Errors in repair, for which you will have to pay with nerves and money

Errors in repair, for which you will have to pay with nerves and money The most common mistakes made during repairs

Repairs are said to be It’s like a natural disaster - it will not be possible to end it, you can only stop it, and a lot will be caused by the fact that, already examining our newly renovated living space, we often think - but this could have been done differently, better.

We have compiled a list of other people's mistakes that are often encountered during repairs, and we hope that from someone else's experience you will learn no worse than from your own.

General errors

Spontaneous repairs

One of the most significant and at the same time costly in the future unfortunate is the approach to renovation without a clear plan of action. Even before you start peeling off old wallpaper or buying a plaster solution, you should make up and have a complete idea of ​​what and in which room you will have. Probably the main mistake in the interior of apartment renovation will be the lack of design as such.

Combining bathroom and toilet

Errors in repair, for which you will have to pay with nerves and money A joint sanitary unit will be convenient for small apartments where no more than two people live, and if the population density of your living space is higher and the apartment does not have a second sanitary unit, then you should still divide the "privacy rooms".

Painting the walls

In fact, painting the walls may seem like a very attractive option, but until the moment when fingerprints appear around the switches, and if you have children at home, these prints will be everywhere.


Very often there are power outages to activate an ensemble in the form of a microwave oven, kettle, washing machine, and therefore experienced repairmen advise right away install machines on each device that has a large consumption of electrical energy.

Placement of outlets

The approach to the electrician and the plan for the placement of outlets should be done only with a clear idea of ​​where and what kind of furniture will be located. Otherwise, you still have to save situations with surge protectors and extension cords.

Also, do not place all the outlets very low - this will interfere with cleaning. In general, it is worth making more outlets than originally calculated - by about 20%. Low power outlets will be useful if you have a robot vacuum cleaner with a charging dock. In addition, it would be a good idea to install sockets in the slopes of the windows - in the kitchen you can put a bread maker or multicooker directly on the windowsill, and in the bedroom this will be an additional place to charge the devices.

Dark floor

Even small specks or scratches are very noticeable on a black or just very dark floor.

If you are not a nearsighted person or are unable to walk past a speck of dust, then such a floor will constantly irritate you and you will have to clean it several times a day.


Overhaul error, which is an entry into the TOP - these are switches. The European standard height for switches is 0. 9 meters from the floor, which, in principle, is suitable for Russian apartments. The cherished buttons for turning on the light at a similar height will be available for both adults and children.

In addition, it will be convenient to make a double of the switch in the bedroom so that you can turn off the light at the entrance and turn it off at the door.

Interior door

Doors with glass inserts are beautiful and have almost no complaints, but if there is a bedroom or children's room behind the door, then entering through the insert light from another room should not reach the bed and interfere with sleep. The switches should be placed on the side of the door handle, because even at the required height, the switch on the side of the door hinge is unlikely to be convenient.

Warm floor

In fact, warm floor is the best invention of mankind, but before making it, you should decide in what places there should be furniture so that you do not waste electricity and money on heating the cabinet and refrigerator.

Rough and ribbed floor tiles

Naturally, such a tile is very beautiful, but it is always worth remembering that it is also a floor covering , which means it will have to be washed.

Rough floors make cleaning more difficult and therefore worth considering which is more important - practical value or aesthetics.

Double-glazed windows

Replacing the double-glazed windows, if planned, is best before the start of cosmetic repairs, because otherwise, during installation, the design of the room can get injured.


This is another designer delight that threatens with difficulties with cleaning - horizontal shades. Dust begins to accumulate in them, as well as the bodies of small insects flying into the light and other not very pleasant things.


Before wallpapering the walls or installing the floor covering, it is worth leveling the walls and the floor itself.

Untreated walls can greatly distort the pattern, and also lead to bends at the joints, but different floor levels will look ugly and can even lead to minor household injuries.

New building

If you have just moved to a new building, then, in fact, the repair will go to pieces in a couple of years, until complete shrinkage is obtained houses. This factor has a particularly strong effect on the ceiling - beautiful suspended ceilings or plasterboard arches can crack and askew. Correcting such errors is both frustrating and expensive.

Children's room

There are such mistakes when renovating an apartment, in particular a children's room, as buying too expensive furniture.

The fact is that you will have to change many more pieces of furniture as the child grows, and therefore it will be rationally limited to inexpensive, but pleasing to the eye and functional items.

Errors in the repair of the bathroom

The space under the bathroom is tightly sealed

Very often in the bathrooms, there is so little usable space, and directly under the font there is often a need to arrange pipes, taps, and you will definitely need access to them.

Bathroom like a surgeon's ward

Blue, white and gray-blue tiles in the bathroom, when combined with cold light, will create a sensation as if you are in an operating room, where there are no sources of natural light, from which you lose comfort.

Socket in the bathroom

One of the popular mistakes in bathroom renovation is the lack of sockets or their inconvenient placement. It is best to provide for the possibility of simultaneously connecting several devices at once, and bring the sockets as close as possible to the mirror and equip them with a waterproof cover.

Bathroom curbs

The space between the wall and the bathroom can simply be filled with a sealant, but in this case, water can begin to collect on the bend. Curbs that are made of tiles or other moisture resistant material will help to avoid this.

Noise insulation

If you have plastic sewer pipes installed, it is important to remember that they strongly resonate any sounds, and the best option will wrap such pipes in sound-absorbing material.


The ideal option for the bathroom would be the ability to adjust the brightness of the set and a separate backlight near the mirror. If you do not have the opportunity to make variable light, then you should not use a dim one, because such a repair error can even become traumatic.


This is one of those errors that becomes visible after repair work. Poor-quality plumbing will quickly lose its appearance and spoil the whole impression of the renovated apartment.

Stretch ceiling

A stretch ceiling for a bathroom will not only be neat and beautiful, but also become additional insurance in case of a flood, and the only thing is that the ceiling material itself must be of high quality and resistant to moisture.


Mosaic tiles in the bathroom and patterned tiles often bring many problems during the installation process, and if a repair mistake It is difficult to call the mosaic, then it is for sure a regret.

Underfloor heating

A bathroom with a high level of humidity often creates a feeling of dampness, and if you know that you do not have heating in the bathroom at the highest level, the warm floor will help compensate for everything.

Major mistakes in kitchen repair

Floor covering

Here already there are several nuances. To begin with, the fact that laminate or parquet flooring for the kitchen, with all its beauty and merits, cannot be called a practical solution.It is best to choose coatings that are more resistant to "injury" and water. And here the second mistake often appears - low-quality linoleum or tiled flooring quickly begins to deteriorate, so you should not save on materials.

Tall cabinets

Another popular mistake is the incorrect height of all kitchen cabinets.

It is best to hang everything at eye level, because lower placement will deprive you of some of the usable space, and if you hang everything higher, it will be uncomfortable.

The materials used around the stove

The use of a gas stove, grill or quality hob assumes that the surrounding materials will be very hot and this means that everything around the stove must be heat-resistant.


Errors in repair, for which you will have to pay with nerves and money It must be located closer to the stove. One of the indicators of a failed renovation is that the corrugation stretches across half of the kitchen space from the stove to the wall. By the way, the corrugation should be packed in a durable case, which will be both stylish and functional.

Working area

When planning your kitchen, it is imperative to provide a working area near the hob. Although the alternative solutions are very nice, they will be very inconvenient to use them if you often cook at home.

Placement of pieces of furniture

Very rarely, kitchens are large and convenient in shape, and the angular arrangement of pieces of furniture in a rectangular room helps to win a lot of useful things space and make it more comfortable.

"Delicate" surface

Very often they are attentive only to the choice of the working surface, but as experience and practice has shown, all surfaces in the kitchen area must be resistant to damage and easy to clean.

Lack of lighting

Dimmed lights inside cupboards are ways to create a suitable atmosphere for a romantic dinner, but good basic lighting should be provided in the kitchen to save you from cuts and other mishaps.

Facades made of glossy dark color

Something gets dirty in the kitchen all the time, and therefore if you plan to cook in this room, and if you want to wash facades every day, you should refuse dark tones and glossy coatings. By the way, note that the blue color helps to reduce appetite, and if you need to adhere to a strict diet, then the blue kitchen will definitely help you keep your figure.

Floor surface color

Too light or dark plain floors insolently show all the debris, and therefore fans of crystal clear will need to clean several times a day or spend money on a robot vacuum cleaner.


It is almost impossible to carry out repairs without errors, but it is worth remembering that the apartment, no matter how you want to bring it closer to glossy picture from a fashionable design magazine, is primarily a place to live, where you have to do cleaning and cooking every day. In addition, real people, not magazine people, live in apartments and houses.

Therefore, the best work on repair mistakes is to choose convenience first, not beauty, and do not forget about common sense.


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