristics. Features of application. Security measures EP-0010 epoxy putty is classified as anticorrosive varnish - paint materials. It is widely used in building renovation and renovation works. In this article, we will get to know what EP-0010 putty is and analyze its technical characteristics.

EP-0010 - a mixture of epoxy resin, pigments, fillers and plasticizers.

Used for leveling different types of surfaces. The diluted compound can be used as a primer for epoxy systems. According to GOST (GOST 28378-89), the putty can be used for interior and surface work.

This material is two-component, which contains filler paste and hardener No. 1 (dimentramine).

This hardener consists of a fifty percent solution of hexamethylenediamide in alcohol. Ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol can be used here.

General information

The system with such a filler is universal, which can be used for outdoor work and any climatic conditions.

Surfaces are leveled with putty and a coating is created on which subsequent layers can be easily applied - enamel, varnish or paint. With its help, you can easily level a coating that was initially coated with a primer or without it.

The following advantages can be distinguished:

  • EP putty - 100. Characteristics. Features of application. Security measures high quality;
  • resistance to various temperatures and atmospheric precipitation;
  • petrol resistance;
  • resistance to mechanical friction and wear;
  • are not exposed the action of water.

This material, with most of the types of finishing enamels, forms a durable coating that can be used in fresh water, be exposed to its vapors, as well as in sea water. Resistant to oils, greases, as well as materials such as gasoline, kerosene, petroleum products, alkalis, acids, etc. Adheres well to the lining material.

It is elastic and at the same time very durable. Can be sanded.

The finished compound can be applied using a spatula or diluted by pneumatic spray.

Note: It is widely used in shipbuilding for surface treatment of ships, hatches, ladders, ventilation pipes, propeller shafts.


A little about the putty in general

The putty is considered finishing material with excellent ductility.

It is mainly used as a base for facing layers. This is the ideal solution to quickly flatten any surface. In addition, it can be used as a decoration material.

Putty is considered a universal material that is used for any construction and repair work.

Note : There is disagreement as to the correct name of the putty or putty material.

Many argue that it is correct to say putty from the word spatula. However, there is also such a word as tow, i.e.e. to close up the walls with tow.

That is what putty is needed for. So, we can assume that both names are correct.


EP putty - 100. Characteristics. Features of application.</p><p> Security measures The material looks smooth a homogeneous mixture without any inclusions. As a rule, it is produced in red-brown color.

About ninety percent of non-volatile substances account for the mass fraction of the putty paste. The paste dries at t at twenty degrees no more than a day, and at t from sixty-five to seventy - up to seven hours.

The bending elasticity of the coating is up to fifty millimeters. In accordance with the measurements of the U-1 device, the impact resistance of the coating is 40b.

The service life at t twenty degrees of the applied putty mass with a content of hardening substances is about six hours, and when applied by pneumatic spraying one hour and thirty minutes.

The coating holds firmly at t from minus sixty to plus one hundred and forty degrees. If the application is carried out using a spatula, the consumption will be equal to 600 to 700 grams per square meter. The putty mixture is always stored in closed tanks, away from heating devices, as well as exposure to ultraviolet radiation and humidity. The material should be stored at t from -40 to degrees Celsius.

Safety measures

After carrying out the interior filling work, the room should be well ventilated.

Do not expose the mass to direct fire. Be sure to use personal protective equipment (gloves, respirator, protective suit). The room should be well ventilated. And for fire safety, you need a fire extinguisher or sand.

Application Features

As mentioned earlier, the putty can be applied using a spatula, brush or pneumatic spray.

If the application is done with a spatula, then one layer will be sufficient here. And if the application is done by spraying or using a brush, then it will be necessary to apply from two to three layers.

As the putty is completely dry, it is sanded with sandpaper. Then the next layer in sequence can be applied to this coating. Tools after work should be cleaned with solvent or acetone.