Explanatory note to the project, GOST

Explanatory note to the project, GOST Sample explanatory note to the project

The construction of a country house is constantly preceded by design drafting. It is the project that allows you to get a general idea of ​​the future object, carry out calculations of the required costs, carry out a number of measures in coordination with the authorities of a certain profile, and also obtain the required documentation, according to which it will be possible to control the work performed. One of the main documents at the stage of the working and draft design was the explanatory note to the project. What is the meaning of this document?

Every project requires a plan, but it still needs to correctly fill in all the necessary documents. First you need to understand that you need to set yourself an ideal plan that describes a list of documentation.

Explanatory note to the house project as part of the draft sketch

First, you need to describe exactly where your construction will be located, indicate the seismicity of the site, the lowest temperatures, snow and wind load. Further, it is required to say about what is located in the south, north and east of such a site.

After that, you must definitely indicate whether or not the territory of such a plot is free from buildings, because this position will have valuable types of plantings and directly green spaces. That is, during construction, all the plants that are indicated in the explanatory note to the project and sketch must be carefully replanted.

Explanatory note to the project, GOST The main task of the draft house project was to establish the basic requirements and principles in relation to the future country house.

A note with explanations for the cottage project will include data on the position of the object, relief specifics, the results of all required technical parameters of measurements.

This document also reflects such natural factors as snow load, freezing depth, the presence of groundwater, and many other parameters. In accordance with such data, they make an architectural and planning, as well as a constructive solution. In the next paragraph of the note with explanations to the project of the cottage, you will have to indicate what exactly will be located on the project, for example:

  • Six cottages in four floors, for six apartments with attached pools.
  • Three residential eleven-storey buildings and all kinds of accommodation on the ground floor and other premises of the office and retail type.

A decision on planning and architecture for such a site will be determined taking into account the previously obtained relief of the external environment, and also taking into account the maximum safety of all existing green spaces. The entire access organization to such a building and approaches to it will be taken into account from the street side, with the creation of "pockets" of the entrance and areas for turns at the very dead end of the passage.The territory must be fully protected, and fenced with outdoor lighting devices in the dark, and therefore it is necessary to think carefully about the moments in terms of planning carefully and slowly.

Further, it is required to mark all engineering support, and water supply and sewerage will be equipped by means of:

  • Fire-fighting water supply.
  • Hot water supply.

  • Utility water supply (drinking water).

Water supply for all household and drinking needs will be produced from external network types, and for precise water supply through certain tanks with a certain water supply. If, for example, a two-zone water supply system was adopted, then all systems and sewerage systems must be approved with professionals in this field, who will advise the most suitable option for ways. Moreover, it was considered and also decided on the installation of engineering and communication systems. In general, such a note is a note to a home project - documentation with all the required information for future work.

An explanatory note to the cottage project as a working project

An explanatory note to the project contains a draft design for the direct implementation of a complex of construction works. In fact, it can be noted that the note with explanations for the house project is a text design form with the inclusion of the main technical indicators. This documentation is at the heart of the project for work, and it is the necessary data for the construction process. This includes a description and explanation like a building, a work order is determined, a description of the compositional and architectural solution is contained, and it also takes into account the issues of transport services and the execution of design and analytical work within the framework of consulting and engineering services.

It is in the working draft that the issues regarding the relief organization, preparation measures, and also the working organization itself and the cost of their implementation are resolved.

Required Sections of the Note

An example of an Explanatory Note for the project must be correctly completed for each country. But all documentation will contain the following sections:

  • Provisions of a general nature.
  • Active process and its description.
  • Action for the facility and its preparation for the introduction of system automation.
  • Main technical and technological solutions.

The main goal

The main goal, for which you need a note with explanations to the technical design, will be the submission of the basic required information for the system and justification all the necessary technical solutions. It turns out that such decisions must be made for development. In the section on general provisions in the explanatory note to the project, it is required to make:

  1. The name of the AU project and documentation (their name), numbers and dates for approval in the design and introduction of the automated system.
  2. Explanatory note to the project, GOST List of required organizations that will participate in system development, as well as deadlines for completing the required stages.
  3. Objectives, purpose and areas when using an automatic system.

  4. All confirmations of personal design decisions that will operate in accordance with the rules and regulations of fire safety, explosion safety and technology, etc.
  5. Information for use in the design of regulatory and technical documents.
  6. Information about the stages of research and development, inventions, advanced experiments that were used in the development of projects.
  7. The sequence for production in the system, as well as the volume of the queue.

In the section about the main technical solutions of the explanatory note it is important to indicate:

  • The decision about structural systems, means, subsystems, methods of certain connections for information exchange, between certain system components, and subsystems.

  • Decision on modes of functions as well as diagnostics of operation.
  • Decision on the number, functions and qualifications of the AU personnel, as well as its operating modes, interaction and order.
  • Solutions for technical complexes of means, as well as placement at a similar facility.
  • Decision on the composition of the volume, information, methods for organization, input and output messages and documents, as well as machine types of media. Decision on the sequence of information processing and certain types of components.

  • Decision about the composition of software, procedural algorithms, languages ​​of activity, and also a method for project implementation.

If you want to do everything correctly and clearly, you will have to follow all the steps in turn and unquestioningly, because all documents must be filled out according to the same scheme.