Errors when renovating an apartment + good advice for home craftsmen- Review + Video

Errors when renovating an apartment + good advice for home craftsmen- Review + Video Errors in apartment renovation + good advice for home craftsmen. This article was created in order to tell, using the example of real people and their feedback, what exactly they regret, and what mistakes they made when repairing an apartment or house. You will learn what are the most common problems with certain materials and how to fix the situation. Making mistakes during repairs is not only very easy, unpleasant, but also costly - in terms of time, money, and it takes more than enough nerves to fix it.

The topic is quite relevant, and therefore we interviewed more than a dozen people in order for them to share their experience.

It is thanks to this that there are many examples in the article, and this will help you, before starting repair work, not to repeat common mistakes.

What is the cost of saving

When buying cheap materials, most often, as a result, early replacement of elements is required, you feel inconvenience from use or at least frustration from the quick damage of things, and this is not a myth.

Let's consider examples of what people saved on and more than once regretted it:

  • Errors when renovating an apartment + good advice for home craftsmen- Review + Video "I really wish that 3 years ago the toad strangled to spend money on normal heating radiators. I installed myself those that are cheaper and of Chinese origin. Now the paint has peeled off them, and they also do not heat at all ".

  • "We no longer save on doors, the locks on the interior are exclusively magnetic, so that they cannot even be heard."
  • "Once my husband and I decided to save some money, bought a branded (as it turned out, fake) mixer on the Internet, which was stained and impossible to wash. Now they took a branded tap, in a good store, with a guarantee, even if order is more expensive. The main thing is that the quality is on top. "
  • "The biggest mistake in the renovation was that we put in the laminate - it is cold, never waterproof.

    It would be better to spend money and put the parquet, and under it was electrically heated."

  • "It's real to worry about the fact that I squeezed money on a warm floor in the bathroom, but I still have the first floor, my feet are cool. But in the kitchen and in the hallway there is a laminate on a warm film floor, and there very good".
  • "Several years ago I put windows, and then my priority was the rest of the money, so I put in the simplest slopes and did not attach any importance to it. If I could unwind, I would put something more decent.


I wonder what happens quite the opposite:

  • "It would be better if I did not make niches and cabinets to order. With the same success I could buy ready, and cash, and for the money it would come out 3-4 times cheaper. Unfortunately, this idea came to mind late, and I managed to do so only in the hallway, but the furniture for the bedroom cost a tidy sum. "
  • "Since it took a long time to save up for an apartment with my wife, we wanted to make everything super-duper, and this is what happened - Belgian wallpaper, Italian tiles, only Finnish plumbing, designer furniture.Now, after 5 years, I understand that no matter what wallpaper on the walls, tiles on the floor and a lamp on the ceiling - hardly anyone will touch them every day, you could buy something pretty and cheaper.


Overview of errors. Details

Poorly drawn up plan

Now we will consider practical advice on account of errors in renovating an apartment due to Even if you will make repairs in the apartment, and at the same time do not resort to the help of a designer, you should not forget that it is worth making the necessary diagrams and plans, where it will be indicated in what places and what should hang, and also In which direction to lay the materials. You should not rely on the sense of taste and responsibility of the craftsmen.

"I appeal to those who have not yet begun repairs - the layout of the tiles should be drawn in advance so that there are no scraps where they should not be. "

" Before you nail the flooring firmly (be it a board or tile), first spread the ma materials, to understand how everything will look, pick up the drawing (transitions), and then you can call the builders! ".

"It was a big foolishness not to think over the number and location of the sockets: there are enough sockets near the crib, but not for everything. I'm glad that I made 5 pieces near the desktop."

When planning any idea, you should first examine the availability of implementation:

"I'm very sorry that in the sanitary unit I decided to make all the accessories and plumbing fixtures were bronze. Mixers, taps and a towel dryer are just the tip of the iceberg. But the supply to the toilet, drain, taps, corrugations, grate for the bathroom and sink is a complete nightmare.

This also applies to cost, since the price is an issue increased almost 3 times, as well as the fact that finding everything in the same shade was a real hemorrhoid.As a result, all the small components were chrome, because to find them in bronze there was no longer any desire, no strength, no money. I started using chrome, everything would have been cheaper and easier. "


Errors when renovating an apartment + good advice for home craftsmen- Review + Video Select a sofa before creating a diagram electricians might be strange. But it is this that will help to plan everything in the best way, and at the same time, you can not talk about the sequence of actions when carrying out repair work.

Here are some tips from experienced craftsmen who made the repair themselves:

"Furniture should be selected before the electrician is installed, and the placement should be thought out in advance so that you can determine where the fixtures will be built in and hung (ceiling, wall or floor), as well as which zones will be illuminated ",

" You should carefully consider the order in which you will perform the work. We decided to entrust everything to the foreman, and at the end we had to cover oiled parquet in order to perform another puttying and And then they also wiped off the construction dust.In short, be careful if the team is working, as they do not care what and how.Everything should be planned in advance. "


This is really something that is always lacking.

But apart from wardrobes, it is worth considering storage space:

"Do not forget that there must also be a place for storing ironing boards, where things and cleaning equipment will be dried. Now the vacuum cleaner is in a conspicuous place in the apartment, and this is depressing. "

" In the new apartment they did not think about where the food for the dog and cat would be stored. Yes, beautiful containers helped a little to rectify the situation, but they are still an eyesore. It would be better to make an additional compartment in the closet near the bowls.


Selection of colors and materials

What other mistakes can there be when repairing an apartment? materials and colors are extremely difficult. It is almost impossible to cope with this task without work experience or the help of a designer, and this has been confirmed by many people.

"It was a big mistake to glue dark wallpaper in the living room - it presses and is visible on them dust ".

" My mistake is to put linoleum in the corridor, I'd better buy the tiles. " , because ordinary ones quickly swell and begin to flake off due to moisture, as I did.

For the rest of the ceiling, tiles made of a material like foam were used - everything turned out quickly and very conveniently. "

" Cream-colored tiles on the bathroom and toilet floors - every speck is noticeable and the grout between the tiles quickly begins to get dirty. " .

"The last renovation was not very pleasing, and I regret the laminate (slippery, class 33 quickly deteriorates), that instead of an apron from a tile, a relief wall panel was installed at the forge (it is difficult to wash compared to tiles) ".

" Light facades on the lower tier of the kitchen.

Never and never! It's not about the facades themselves, but the basement is always the dirtiest and it's a nightmare. "

" Dark, black horizontal surfaces, glossy dark coatings - you can see every speck of dust, fingerprints, and everything is designed beautifully. "

If you are worried about the cost of repairs, check out the inspiring opinion of experienced people.

"I very much wish that the repairs in my apartment and the crisis in the country began almost simultaneously (the crisis was slightly ahead of ). Because of this, I had to give up many things that I planned.

If 1 year ago I would have declared that I would not have a laminate and looked after massive boards, and also did not recognize stretch ceilings, now I am very happy with both the first and the second. On the one hand, the increased estimate made it possible to revise my sophisticated design for a simpler and more practical one that can be easily restored (and this is true with my children). In addition, I realized that I wanted to buy a lot of nonsense that costs neither nerves nor money. The only thing I didn’t want to give up was a well thought out redevelopment and laying of new electrics and plumbing. "

Errors in the design of the bedroom

Errors when renovating an apartment + good advice for home craftsmen- Review + Video Now we propose to talk and consider everything locally , by room.

You will find out what the most common mistakes are when renovating a bedroom.

Few sockets

This is the main issue in every room, and should be thought about in advance, since in the future, if there are not enough outlets, you will most likely start using extension cords and tees ... So, sockets should be taken out on both sides of the bed, think about a socket for a TV (as a rule, they install a block of 5 sockets at a height of 1.

3 meters). Also in this room there are often additional lamps and household appliances. Also, if the ladies' corner is in the bedroom, it will also require a couple of outlets.

The switch is only at the door

This is not quite an error in the repair in the apartment, but a noticeable defect. Have you faced a situation where you practically fell asleep, but you need to get up to turn off the light? A duplicate switch right by the bed would be a great idea.

Designers and electricians have thought about such a problem in modern hotels, but for some reason few people use the idea when renovating apartments. think over in advance a system of switches that will control the light in the room both from the entrance and from the bed. It will be optimal if the dimmers make it possible to smoothly adjust the lighting and its brightness.

The switch is located behind the door

This is perhaps one of the funniest mistakes - the switch is located on the wrong side of the door. To avoid a similar situation when you need to go into a dark room and go around the door to turn on the light, remember that the switch must be on the side of the door handle.

Also note that the height of the switches is equally important, since you use the light every day. The standard height of the switch is 0. 75 meters, but it is best to be guided by the height of the apartment owners. If the bedroom is shared with the child, then it is worth considering his height.

Heavy shelf above the bed

There are situations when a large shelf with books or something else hangs above the bed, but at one point the old product breaks and collapses.

This situation can be a big disaster, so if you still want to add such an element to the bedroom, then make sure that the shelf is nailed down firmly and is not stuffed with something traumatic and heavy.

How not to ruin the bathroom

Now we propose to consider what are the popular mistakes in bathroom renovation and how to avoid them.

Lack of sockets / presence of unprotected

Errors when renovating an apartment + good advice for home craftsmen- Review + Video There are not many sockets it often happens that people forget about installing sockets in the bathroom, or make them in small quantities. To avoid problems, you should make at least two sockets. Be sure to take into account the fact that the sockets in the bathroom must be protected from moisture (have a cover that protects the connectors).

Incorrectly installed bath

When installing the bath, it is necessary to clarify whether there is a slope in it. The pipes should go to the drain at a slight slope, and if you do not think about this moment in time, it may turn out that the water will not drain well, and the unpleasant smell of musty water will constantly be present in the bathroom.

Incorrectly connected communications

Some people are faced with the fact that after the repair the heated towel rail does not heat up. The fact is that it was placed higher than the distribution pipes are located. As a result, there is not enough pressure, and hot water does not rise to the required element.

The conclusion is that you should clearly monitor the implementation of plumbing work, and especially those that will be hidden in the future (since they are most difficult to change).

No forced-type hood

Another common mistake when renovating an apartment is that there is no forced hood in the bathroom. Unfortunately, in older buildings, sound insulation and hoods are just for show. It is worth immediately taking care of making a forced extension so that the room can "cool down" and ventilate faster.

Dimension error

This can include the dimensions of anything - doors, shower stalls, equipment.

Here is Marina's opinion:

"My husband and I decided to redevelop the sanitary unit, but did not take into account the dimensions of the washing machine when building the walls in the bathroom. Due to the fact that there is not enough space, the washing machine sticks out. Yes, we could have bought a "baby", but we didn't want to, because we think it's better to wash once instead of three. "

Poor lighting

Errors when renovating an apartment + good advice for home craftsmen- Review + Video In addition to lighting on the ceiling, the bathroom needs so that there is one more light source, at least near the mirror. It is also worth opting for warm lighting because it flatter the appearance and it seems that the bathroom is much warmer than it actually is.

Slippery floor

The bathroom is a traumatic place, because you can fall both in the bathroom and on a wet smooth floor. Either don't choose a glossy surface for your flooring, or place a soft rug over it that will help you stand firmly on your feet.

Few places for storing bathing accessories

Often, when repairing, people are guided by the thought: "How beautiful everything will turn out!", And therefore completely forget about what is needed where -to store creams, shampoos, towels, as well as household chemicals and so on. It is worth thinking about the organization of storage places in advance. To begin with, you can choose a piece of furniture, for example, a sink with built-in drawers, and after the renovation is completed, you will have no problems with where to hang the hairdryer or put a second shower gel.

Creating the perfect kitchen

Here are all the common mistakes that are often made when renovating a kitchen.

Incorrectly placed zones

So, let's consider the advice of the designer, who suggested how to make the kitchen right. There should always be a distance of at least 0. 6 meters between the stove and the sink. You should also provide at least another 0.

6 meters of free surface for serving and serving. It is worth building a production chain - washed products =. butchered, sliced ​​=. put for heat treatment on the stove =. got it and are preparing to serve.

This will help cut down on cooking time as well as the amount of movement in the kitchen. Also, remember that the stove should not be next to the refrigerator.

Technique is inconveniently placed

Errors when renovating an apartment + good advice for home craftsmen- Review + Video This is a topical question when it comes to built-in appliances. Positioning your coffee machine, oven or dishwasher too low or high can be inconvenient. Try to place the equipment at waist level and proceed from the average height of the people who live in the apartment.

Also try to walk around in advance and figure out what is really convenient for you at the stands in the furniture store.

Capricious floor

A kitchen is a room where not only hair from the head can fall to the floor, but also dishes, pots and even household appliances (yes, in life anything can happen). If there are children in the house or you are not very smart, then it is better not to make the floor wooden or lay laminate. Such surfaces will not be able to maintain their beauty for a long time. Also, light glossy tiles (and dark ones too) are a big mistake.

It is slippery, and any dirt is visible, chips are noticeable.

Marble countertop

People who decide to choose natural marble for a countertop or even a floor say that the material is very moody and is also able to absorb dirt forever.

Unprotected kitchen apron

The kitchen apron is the place that is most susceptible to dirt, so it is worth approaching the decoration wisely. Do not glue wallpaper on the apron; painting with ordinary paint is also not recommended.