Features of making chandeliers in the Provence style from metal, ceramics and textiles: Types + Photo and Video

Features of making chandeliers in the Provence style from metal, ceramics and textiles: Types + Photo and Video Small things and details create a harmonious interior, including Provence-style chandeliers, photo, which can be found on the Internet, by looking at the catalogs of specialized stores. Provence is a kind of style called country, in other words, rustic. There are several branches depending on the place of origin.

In particular, Provence received the name of the area in the South-East of France. When you mention it, the image of French lavender fields, a fresh breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, enchanting aromas and warm rays of the sun arise in your head.

Cozy houses filled with coziness and romance, pastel colors, soft diffused light, large floor-length windows, light textile fabrics with uncomplicated colors.

Features of the Provence style

Provence will suit people who do not like pretentiousness, do not accept modern minimalism, bulky furniture and dark colors.

To create an interior, focus on naturalness and simplicity, lightness and airiness, add light and transparency:

  • Features of making chandeliers in the Provence style from metal, ceramics and textiles: Types + Photo and Video The use of natural materials (wood, linen, cotton, clay).
  • Pastel shades.
  • Images of flowers and plants.

  • Light airy rooms.
  • Vintage and specially aged furniture, decorative elements.
  • Handmade.
  • Textiles made of natural fabrics, decorations in the form of ruffles, embroidery, ribbons, frills, lace.
  • Open shelves and shelves.

  • Pots with flowers, seedlings, ikebana.

Taking into account the peculiarities of creating the style of Provence, choose a chandelier consciously. A classic bulky or chrome high-tech chandelier, it looks ridiculous in a rustic interior, destroying the concept of style creation.

Types of chandeliers

Regardless of the stylistic direction, chandeliers are divided into ceiling and suspended products. Suspended are attached to the ceiling with a hook, cord, chain or string.

The length of the chain and cord is adjustable, the wires are hidden under the plate. Products of this type are suitable for rooms with low ceilings and small areas. Hanging chandeliers are suitable for spacious rooms with high ceilings. Ceiling chandeliers Provence are made in the form of glass, fabric, plastic and metal shades. The brightness of the light varies depending on the transparency of the material.

Materials for making chandeliers in Provence style

Ceiling lamps are combined of metal, lace, textiles, crystal, ceramics. The base of the chandelier is often massive, rough in appearance, with an aged surface. Clay, brass, wood, forging, bronze are used in the manufacture of the frame and base. Plafonds are made of textiles, porcelain, glass.

Features of making chandeliers in the Provence style from metal, ceramics and textiles: Types + Photo and Video A classic Provence-style chandelier is a product of a wrought-iron frame, fabric shades, decorated with ruffles, ribbons or lace.

In addition, shades can imitate burning glass candles.Decor according to the rules of style: flowers, cage, leaves, plants, birds. The interior decoration will be a stained-glass chandelier. She will fill the space with colors, help to play in a new way.

If you want to make the interior warm and cozy, opt for chandeliers with fabric lampshades in the Provence style.

Plafonds can be made by hand; there are detailed video instructions for creating on the Internet. For this, handmade lace, fabric with printed or embroidered designs, satin ribbons and ruffles are suitable. After spending some free time, you will get an exclusive model. No one will have such a chandelier, that's for sure!


The standard distance from the chandelier to the floor is 2 meters. This parameter should be the main guideline when choosing the size of the luminaire.

High ceilings remove restrictions, you can let your imagination run wild by hanging your dream chandelier. If you are limited to a small space and low ceiling, you can add light with wall lights in the same style.


Even a small Provence chandelier for low ceilings can give more light than a bulky one.

Zoning rooms with one source of natural light implies the installation of two chandeliers. Designers advise not to use large chandeliers in 2 - 3 tiers, since they look ridiculous in small rooms.


Romantic Provence

Associated with delicate, pastel shades, excluding bright blotches, even in decor. Aged colors of lavender, olives, heavenly blue surface, lemon, milk, wheat, powdery, set the mood. Chandeliers of inconspicuous shades will create diffused light in the room, adjust to a measured, dreamy mood. When choosing the color of the lamps, be guided by the general color scheme of the room. A harmonious style is created from combinations of decorative elements that complement each other.

Note. Provence style allows a combination of pastel shades with bright splashes. Only in this combination should there be more light color.

Classic color combinations of Provence Features of making chandeliers in the Provence style from metal, ceramics and textiles: Types + Photo and Video

  • White with pink, reminiscent of an airy marshmallow.
  • Black with olive - austerity and restraint.

  • Milk with blue is a classic of the genre.
  • Beige with lilac, reminiscent of lavender and wheat fields.
  • White and green - snow-white cotton and green meadows.

Everyone will find their associations in these combinations.

We select a chandelier for rooms


We spend most of the time in the kitchen.

We get together for family breakfasts, prepare meals, meet guests with a cup of aromatic coffee and pie. That is why the kitchen is warm and cozy. The Provence style is best suited for such ideas. The dining area deserves special attention. Hang a Provence-style kitchen chandelier over the table with an aged surface.

The chandelier in the form of a lantern, which we are accustomed to seeing on old streets, will harmoniously fit. It is permissible to combine the deliberate roughness of metal, chains and wood with delicate decor of light shades.


Bedroom in Provence style is an ideal room for romantic natures. Chandeliers in the Provence style for the bedroom are selected for a softer design, with textile or porcelain shades. The color palette is presented in shades of pink and purple.

Ruches, lace, fringe are appropriate to use as decorative elements.

Living room

In the guest room, you can hang a more massive chandelier, decorated with crystal trimmings and forging elements. In addition to the main source of lighting, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps are added.


I want to add brightness and enthusiasm to the children's room. When decorating the interior of a nursery in the Provence style, the chandelier is selected from stained glass.

Small inhabitants of the room will appreciate the multi-colored diffused glow on a sunny day. Provence children's chandeliers in the form of a cage, decorated with figures of birds and tree branches, look beautiful and unusual.

Provence in the interior

The classic idea of ​​a French village puts in my head a picture of a massive kitchen made of wood, white or blue, with an apron made of ceramic tiles with patterns olives, patchwork, or white boar. Chandeliers or candelabra are fixed under the ceiling. On the windows there are lace or chintz curtains with simple floral patterns and soft diffused light.

A spacious room with large French windows to the floor is considered ideal for creating a Provence-style living room. The decor is mainly floral, mainly on upholstered furniture. Attention is drawn to a large two-tiered Provence-style chandelier for the living room (if the ceilings allow) a milky shade, slightly aged with candle-shaped bulbs and crystal decor. Our brain paints an idyllic picture! Use a fabric, delicate pistachio, crème brulee, or pink marshmallow shade as an additional light source. The decor can be metallic with soft antique gilding.

Materials for making chandeliers in Provence style

Chandeliers of the Provence series made in Italy are very popular. The products are of excellent quality and are characterized by sophistication. Natural materials are used as materials for creating lamps, plastic is not held in high esteem.

Forged metal

Artistic forging organically conveys the grace of the south of France. Figures of birds and curls, floral ornaments create a characteristic style.

Forged chandeliers in the Provence style can organically fit into any interior, subject to a harmonious selection of size. Metal products do not look rough and massive, on the contrary, they seem weightless.

Note.To support the chosen concept of creating a room style, do not forget to select parts in a similar design.


At first glance, the choice in favor of ceramics for the production of chandeliers may seem strange.

But, modern designers are ready to prove otherwise. Porcelain chandeliers are often found in specialized stores. Often, plafonds are made in light shades, with decorative metal elements that imitate a vine.

Rock crystal

Crystal is able to give any product a solemnity and luxurious look. Pendants made of transparent rock adorn the metal frames of the chandeliers, creating a spirit of romanticism.

The main thing is not to overdo it with the decor, otherwise the living room will no longer resemble a village in the South of France. Previously, crystal was used as a light diffuser in a room, but now this application is not considered necessary.


Textile shades painted with floral motifs perfectly convey the romance of Provence, and the chandeliers look very gentle. Handmade products are highly valued, which organically fit into the rustic interior. Images of plants, flowers and birds are not large, rather even small, and this makes them more attractive.


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