Facade lighting of a country house + design

Facade lighting of a country house + design How to make facade lighting of a private house with your own hands - photo and design

Today, one of the areas of light design is artistic illumination of the facade of buildings for various purposes - cottages, residential buildings, restaurants, office buildings, administrative buildings and many others.

Architectural type lighting is designed to highlight the uniqueness and beauty of a building. Moreover, with the help of artistic illumination, you can emphasize the special forms of the structure, and also present the silhouette of a house in a favorable light, making it stand out from all the other nearby houses.

But the artistic type of lighting is not the only task that the installation of outdoor lighting equipment can solve - during the dark time of the day, the building and the surrounding space will be illuminated. Thanks to the facade lighting of a private house, it will be much more comfortable to live and relax in the house at nightfall.

General information

Types of lighting

To make an external type of facade lighting in a building, you can use one of the following types:

  1. Flood light. With this type of lighting, you can effectively enhance the architectural beauty of the building. This method of lighting the facade is perfect for buildings made of concrete or stone. Lighting devices can be placed on the surface of the ground or the roof of the illuminated building. In order to enhance the effect, decorative-type floodlighting of the facade should be combined with directional light sources to highlight interesting details of the building.

    To equip directional lighting, devices with a lower power and size are used. For their installation, it is required to prepare supports that can be placed around the entire perimeter of the structure.

  2. Architectural local lighting. It is used to point out bright architectural elements in a structure. A local type of lighting is also used to create real masterpieces of light.

    Experienced designers will be able to combine local lighting of the facade with additional illumination of decor items on the territory.

  3. Outdoor hidden lighting for the facade. Installation of this type of lighting is an excellent opportunity to create very beautiful and expressive outlines of a building through unique patterns of light. Detailing the structural elements and giving the structure as a whole a soft shine will help to unobtrusively demonstrate the beauty of the building's architecture, as well as give its geometry a non-standard effect. For this purpose, you can install LED and neon lighting of the facade of the building along the perimeter as a whole.

Local and hidden facade architectural lighting has several types - contour, silhouette and even color-dynamic.When using the silhouette version of the lighting, you can not detail individual elements, and also create an expressive outline of the structure. The name of the contour type illumination will reveal its essence - lamps for lighting the facade should be placed around its entire perimeter (that is, along the entire contour). To install them, in this case, neon or LED strips should be used - their use makes it possible to obtain a soft glow, which will seem to wrap up the building.

Color dynamics

But color dynamics is a special type of street illumination of facades, which differs from other types in many advantages.

This includes the ability to:

  • Change the strength of the light beam.
  • Change the color palette.
  • Create and also effectively apply light shadows.

Next, let's look at how best to design the facade lighting of a country house and not only with our own hands.


The main rules for the design of architectural lighting

Before starting to create a lighting project for the front of the house, it is imperative to decide what type of lighting should be used in order to create the most comfortable and safe conditions for movement throughout the site, as well as at night around the house, and at the same time everything will be arranged so that the light does not interfere with rest.

It is also imperative to choose the type of lighting fixtures that can effectively fulfill their task and at the same time serve as an extraordinary decoration of the house. if you try to correctly beat the use of light, then the home exterior can be endowed with notes of modernity, the Middle Ages, for example, and so on. To improve the lighting effect, you can put several spotlights around the country house so that the light emanating from them evenly illuminates the buildings. No less effective options will be if the light elements are installed on the facade pointwise with a similar calculation so that their rays can beautifully highlight the architectural elements of the building

Please note that to decorate the facade lighting of an architectural type of buildings outside the city you can not use every type of backlight. The arrangement of flood lighting will be considered unacceptable - country houses are usually very low, and this option will be designed for higher buildings.

Moreover, the flood light will fall into the windows, and therefore it will be very bright in all rooms at night, and this can create inconvenience when sleeping at night.

Designers strongly advise using "down-light" lighting fixtures to illuminate a cottage facade, because they have important advantages - the fixtures are small in size, but have the same power as small projectors, and they can also change the angle of the lamps to obtain more effective light spots.

An equally interesting way to create a decorative type of facade lighting and a device with halogen lamps for directing light.

Their use has the following advantages:

  1. Facade lighting of a country house + design In this type of device, the direction of the beam and the radius of illumination are adjustable.
  2. The devices are small in size and therefore will not take up much space.

  3. The use of lamps will make it possible to save money - LED illumination of the facade of a country house will make it possible to consume very little energy.
  4. Efficiency - with this type of fixture, the light fill can be made more uniform and powerful.

Overhead lighting devices will look especially unusual on the facade of buildings. Such lamps can be combined with bollards, strobes and even colored illumination. For lighting throughout the entire territory in front of the building, you can put decorative type lamps and special lighting devices on the supports.

Also, attention will be required not only for lighting the front of the house, but also for the porch.

The space near the front door is best equipped with lamps that are able to diffuse light. Thanks to the reflective elements, the light will be evenly distributed over the nearest space to the house. If not only lighting of the facade of a country house, but also of the landscape around it, will be equipped, the entire composition should be created in the same style. Only this approach can guarantee a harmonious and beautiful design of the site as a whole.

Please note that facade lighting of a house in the form of lighting fixtures on a long bracket should be used with extreme caution - they will rarely be combined with the appearance of the building and, with an inept choice, methods will even bring disharmony into the beauty of the house.

Before creating an architectural type lighting project, care should be taken to make it more economical and convenient to use.

To do this, divide the object into the following zones:

  • Entrance, when both the side and the main entrance, if any, will be taken into account.
  • Secondary areas, which are also important to illuminate.

And now a little about the equipment.

Selection of equipment

Determination of the equipment for lighting the decorative type of the facade will depend on a certain number of parameters. We are talking about the features of the building, as well as the scale of the surrounding area.

The following features can be defined to choose from:

  • Facade lighting of a country house + design Type used lamps.
  • Mounting type.
  • Device features.

  • Functional purpose.

A similar task for outdoor lighting will highlight the architectural beauty of the facade and lighting the lawn around the building. It is also very important to choose lighting devices with the required and most suitable technical characteristics for a particular object.

This will be:

  • Security.
  • Dustproof.

  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Suitability for use in all climates and weather conditions.
  • Protection against mechanical influences.

In addition, there are several special and important points that should be known and taken into account when organizing architectural lighting for the facade.

  1. The most reliable option would be luminaires with an aluminum body.

    Devices with an acrylic or polycarbonate body will be no less durable.

  2. The use of fill in different colors makes it possible to better and more efficiently highlight the protrusions and facades of the building.
  3. If you place the lighting fixtures so that they can illuminate the building from the bottom up, you can get an extraordinary effect.
  4. When arranging LED lighting for the facade, it is imperative to install transformers for powering.
  5. It is best to use luminaires for installation that have IP65 protection degree.

Good advice! When arranging facade lighting, you should install the devices in such a way that the plate with the name of the house and street numbers falls under their light fluxes.

How to mount lighting with your own hands

Every home owner before the New Year and Christmas wants to decorate his home not just from the inside, but also from the outside. LED strips are most suitable for obtaining a festive atmosphere - there is a large selection of elements for lighting in the spirit of the New Year for facades in a hardware store. For the correct installation of the LED strip, you should read the instructions, which will certainly be included in the package. In this case, design services will not be important - everyone will be able to decorate the house in the way they like, as well as to the liking of family members.

Facade lighting of a private house may not always turn out the way you want, and this is not so scary - this type of lighting is temporary and should be removed after a couple of weeks. As for the arrangement of permanent lighting of the facade of buildings, the lighting design will be extremely important. For this reason, if you are not sure that everything will come out at the highest level, it is best to seek help from specialists. This will make it possible to save money and create a unique composition of the facade lighting of the house, which will favorably highlight the architecture of the building, and also emphasize the status of the owners.


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