Expensive kitchens - what things are not worth their money in it: Review + Video

Expensive kitchens - what things are not worth their money in it: Review + Video Modern expensive kitchens : what purchases that simplify work can be very upsetting. Quite often, when making purchases that are quite expensive, they expect something incredible for the money spent. Are such expensive purchases required at all, or is it better to do without them? In fact, there are a lot of such things, but below we will talk about the most basic items that are the most expensive in the kitchen, and at the same time can cause disappointment.

Very often this happens precisely because of the cost, since the price does not correspond to the quality, and products from such materials cost fabulous sums.

Stone countertop of artificial origin

Yes, now we will consider the first unreasonably expensive investment, namely acrylic polymer countertops.

There are other types of countertops, for example, made of quartz agglomerate, but they are very strong and do not leave traces of knives on their surface (the only exception can be scratches of their ceramic blade). But there are models that are made of acrylic.

Such a choice can reveal many surprises, and not the most pleasant ones, as well as a lot of disappointments. Such countertops can attract relatively low cost, and very often a low-quality surface is hidden behind low prices. For example, this can happen if the base is made of plywood.

Over time, it will begin to swell from moisture, and this can lead to the table losing its beautiful appearance. Let's consider the characteristics in more detail.

The main materials of manufacture are the following components:

  • Resins of synthetic origin, which are a binder for the composite material.
  • Stone chips and natural minerals.
  • Pigments (coloring additives).

If you still want to buy a countertop made of artificial stone, then we have found a list of the most reliable manufacturers and brands, namely Tristen, Stoneslon, Akrilika and Antarrid. And now a little more about the varieties.

  • Expensive kitchens - what things are not worth their money in it: Review + Video Acrylic stone. This, as already mentioned, is the most accessible and popular type. The table top, made of acrylate, contains from 60 to 70% mineral components.

    Acrylic stone is obtained by mixing real stone chips or mineral components with acrylic resin binders. The composition is usually glued to a base made of chipboard, MDF or moisture-resistant plywood (but not all manufacturers try to do everything according to technology, which is why the material quickly becomes unusable). To create, high temperatures from 150 to 200 degrees are used, and it is for this reason that countertops have terrible thermal stability indicators, which means that you will not be able to put dishes on them.

The cost of acrylate countertops according to average data in Russia starts at $ 130 per 1 running meter. Modern expensive kitchens, photos of which can be seen in any blog about renovation, are equipped with beautiful surfaces and countertops, including, and the more natural material is used in the composition, the more expensive the coating will be.

To reduce the cost of production, unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to add components to the composite that are only an imitation of a stone of natural origin. Countertops from the premium segment are made with a lot of real stone chips. Why is this material and products made from it extremely popular? Only because of the aesthetic qualities. Surface maintenance should be gentle because you can easily scratch the countertop.

  • Liquid stone.

    This material is often confused with the first, but here is a completely different manufacturing technology. This method of cladding is better, because during manufacture the material receives the required performance characteristics - resistance to temperature influences, impact resistance and resistance to moisture. Sheets of plywood, MDF or chipboard are wrapped on all sides with a plastic compound, which consists of 4/5 of tinted marble chips and polyester. As a result, it looks like a sealed package that will not let moisture through. The cost starts at $ 140 per meter.

The base must always be resistant to moisture, and acrylic countertops are highly susceptible to damage, cracks and scratches. Sanding such coatings is extremely expensive. If you choose high-quality acrylic, then it will be very expensive, and for the same cost you can find materials that are much better. Naturally, there are certain advantages of such a coating, but as the professionals said, "the quality does not match the price."

Integrated sink

Naturally, such a sink will be the most convenient, because you can simply brush away small particles of debris with a sponge or towel, and you you will be sure that they will not get stuck anywhere.

But even in this case, you may encounter the use of substandard materials. For example, with a chipboard base or a surface coating made of bulk stone. The use of such a material can very quickly lead to the fact that the tabletop begins to swell and it will be necessary to replace it urgently. If you want to install a garbage shredder, the integrated sink can even become an obstacle. Before you buy this expensive equipment for your own kitchen, you should weigh the pros and cons.


  1. Unusual and beautiful appearance. Sink and countertops will look like one unit. Most people even assume that the sink was molded with the countertop, or "blown" out of the cover. This is where the name "monolithic" came from, although in reality it is not at all the case.
  2. Ease of use.

    There are no sides, which means that drops, crumbs and foam from the table top can simply be brushed into the bowl.

  3. Ease of cleaning the area around the sink and sink. Since there are no sides and seams, there will be nowhere for dirt to clog.
  4. Full color match. Most people have probably faced such a problem as the difficulty of choosing a sink or sink to match the color of the countertop.

    By immediately ordering two items of the same color, you can quickly get rid of such worries.


And now it is worth considering the disadvantages that can manifest themselves (the opposite happens, but it is extremely rare). You should be aware of the existence of such a need.

  1. Expensive kitchens - what things are not worth their money in it: Review + Video Installation of a food waste disposer is not recommended. The fact is that, unlike other sinks, monolithic models are simply glued in, and the shredder gives off vibration, which can eventually lead to the disclosure of all glued "seams".

  2. Possibility of stains and scratches. This is extremely important mainly for the kitchen area. Here sinks will be exposed to constant aggressive action. The surface of the kitchen sink can begin to deteriorate due to constant temperature changes, from washing with abrasives or dishes. The fact is that sinks made of artificial stone, which are often used for the production of countertops, are rather fragile and delicate.

    Their surface can absorb food and chemical dyes, which are sometimes difficult or even impossible to remove.

  3. Do not drain boiling water. Yes, very expensive kitchens are not always suitable for simple household tasks. Such a sink or sink can simply crack, and dirt particles can get into the cracks formed, which will make the appearance of the bowl stop pleasing you. According to this parameter, products made of artificial stone are far behind the rest.

  4. Difficulty in replacement. If the sink or sink becomes unusable, the damaged bowl can be cut out, but it will be difficult to choose a new product that will exactly match the size of the hole.

Please note, that you should not confuse monolithic sinks and sinks with products made of composite granite. Countertop material is usually less stable and durable, and therefore bowls made of it will be inferior to artificial granite sinks, because they have a different composition.

Sinks and sinks with monolithic countertops - yes or no?

Are you scared by the shortcomings? Take your time, perhaps an integrated sink is right for you.

  1. For a bathroom designed for one family, a monolithic sink is ideal. But you need to remember about possible negative moments, as well as try to avoid them - do not drain boiling water, do not drop sharp objects and do not stain with substances with dyes.
  2. An integrated sink can be chosen for the kitchen if you rarely cook at home and almost always use a dishwasher.
  3. In order to protect the integrated kitchen sink, a special stainless steel tray can be installed in it. Yes, the aesthetics will suffer to some extent, but the sink will last much longer.

  4. If you plan to install a shredder, then you need to take an extremely responsible approach to gluing the sink, and strengthen the joints as much as possible.
  5. It is worth knowing that not all separately installed bowls and sinks are equipped with rims, and there are models that are placed flush with the countertop. They are best used if you have artificial and natural stone products.

As you can see, there is nothing terrible in such sinks, but for comfortable use, as well as to prevent the formation of cracks and stains, you will have to be very confused. Whether you need it or not is not up to us to decide.

Mixer with a hose

Also, expensive kitchens are often equipped with an excellent assistant, with which it will be convenient to draw water into the pot and other containers, rinse after baking baking sheet. We are talking about a mixer with a hose, which has an extremely complex design and therefore often fails. Those who have already managed to use such a device noted the fact that breakdowns occur only after the warranty period expires.


  1. The length of the exhaust hose is about 0.5 meters.

  2. Turning off and off the water is carried out using a button on the removable head.
  3. The pressure and temperature of the water in the exhaust hose can be adjusted.

This is quite practical and convenient - they put the container on the hob and already filled it with water there. You can adjust the pressure and temperature right there without going back to the kitchen sink. Moreover, it is best to use a faucet with an exhaust hose for sinks that have two bowls.

In this case, it will be comfortable and will really help solve many problems (washing fruits separately from other products, rinsing dishes). It is practical, convenient, has modern forms, and is able not only to save you from the need to pull out a heavy pan from the sink, but also to decorate the kitchen interior.


Only a specialist with the required qualifications should install the mixer. Usually everything happens like this - from a company that provides installation services, a master comes with the Russian habit of "what if it works out". For this reason, without delving into the installation technology, which is described in the instructions in English, install based on past experience.

It often happens that the master ignores the weights that are installed under the sink, and as a result, the device does not work correctly.

Moreover, one more thing should be taken into account: the flexible hose quickly becomes unusable, kinks at the point of connection with the tap. Another point is our water supply pipes, which often create sudden pressure surges inside the pipe.Due to the hydraulic shock, the removable head rotates in any direction and gives a very powerful jet of water. Yes, our plumbing system is not fittings for imported sanitary ware.


Even these three examples are enough to think well about how he spends fabulous money on devices that seem to help on kitchen, but at the same time do not correspond to the cost. Sometimes their quality is not the best, and soon you can understand that the money was wasted. In addition, buy furniture and sanitary ware only from trusted manufacturers, because only in this case you can be sure of the quality.

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