Evacuation plan (photoluminescent)

Evacuation plan (photoluminescent) Requirements for the manufacture of luminescent evacuation plans

Materials that reflect light can additionally accumulate light energy and further glow in the dark. At the moment, glow-in-the-dark evacuation plans are used everywhere. They will need in all places where the presence of people can be accompanied by a real danger to human lives. They are hung in preschool educational institutions, hospitals, schools and production workshops. The ability of phosphor materials is afterglow, which makes it possible to view the evacuation scheme for a long time without requiring additional illumination.

General information

In a modern office or in enterprises at night, it will be easy for people to get lost in long corridors. Photoluminescent fire escape plans, which can glow in the dark, will orient the person inside the building where the safe exit is.

For this reason, he is able to move quickly in the required direction. In the event of an emergency, people should never be trapped. The creation of various evacuation plans, which are covered with photoluminescent film on top, is an effective method to avoid increasing panic.


What important information can be found on the illuminated evacuation plans

The filling of the schematic image must be like this:

  1. Evacuation plan (photoluminescent) On the evacuation plan, evacuation routes and exits, including even emergency ones, are indicated. Luminous fire signs will be visible from afar, and with their help you can quickly find a first aid kit or fire hydrant. When a dangerous situation arises, it is required to competently and quickly find fire warning systems.
  2. The text section contains all the rules of conduct for employees and visitors. It is imperative that people are familiar with the procedures and the sequence of actions in an emergency.

The film, which glows in the dark, makes it possible to perfectly see all the images and text on it for at least 1 day. A specialized tape from which the glow will emanate is used to mark steps, columns, floors and walls. When smoke begins to enter the room, visibility will drop dramatically. The evacuation plan must be kept as low as possible so that it is easy to notice the routes that will lead visitors to the exit.

The document is also extremely important for rescuers and firefighters.

Creating an evacuation scheme that uses a film that can reflect light will help the person maintain their composure to take the required action in time in the event of an emergency.

Purpose of the photoluminescent type system

Such types of the system have the following list of advantages:

  • Evacuation plan (photoluminescent) Durability
  • Reliability.
  • High degree of efficiency.

Signs remarkably visible in the dark will inform about evacuation routes and methods of fire suppression. They are used in a wide variety of public buildings.

The creation of evacuation plans from fluorescent materials will be really advisable if the rooms in which they will be located are sufficiently well lit. In this case, the light source can be both artificial and natural. The film used to make an evacuation plan must have appropriate quality certificates. When contacting the company, the customer may ask if the company has a license that gives the right to create and implement schemes.

Features of the film that is used to make a luminous evacuation plan

The evacuation plan on a luminescent basis can be divided into materials that are suitable for printing plans.

An additional variety is intended for lamination.

If the film is made using photoluminophores, which have long-lasting afterglow properties, the material has a layer of adhesive that will reliably protect the paper sheet. It is suitable for widespread use - during the operational process of a product with a multilayer structure, it will not emit toxic substances that are harmful to the human body.

There are no radioactive components in its composition. The main parameters of the operational type are:

  • Long afterglow.

  • Light absorption.
  • Long-term operation.

Material with a glossy surface is used to laminate escape plans. Its application to the surface of the circuit makes it possible to achieve optimal visibility of the graphic and text parts. if the material can be printed directly, it will have characteristic features.

The film surface has a matte even coating. It is required to do solvent printing on it, which is characterized by excellent quality and high color rendering. It is used during the creation of fire safety signs or evacuation schemes. With its own hands, the organization helps to prepare a high-quality layout that can be printed in a professional company that is licensed to engage in this type of activity.

Printing evacuation plans - selection of a company

To print an evacuation plan on photoluminescent paper, heads of organizations and production enterprises can order any type of evacuation plan.

Professional staff are familiar with special laws and requirements. They will develop a fire safety evacuation scheme.It is extremely important that not cheap Chinese materials were used to create the circuits, but high quality means.

The durability of finished products will depend on this. If the plan was framed, then the corners will not fray.

The image in such a frame will have a more beautiful appearance.

The frame will protect the product from negative external influences. She needs the most common care - the product can only be wiped off dirt. You can also order special photoluminescent signs for evacuation, which will serve as pointers.

Their presence enables people to quickly find a way out in case of danger - in case of a fire every minute will be valuable.

The ideal method for preserving the evacuation system is its implementation in high-quality organic glass, because the material will provide the brightness of the film glow and protect the products from falling and even during a fire. Highly qualified employees will carry out complex high-quality evacuation schemes. The term for creating an order with a ready-made layout is several hours. When it is necessary to fully develop the evacuation plan, then it can take up to 72 hours for specialists to work at maximum.