Fabric, from PVC film - Curved designs + Photo and Video

Fabric, from PVC film - Curved designs + Photo and Video In the repair, the main difficulty is finishing. And a lot of attention is paid to the ceiling, especially in the common living room, because this is the place where guests are invited. Important nuances of ceiling finishing are durability and surface leveling. Stretch ceilings in the hall meet these criteria.

Contemporary interiors involve creative finishing techniques using the latest and most interesting materials.

Stretch ceiling is the most practical and most beautiful option for finishing the ceiling covering today. It is a kind of canvas, fixed in profile panels.

According to the material of manufacture, they are divided into fabrics and pvc films.

Types of fabrics for stretch ceilings

Fabric are distinguished by resistance to temperature fluctuations, strength and reliability during use. These fabrics are available in sizes up to 5m wide, which is very convenient when creating seamless ceilings.

This ceiling is environmentally friendly, which allows its use in rooms for children. Installation of such ceilings is not difficult, but for a good effect, you still need to resort to the help of professionals.

PVC sheets are more often used due to the fact that they are more practical and less expensive. They come in glossy, matte, suede or satin. They are resistant to high temperatures and high humidity.

Note: A canvas made of pvc film is able to protect the premises from flooding by neighbors from above.

Types of fasteners

For fastening ceiling panels, a certain type of cornices are required. This is necessary for the highest quality fixing of the canvases in the grooves.

There are several ways of fastening:

Types of ceilings

Stretch ceilings are of the following types: matte, glossy and satin.

Satin - imitation of fabric weaving. This is the most expensive option, it stands out for its sophistication and noble appearance. Light reflections are slightly reflected in it, contributing to light diffusion, creating a unique atmosphere of the room.

Glossy as well as mirrors contributes to the expansion of space, but differs in greater blurring of reflection, which, by the way, is most suitable for home interiors. Gloss is appropriate for small, poorly lit rooms, and on the living room ceiling is the most ideal option.

For glossy ceilings, the main colors are light beige and white. These colors add space and don't clutter up the interior. Less often, you can find colored glossy canvases, since they are difficult to fit into the surrounding interior.
Black, brown and blue gloss adds depth to the space, but does not visually expand the room.Therefore, these shades must be used very carefully for small rooms.

You can add highlight to glossy canvases using backlighting. Lighting, as it were, mixes objects on the gloss and creates an unusual picture.

Matte is a classic. Perfectly harmonizes with antique decor. This look is similar to a simply painted or whitewashed ceiling.

It does not create any reflections and therefore does not distract from the decorative solution of the space itself.

Note: Matte versions are the ideal backdrop for luminaires. Whether it's an exquisite chandelier or an ordinary lamp, everything looks perfect against such a background.


For narrow and cramped rooms mirrored stretch ceilings are just ideal, because they expand the space. With the use of such a finish, a small room is filled with volume, and because of the reflective surface, the space expands.

There are many varieties of mirror sheet - with a clear image and a blurry one. For the hall, they are usually used with a clear reflection.

Important: Mirror stretch ceiling should not be rubbed with hard brushes, but cleaners should be used for washing. A soapy solution and a soft cloth are enough.

Mirror cloth without visible seams looks much better.

Therefore, when purchasing, you need to attach special importance to the width of the canvases.

The service life of such canvases is much longer than other ceiling finishes. German and Belgian manufacturers are distinguished as of higher quality. Chinese counterparts can distort images and be much weaker.

Fabric, from PVC film - Curved designs + Photo and Video Nowadays, drawings on the ceiling are becoming more common.

Modern manufacturers create many options for such solutions for any fantasy. Even a photo can be posted.
Photo prints made on pvc film are distinguished by an exclusive design, the ability to create images on any basis, and also create images in 3D.

Photo printing with the image of the sky is very common. There can be many solutions here - from dark with backlit to blue with clouds.

Stretch ceilings Starry sky is also a very interesting option, even in daylight. Unusualness of such a ceiling can be given by adding competent lighting. With the help of such a solution, the hall is filled with mystery and magic. But when choosing such a ceiling, you need to try not to overload the interior with too complex elements.
Blue shades on the ceiling act as a pacification and relaxation.

The "starry sky" design is suitable for a strict and laconic living room. The starry canvas will look very expressive in any interior solution, in general, like any illuminated ceiling.

Choosing a color scheme

When choosing a color scheme, consider the following nuances:

  • The lower the ceiling, the lighter shades are taken;
  • When the windows are located on the sunny side, choose cool colors for the ceiling. This will keep the room cool, even in hot weather. And for the shadow side, on the contrary, warm shades are preferable.

    This is done to create a more comfortable atmosphere in the hall;

  • It is not recommended to decorate the surface of the walls and ceiling in the same color. Even if this is so, then it is better to make a slight contrast - matte walls and a glossy ceiling.
  • In small one-room apartments, the living room is also the bedroom. When decorating such a room, you should not use bright shades, here the classic calm matte version will be more appropriate.

Curved structures

Unusual, wave-like ceiling can be created using curved structures.

In nature, there are practically no ideally even forms and proportions, and a person, on a subconscious level, likes natural asymmetrical objects more. Arches and waves transform the interior and look very impressive.

Curvilinear structures can be divided into types:

  • Single-level using different colors;
  • Multi-level;
  • Arch ;
  • Dome;

Curved structures can be performed using various materials, but flexible pvc film is considered more convenient.

One of the options for such a solution is the use of canvases in dark gloss, placed in waves. However, this will only be appropriate for a large room.

Two-level stretch ceilings are complex, but at the same time very interesting and effective construction. Also not suitable for small rooms with low ceilings. The smaller the room, the simpler the ceiling should be. After all, a large number of complex and voluminous ceiling elements can ruin the whole look.

The combination of a stretch ceiling and drywall

The main options for this design:

  • Creation a rectangular plasterboard box around the perimeter, and a PVC-film is pulled in the center;
  • Oval box around the perimeter.

    But this option must be used with caution, since such a composition smoothes the corners and somewhat reduces the space;

  • The chandelier is mounted with a plasterboard circle in the center of the ceiling, and the rest of the surface is covered with a film.

There are also more complex plasterboard elements - various bends, paths, ovals, everything that the masters' imagination is capable of.


Not the last place is taken by the backlight. You can transform the interior by combining LED lighting and stretch ceiling.Thus, it is possible to achieve zoning of space, which is a solution in a small apartment, where one room serves as both a living room and a room.

A cornice with spotlights placed underneath will create a more welcoming atmosphere in the room. A classic chandelier and small recessed lights around the perimeter will create an interesting combination.

Advantages and disadvantages

Today, stretch ceilings are the most common type of decoration. The explanation for this is a lightweight device, versatility, aesthetic appearance, durability.

Pros :

  • Fabric, from PVC film - Curved designs + Photo and Video Moisture resistance, which allows it to be used in damp areas such as kitchens and washrooms.

    In emergency situations, it is able to protect in case of a water pipe break from above and hold back a large amount of liquid;

  • The ability to create interesting multi-level compositions using drywall;
  • Leveling the surface and hiding the wiring.

Cons :

  • For those who prefer natural materials, these ceilings may not be suitable. Although they are environmentally friendly, you can also run into low-quality goods with toxic substances;
  • The waterproofness of this material contributes to the disruption of vapor exchange and such a room will need to be ventilated more often;
  • The film can be operated at temperatures from plus five to plus fifty degrees Celsius;
  • A glossy ceiling needs periodic cleaning, since water stains are most visible on it, for example, in the bathroom and kitchen.