Epoxy putty: advantages and disadvantages

Epoxy putty: advantages and disadvantages Epoxy putty: application , consumption

At the moment, the modern building materials market is represented by a huge variety of mixtures that have different purposes and principles of application.

Among the incredibly large assortment of building materials offered, one should pay attention to epoxy putty, which is used for finishing work.

With this mixture, small cracks, scratches, sinks can be reliably closed, and even surfaces made of different materials can be leveled.

Composition and its features

Epoxy putties have a two-component composition, which will include the following substances:

  • Epoxy putty: advantages and disadvantages Hardener.
  • An epoxy resin filled with fiberglass or metal shavings.

Mixing of such materials must be done immediately before the start of the puttying work. Of great importance in such a process will be strict adherence to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. It makes no sense to rush when kneading the epoxy resin, since the composition will polymerize within 1/3 of the day. Particular attention is required to be paid to thoroughly mixing the composition, because high quality material will be obtained only if the components are evenly distributed in the solution.



Epoxy compounds for puttying have received a calling and incredible distribution in modern construction due to such a number of inherent positive characteristics:

  • There is no scent.

  • Resistant to moisture.
  • The coating is very durable.
  • Minimum shrinkage values.
  • Resistant to aggressive liquids.
  • Easy to sand.

  • Durable in use.

Due to not the fastest hardening of the solution, it will be possible to thoroughly mix its components until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Another advantage of epoxy putty is the quality of application, which allows you to proceed with further surface finishing without applying additional primer. To maintain the main qualities of the mixture, substances such as solvents must not be used. Epoxy compounds are known not only for their high level of resistance to mechanical stress and the destructive effect of chemical composition, but also for their ability to resist the formation of mold and mildew.

All the qualities that are listed explain the popularity of the use of the composition in question for performing not just internal, but also external construction work.


When choosing an epoxy putty, you need to pay attention to its marking, which will determine the main qualities of the composition. The most popular materials are EP-0010 and EP-0020.Each of the compositions that are listed, due to special parameters, is used to solve certain problems and has certain recommendations regarding the rules of application.


Epoxy compositions with such markings are used for the most part to level the surface of products from all kinds of materials.

On sale, as is correct, it can be found in the form of a pasty thick composition, which is brought to a liquid state by mixing with diethylenetriamine or hardener No. 1. When EP-0010 putty is brought to a solution with a homogeneous consistency, it can be used as a primer layer before painting. The main parameters of a two-component epoxy putty make it possible to use it both indoors and outdoors. Apply the composition to the primed surfaces of the products, and to those that are not processed.

The average period of complete polymerization of the primer composition at an ambient temperature of + 18 ... + 23 degrees is about a day, and when the temperature rises to +65 degrees, about 7 hours.

The composition in question can be applied to almost all types of surfaces.

It should be noted that the EP-0010 epoxy composition has a fairly high elasticity, but at 100% drying it forms a smooth and durable layer with a red-brown light. Grinding treated with putty, which is marked with EP-0010, is required to be carried out only by the wet method, which involves the addition of water.


Epoxy compositions marked with EP-0020 have a finely dispersed filler structure, which will provide an economical consumption of the composition for processing products with a certain area. But it should be noted that such compositions are used mainly as a topcoat and are not suitable for applying with a thick layer to correct tangible defects and irregularities.

Field of application

The main purpose of the epoxy-based putty is to cover surfaces with different structures.

Through it, you can process wood, concrete, plastic, ceramics or metal. For this reason, the field of application of such compositions is very diverse and covers almost all areas of human activity.

On wood surfaces

Wood treatment formulations are primarily designed to minimize contraction and expansion of material under the influence of moisture or temperature. The main difference of this substance will be in minimizing shrinkage indicators after drying, and also maintaining the ideal level of elasticity. Wooden surfaces coated with epoxy must never be impregnated with stain.

This type of coating lends itself perfectly to the sanding process and can be painted in the color you require.Wood putty made of epoxy resin is used to solve the following problems:

  • Epoxy putty: advantages and disadvantages Processing of pieces of furniture and other interior elements.
  • Sealing scratches, cracks and gouges.
  • Repair of floor coverings.

Mixtures resistant to moisture with the EP-0010 marking are still used for work outside and during the repair of swimming facilities.

For metals

For leveling metal surfaces, the ideal solution would be to use a fast-curing epoxy putty compound, which has excellent adhesion and is easy lend themselves to the finishing process of plastering. For this reason, such material will be in high demand in the field of machine construction. The main secret for successful work with such a composition for a metal surface is the use of a solution using a filler in the form of the smallest sawdust of their similar material, for example, tin, aluminum or steel. In the auto industry with epoxy, it is used for long-term preservation of a car or for treating a vehicle body in places where it is severely damaged. The main advantage of the material will be the ability to protect the processed raw materials from the destructive effects of rust, which appears at high humidity.

For concrete

The composition of the epoxy putty for concrete is such that it includes not only cement, but also coarse sand as a filler, which will help to increase the adhesion of the treated surfaces to the work carried out in the future. After impregnation with such a material, concrete surfaces acquire a rough structure and are ready for plastering. An epoxy compound is perfect for leveling the surface of concrete walls and filling cracks. After ideal polymerization of the applied composition, it must be carefully cleaned.

For plastic surfaces

Due to its ductility and excellent adhesion, it is possible to use an epoxy-based putty to restore plastic surfaces materials.

Due to its excellent properties and characteristics, the composition in question is used in order to restore PVC pipes and certain elements of automobile vehicles. It should also be taken into account that epoxy materials for plastic have a high degree of toxicity, and therefore, when performing repair work, be sure to use personal protective equipment - masks or respirators. Before applying the putty mixture to a plastic part, do not forget to degrease it with a specialized solvent. The surface must be primed or replaced with a special mixture.

Subtleties in application

Epoxies with fiberglass in the composition differ in a very simple method of application, because for high quality repairs it is enough to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Before starting processing, the product must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust.

  2. If oil stains are present, remove them.
  3. The ready putty mixture must be applied to the product using a roller, brush or spatula. The spray gun is not ideal for all types of epoxy.
  4. The applied putty layer needs to dry until it cures perfectly, which will take 6 to 8 hours.
  5. If it is desired that the treated surface can be sanded with ordinary sandpaper.

  6. When using a coarse finishing putty (starter), do not forget to additionally process the product with a layer of finishing putty, which has a finely dispersed filler structure.

When using an epoxy type putty, there is no need for a preparatory priming of the surface or even removing the old paint and varnish layer. White putty is ideal for the bathroom.

Manufacturing companies

At the moment, there are many different epoxy putties on the building materials market, which will differ not only by manufacturing companies, but and composition properties. It is very difficult for the average consumer to decide on the choice of the composition of the desired brand at a reasonable cost.

It will not be a secret for anyone that it is the popularity of the manufacturer on the world market and its excellent reputation that often plays a key role in the selection of materials for repair work and the execution of putty work. Quite often, eminent brands offer truly high-quality, reliable formulations that help you achieve the expected results in a short time, and will not yet make you face unforeseen difficulties, for example, cracking or even uneven coverage. The most popular brands of epoxy are materials from the following manufacturers:

  • Cerisite.
  • Volma.
  • Knauf.

  • Gypsum polymer.
  • Kreps.
  • Sea Line.
  • Novol Thermo.
  • Bergauf.

When choosing a putty based on epoxy resin, 1/4 kg for solving the tasks, it is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters of the offered products:

  1. Marking.
  2. Purpose.
  3. Availability of quality conformity certificates.
  4. Manufacturer's recognition in the world market.
  5. Consumption of putty per square meter of surface.

  6. Customer Reviews.
  7. Price.

Epoxy material is versatile in order to close irregularities, cracks on almost all materials - concrete, wood, metal or plastic.To obtain the desired result, it will be enough for you to correctly choose the type of solution and adhere to the recommendations provided by the manufacturer regarding its use. It is also important to take into account the main precautions, for example, do not use flammable materials near an open fire, use personal protective equipment (respirators or rubber gloves), avoiding contact with toxic compounds on the skin, and keep the putty out of the reach of children.

Before buying a mixture, it is advisable to familiarize yourself in advance with reviews of the selected type of product from consumers who have already used it. You will learn in detail about the use of the composition in the following video.