False ceiling Akmigran

False ceiling Akmigran Facing ceilings with Akmigran tiles

At the moment there are many materials for facing ceiling surfaces. Cladding panels became popular. Akmigran is a brand of finishing material that is used to build wall and suspended ceiling structures. As many of the consumers have noticed, the ceiling made of Akmigran plates is somewhat reminiscent of the Armstrong type system.

An exception will be the fact that for the assembly process of the ceiling from the panels, you will need to invest much more money and install a rather complex fixing system.

Akmigran ceiling - what is it

Akmigran slabs, which are used for ceiling decoration, are panels made of granular or even glass wool. During the production process, starch and water are added to the main components, due to which the final product acquires a high level of sound insulation properties.

Akmigran is made using a pressing method, and the production process looks like this:

  1. False ceiling Akmigran At the very beginning, mineral wool will be subjected to granulation, after which the raw materials are processed, as a result of which particles with a size from 0.2 to 1.5 cm will appear.

  2. When the main raw material is ready, it is required start preparing the binder solution. For this, exclusively cold water, white clay and starch are used
  3. All components must be thoroughly mixed until the mass is uniform and heated until the temperature reaches +90 degrees.
  4. After that, stabilizers - boric acid or borax - must be added to the binder solution.
  5. Everything must be thoroughly mixed again and added mineral wool in the form of granules.
  6. A new stage will be the formation of Akmigran panels.

  7. For 16 ... 18 hours, the boards will be processed at a temperature of +145 degrees.
  8. The final step will be the final sanding of the finished material and the slab cut.

    On sale you can find Akmigran of this size - 0.3 * 0. 25 meters, 0.3 * 0. 3 meters, 0.

    6 * 0. 6 and 0.8 * 0. 25 meters, and the thickness will remain unchanged - only 2 cm.

The finished material has a white tint and a porous surface.

The texture can be in the form of cracks, grooves or embossed. As a rule, this type of cladding material is used for ceiling decoration in a room where the noise level is quite high.

Note that at the very beginning the slabs are covered with small cracks. It is required to take into account the fact that this is not a flaw. Such cracks increase the properties of Akmigran sound insulation.


Advantages of finishing with Akmigran plates

Before proceeding with the choice of material for finishing, you should study in advance all its advantages, disadvantages, as well as design features. If we consider the advantages of ceiling tiles like Akmigran, then it is important to highlight the following points:

  • In the first place, many users put a high sound insulation level and increased resistance to fire of the material used, because Akmigran tiles contain asbestos fibers, then the products are not subject to fire, and due to the tiled structure, the acoustic comfort in the room will remain unchanged not at the highest level.
  • If required, the structure can be installed by hand without resorting to the help of specialists in this area, because it is important to note the fact that facing work using Akmigran plates is done quickly enough to mount the ceiling in one room. one, maximum two days will be enough if the installation work is performed by a person for the first time in his life.
  • If, at the time of fixing the parts for cladding, it is required to give a certain size or the shape is very large, then the excess part can be sawed off without problems with a hacksaw.

  • The material that is used as a base for fixing Akmigran slabs will tolerate moisture, and it is for this reason that such a ceiling material can be used in a room for any purpose, but it is worth remembering that we do not recommend using such ceiling slabs in the bathroom or other rooms where there is a high level of humidity.
  • Due to the fact that during the production of Akmigran they are coated with a snow-white coloring composition, this, without a doubt, is an advantage, and this is due to the fact that white is universal, as a result of which this material for decoration can be used for facing any premises, regardless of design and style.

It should be noted that, if necessary, the manufacturing company can give the boards different shades. By the way, in the process of construction work, manufacturers recommend using a respirator that will prevent dust from entering the respiratory organs.

Disadvantages of ceiling decoration with Akmigran plates

Despite the many advantages of Akmigran suspended ceiling, one should not forget that any construction product has its drawbacks.

Unfortunately, this type of plate also has them. As the reviews and practice of consumers have shown, such material has one significant drawback. During installation work, the ceiling height will suffer significantly. This is due to the fact that for fixing the slabs, a framework in the form of a frame must be provided, which will take up a lot of space and space.

Someone notes that the disadvantage is that there is no large color palette.

The board material is sold only in white, but if necessary, according to individual orders, the materials can be given any colors and shades.

It is also important to note the fact that white is a universal color, which is why it can be used for any type of premises. It is for this reason that this point remains in doubt, because it is both a minus and a plus at the same time. When describing the Akmigran slab composition, the manufacturing company indicates an unknown word for most consumers - asbestos. Naturally, most people are afraid of this, and during the operational process, asbestos fibers do not stand out from the finishing material, which is why such a component can not be afraid.

How to finish the ceiling

Before proceeding with the installation of Akmigran ceiling tiles, it is necessary to independently develop a diagram or drawing of the future ceiling. This stage is the most important, as a result of which it is important to pay special attention to it, which in the future allows avoiding significant errors in the structural assembly. Do not forget about lighting devices if you plan to install them in the ceiling surface. A place should be allocated for them and appropriate notes should be made on the drawings, and moreover, you should take care of the electrical wiring in advance.

After the drawing is completely drawn up, proceed to the installation work for the installation of the frame base.

As a rule, there are a couple of parts in the frame:

  • False ceiling Akmigran Power - has become a bearing element for a mechanical load.
  • Decorative - used to attach external elements.

Bearing types of suspensions are attached to the floors by means of dowels, after which decorative profiles are installed to them, to which Akmigran slab materials will be attached in the future. As you can see, you can do the work with your own hands, even without experience in such work.

After the flow is assembled, install lighting fixtures and decorative elements that are provided for by the design project.

It is extremely important that the first step is to install the power unit and only then proceed to the installation of the decorative one.

On the finished photos of the Akmigran type ceiling, you will see how this design looks in the room.


This type of ceiling can be installed if necessary with your own hands, and this does not require any special skills in the field of construction. The main thing is that you follow all the advice and recommendations from the professionals. In case you are not confident in your strengths and abilities, then it is better to entrust such a thing to professionals.